Senin, 08 Mei 2017

asking alexandria outfit

asking alexandria outfit

what's going on? yeah! one point for monkey king! this is an easy fight! i guess i have to beat him to get out of my dream. come on! put them up! let's do this! oh okay, so that's how it is. don't give up cleaning lady! you still have one more chance! you've got to get out of the dream.

i win! i'm the champ! yeah! okay, i can do this! who is going to fight me next? i've got to get out of this dream! let's do this. yes i won! oh that had to hurt! what? who are you? i'm the purple good dream dragon!

you might remember my big brother. to get out of the dream, you have got to figure out who is inside of godzilla. someone is inside! here's a code to help you figure it out. good luck! superhero kids! i need your help to figure out the code! who is in godzilla? watch this video again! then type down in the comments below who do you think it is?

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