Rabu, 26 April 2017

asking alexandria merch uk

asking alexandria merch uk

now one guy who's been intruders usualis doing the sunk so he will be challenged of course bythe press here for seven hours acting as inquisitive and he said this is far more thanpolitical including sectors change on gerry spoke out onthis earlier this week saying that's noted revelations are putting theslimmest take a look people made died as a consequence of what this man do is possible the united states will beattacked because terrorists may now know

how to protect themselves in some way oranother that they didn't know before concerning all where we have heard this record i myself was subject to precisely thisrhetoric to three years ago extended all proved to be foltz knownfrom the pentagon known to me any government person sitting in ourrelations in the past six years has caused anyone vowed to come to physicalharm thailand the revelations by snowden i mean these are even more uh...abstract

uh... i wrote bone to pick you upstephanopolous he's asking tough questions as he should have the guy he'sgot a problem although they never seen asset of thegovernment but okay you've got a side issue and so you job as a partner justas i look at me and rose per once it has no questions bumper on the problem isjohn kerr america's it'd kill with paris mike attack us why visa was stolen reveal what the realyou reveal that we were spying on americans

and i would help terraced house all my god they are men did you hearturns out they might be tapping our phones notion sherlock irregularity sorely tried it out theirphones well usually elk hills on all my god ido look at what's known says hikind are they uh... did you go what kind of false or are you

i want to one job bullshit in the sizesright who do i know we do is obvious one until i blew it no during week elise what we found out wasthat people are gonna die because of what the u_s_ government was doing nowbecause the wiki leaks did you see there patchy were video well we mark up one journalist and first responders who came in assigns didn't do that bradley menkenknew that william dot

as the american government we did aviolent fifteen thousand extra civilians killed in iraq out kinda had that too uh... we didn't want to know the fifteenthousand extra people died damas side but assigns didn't kill those guys has agrand jury in alexandria virginia that it's uh... trying to indict assignjen all the people we killings watch for revealing information that they gonefrom a source that's would draw a list of supposed todo

and then got most of our journalistlocked up not physically but mentally but don't herman is right i want toreveal anything storm chris one of the washington postand said hair i have a story bicycles they are out of our government first and if you take a long time a slow and waited and waited names likealright you into the gardens are going very well tears i you're one of the future willslap you are on the story stadium straight hour on the store

and then of course heartland greenwald ican't believe it every wednesday some congressmen out there talking abouthow we should try glenn greenwald you got a couple of journals left in theworld that actually reveal what the government is doing a democracy gotta goget 'em right now here's more massage united states that cancelled hispassport united joseph biden out of the day before yesterday tough personallycold president korea her trying to pressure him first unacceptable span style and his arrested three oldhabits and international right

and i think that's every citizen but hasthe right to their citizenship to to take someone's principal competitivecitizenship the passport away from them size of disgrace plans to slow it hasn'tbeen convicted over anything turner international once after hisarrest uh... to take a passport from a youngman in a difficult situation like that is a disgrace he's using zero but he is told two people all of the world's andthe united states that there's a mass unlawfulinterception of the communications thing about you know the password a lotof people see that i was like well of

course renew that we want to garybiggest passport away but assigned this right he's madeconvicted of anything son even international warrant for hisarrest saudi take huge there's murderers and rapists thatare wanted in this country we don't think they're passport no uh... but being murdered or they rape americans yeah a big deal the biggest crime even knew is againstthe government

if you dare chose the government but wehaven't actually charged you proven it convicted you wouldn't have any of thatone can say his passport away is is no longer x in essence you say he's no longer acitizen a recognized person 'cause he's done the greatest crime of all share information with the americanpeople you can't do that you must bow your head to the government we live in nineteen eighty four

there only a few brief people speakingthe truth giulianna sizes up among them and so skilled