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members of asking alexandria

members of asking alexandria

♪ (punk rock music) ♪ (ambient jungle noises) (gasps loudly) is this... (squealing and chuckling) yes! queen! oh, is this "anaconda"? i really hope this is the fart parody. (laughing) no, this is not happening. so this is happening. i'm censoring this for myself.

- ♪ unless you got buns, hon ♪- mm-mm. ♪ boy toy named troy ♪ my name is in this though--"a boy toy named troy." me and all my friends, when we saw this, we were just like, "whaaat?" ♪ ...palace, bought me alexander mcqueen ♪ i have no idea what to think about this. ♪ real, real, real ♪ bananas on a turntable,'cause that makes so much sense.

people always talk about this video. i've been trying to avoidwatching it for a reason. oh my god. i don't feel comfortablewatching this with anyone except myself. ♪ by the way, what he say? ♪ ♪ he can tell i ain't missing no meals ♪ ♪ come through and [bleep] 'emin my automobile ♪ ew, stop! why are you-- this is-- no! (sarcastically) wow, that was such subtle

advertisement placement. ♪ my anaconda don't... ♪ - (mouths along)- ♪ my anaconda don't... ♪ (sings along) ♪ my anacondadon't want none ♪ - ♪ unless you got buns, hon ♪- (school bell rings) mom, i'm censoring myself. - (mouths along)- ♪ look at her butt ♪ it's not her real one's butt can be that big. i never made it this farinto the video, so...

- (chuckles)- ♪ look at her butt ♪ - ♪ look at, look at, look at ♪- this song is great. ♪ this dude named michael ♪ yeah, this is totally how people work out. ♪ ...bigger than a tower,i ain't talking about eiffel's ♪ see, kids shouldn't be hearingthat one lyric right there. apparently i'm working out wrong,because apparently you're supposed to wearless clothes when you work out. ever since this video came out,the world has been changed.

like, this is all anyone talks about. ♪ look at her butt ♪ ♪ my anaconda don't... ♪it's so catchy though. - ♪ ...don't want none ♪- ew. wait, was that the guywho sang, "i like big butts"? this is different than kids react.i was watching frozen things. now i'm watching nicki minaj butt-naked. - ♪ yeah ♪- oh, drake. ♪ he love this fat ass ♪

(minaj laughs maniacally) what was that? - (imitates laughter)- ♪ this one is for my bitches ♪ ♪ with a fat ass in the [bleep] club ♪ i don't even know whythis part is even necessary. some people havethe rolling stones and the beatles. we have "anaconda" and nicki minaj. ♪ [bleep] you if youskinny bitches, what? kyuh! ♪ i'm a skinny bitch.

♪ i got a big fat ass (echoing) ♪ it's pretty well known, don't need to tell us. i should have brought holy water today. (laughing) oh my god. ew, too much ass. stop. (chuckles) drake, have you no shame? i'm overwhelmed. i'm overwhelmed. that brought me a lot of joyright there, heh-heh-heh. was it absolutely necessary?you couldn't find anything else?

butts became so big this year. like, literally. (finebros) so what do you thinkof nicki minaj's new song - and music video?- i can't lie. it's very catchy. it's amazing... for obvious reasons. i will say i enjoyed it a little bit. it's a thing that most peoplemy age that are guys would like. there's only one word thatcan describe that video truly, and that is "booty."

so much booty. it's gross. like, it's all just ass. i think it's portraying womenin a really sexist way. it sounds like every otherpop song out there, except for sir mix-a-lot.i like him a lot. at least it goes with the's not just something random. it actually correlates withwhat the song is about. - (finebros) what is this song about?- butts? an anaconda isn't a snake.(cracking up) that's all i know,

and i don't want to really say it. "my [bleep] don't want itunless you got a booty." no one's going to find yousexually appealing if you do not have a big butt. maybe it's a feminist songabout women being in power. (finebros) we have some lyricsthat we'd love for you - to read for us.- fantastic. let's do it. (gasps) "this dude named michaelused to ride motorcycles."

(laughing) this next line. "[bleep] bigger than a tower..."i highly doubt that. "i ain't talkin' about eiffel's." "real country..." blank, blank. "real country ass--" i'm not gonna-- i don't feel comfortable saying that word. "...let me play with his rifle."(laughs) oh my god. "now that bang bang bang. i let him hit it 'cause he slang cocaine."

always a great life choice when the reason you're sleeping with someoneis because they're a drug dealer. "he toss my salad like his name romaine." (bursts out laughing) (cracking up) "he toss my saladlike his name is romaine." that's disgusting! that one's clever, okay?i will give nicki minaj or whoever her writers are that one. it'd be nice if they were this cleverwith a positive message.

my church isn't gonna behappy about this. (cracks up) (finebros) a lot of womenand younger girls not only like her music butalso are inspired by her story, because she's this famous femalerapper who came from nothing. is it okay for her to make a video like this when she has that kindof influence on people? yes. just because people look up to you doesn't mean that you shouldhave to censor yourself

to be what people thinkthat you need to be. she's always been like that, so why would you"controversial" about that now? from coming from nothingto being this big-- like, she's one of the biggestrappers in the world, and she's a girl. showing herself as this character, i don't think it'd be goodin the long run. it's not an okay song to put on the radio,

'cause she's talking aboutreally explicit things. even though they might blur things out, kids are still gonnawatch the music video. what are girls gonna thinkwhen they see this if they want to aspire to bea rapper in the industry? that they have to be naked and make songs just abouttwerking to be successful? (finebros) what do you thinkit does to society when so many female celebritiesdo things like this,

when males are rarely portrayed that way? yeah. it's-- oh. ooh. ouch, that hit a nerve. it kinda bothers in a sense to think, why haven't i thought about this? for me, it's normal now, which also says somethingabout our society, that it is normal for a 14-year-old girlto see nicki minaj do that and be like, "oh, that's normal."

it just makes it even more okayfor everybody else to bring in girls anddo that kind of stuff. i can't even think of a woman who has ever not taken off her clothesto become more famous. magazine covers,you see women in their bikinis. and then you see menin suits, fully clothed. and it's-- what is going on here? how many boobs do you see in movies? but how many [bleep]do you see? like, none.

the only time you seea penis on game of thrones is when they're about to die,and you see boobs all the time. is that fair? no. is it preferred? maybe. there are glimmers of hope here and there where they have a strongfemale protagonist. and it's really interesting. i don't know if you guysheard of the legend of korra. it's, like, a great show.

(finebros) the flip-sideto some of this controversy is people claim that this videois a form of feminism. what? (finebros) it's empowerment. they're flaunting 'cause they want to, and they can do what they want.what is your thoughts on that? it makes sense. like,i can't say that that's wrong. i just don't think that waywas the right way to show that. from a guy's perspective,

it just looks like you'retrying to get attention. it's a yes-and-no question. she's putting herself out there in ways to expose herself the way she wants to, and she's expressing herself.but at the same time she's not, because she's oversexualizedand she's objectified. it's empowering,but it's objectifying. pick one. (finebros) the term"rape culture" has been used to describe our society,saying that we don't even realize

that we're surrounded withthe objectification of women across society, including the media, which some say leads tothe mistreatment of women. it's so true. like, i hate it. i've done some researchabout ads and media oversexualizing women,and it's all very subconscious. we do have thosepreconceptions about women, because it's what we getas an influence when we're young. men think it's just normal to have sex.

how about you teach young men and boys to learn how to respect women? i almost feel like it isbecause of these music videos and culture that shows howthese women have no clothes on. and it just makes men feel likethey're entitled to that body, because they see it all the time. the guys in my grade are, like-- a lot of the times whenthey have a relationship, they always, like, be like, "send nudes.

send nudes 'cause you have to,'cause i'm your boyfriend." when they see something like that, they're probably gonna be like,"oh, if drake can do that, then i can ask for some girl to do it too, because i'm just like drake." we allow it to be mainstreambecause we tend to like it so much, i mean, especially when itcomes to this close-to-nudity. we're allowing it to the extentthat it makes it so okay, when it shouldn't be as okay as it is.

(finebros) so back to the video itself, some people think all thiscontroversy is a big overreaction, because the video is just fun - and it's supposed to be a funny song.- it makes sense. i'll be honest, the first time i heard it, i was hysterically laughing. i feel like people justoverreact over nothing. i guess, but i think there are better ways she could've maybe gone about it.

i feel like if she didn'tgive the lap dance, it would be kind of that sort of idea. all the other times,there was no guys, right? in the music video, it was all girls? they're just thinking,"oh, this is fun. i'm getting views. this is becoming more popular. awesome." but they're not really realizing that guys are stilltreating women as objects. (finebros) so finally,all this being said, yes or no--

is this video appropriate or notfor nicki minaj to have made? no. i think it was appropriate. (chuckling) no. for her, yeah, why not? - no.- no. i don't think that it wouldbe correct to tell her not to make stuff like that. no, she shouldn't have.

yeah, because it's nicki minaj. she's always been like that. please, nicki, (chortles) change.don't let vaatu in. no, it's not okay, just becausei feel like it's just too much. as much as i enjoyed it,it's just too much. thanks for watchingthis episode of teens react. if you want to watch bonusfootage from this episode, make sure to check it outon the react channel. my anaconda don't want none,unless you got a personality.