Rabu, 26 April 2017

asking alexandria meet and greet tickets

asking alexandria meet and greet tickets

hello i'm jeremy clarkson, and i have received a message. it's from somebody called holdenman3000 and it says 'i was really looking forward to the grand tour but amazon prime still isn't available in my country. hammond: where's he from? clarkson: no idea. '...and i’m sick of it and i don't want to watch your show any more and i won't

watch it even if i can which i can't. screw you grand tour... screw you.' hammond: strong stuff, but he's right. when the grand tour launches on november the 18th it will be available only in the uk, us, germany and japan. may: not so fast because we have received a package from amazon. no, it contains my glasses and a letter... which says in

december we will be launching the show globally, which means you will be able to watch the grand tour in over 200 countries around the world. hammond: oooh what else does it say. may: it also says blah blah blahblahblah... you annoying short ass.... blah blah grunting oaf...blahblah...one with the ladies hair clarkson: no, no it's very specific about it, it says old

ladies hair. may: no it doesn't say that, it says the one with ladies hair. clarkson: okay may: ah no it says when the grand tour launches worldwide everyone will be able to catch up on the shows that have aired to date, and then get a brand new episode every friday on amazon... and remember to keep an eye on the grand tour facebook page for more news. clarkson: so there we are the grand tour, soon to

be available to everyone... except you holdenman3000, you're banned. hammond: wherever you are