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asking alexandria the black deluxe

asking alexandria the black deluxe

- so today is the epiphany of the lord. and we're wearing oursafety glasses today. - so nothing can get in our eyes. - [dad] that's right. safety glasses are totallyoptional for this craft. www.themassbox.com for this craft what you're gonnaneed from your mass box is... - three popsicle sticks. - plus one more, a bunch ofsequins, and some brown felt.

you'll need some glue, glitter glue, red paint, a paintbrush, your craft template, at least one pair of scissors, and a black marker from home. all right, so here's whatwe're gonna do to start, is we're gonna take ourpopsicle stick and we're gonna draw a face on it, butremember, you gotta leave a

little bit of space for the crown, so don't color above there. so go ahead, put the eyes and the mouth. that's a good spot for the mouth, great spot for the eyes, yeah. very good. we've got our three wise men here. we're gonna start painting now. you're gonna paint thewhole thing up to the face.

don't color the mouth. all right, while you'repainting, clare, we're gonna talk about what we're painting. so these are the threemagi, or the three wise men. we talked about somebody being born. do you remember who that somebody is? - jesus. - that's right. okay, now let's set thethree wise men aside to dry.

we're gonna cut ourtemplates out on the lines. i'm cutting out the beardsof the three wise men, so do you remember thestory of the three wise men? - [clare] no. - [dad] do you rememberhow the three wise men were watching the stars? what were they watching the stars for? they were actually looking for a sign. do you know what signthey were looking for?

- [clare] jesus being born. - [man] that's right, theywere looking for something astronomical that would indicate the birth of our savior. so the three wise mentraveled a long, long time to try and find jesus,and they came to a man named herod, and theysaid said, yo, herod. what's up? we're looking for the savior.

i mean, that's not exactly what they said, but give or take. herod wanted to know aboutthe newborn king as well, but they had very differentreasons for looking for the king. the wise men were lookingfor the king to pay homage and to pay tribute to god among us. herod was looking forthe king so that he could get rid of him.

herod wanted to be the only king. - [clare] but he wasn't. - [dad] but he wasn't. the wise men were following a star. do you know where the star rested? - [clare] at where jesus was. - that's right, in bethlehemwhere jesus was born. so that's where they went. all right, great.

so we got our camel. - and a paper cut out. - all right, this is what we do now. you're gonna use your marker and you're gonna justtrace out your camel. on your felt. okay, now cut out this camel. you'll do the same thingwith your crowns and your beards and everything else.

now, clare, they all need crowns. so we got one, two, three crowns. so the wise men are alsocalled kings sometimes. sometimes they're called the three kings. i'm gonna dab a little bit of glue, and you put the crowns on them. (humming) and then, next,

we're gonna- the beards. glue the beards on rightbelow their chinny-chin chins. now we get to do the glitter. we're just gonna put acouple little dots of glue like this, and then kinda smear it like that. and now you can put thesequins wherever you want because there's glue everywhere.

so, when we put the sequinson, we can think about how wise men were lookingup at the sparkly stars and we're gonna put thesparkly sequins on their jackets to remind us of the stars. you could also use your redglitter glue if you wanted on some of these, check this out. the glue, you do regularglue or glitter glue or both. so, we're gonna go aheadand glue our camel onto our other popsicle stick, so justremember, you're supposed

to have fun with this, becausewhen the three wise men came, they were so happy to see jesus. - this is the funnest,glitteriest craft ever. - now, clare, once this isdry, we're gonna go ahead and take our wise men. you grab the wise men,i'll grab the camel, and let's go around searchingaround the house for baby jesus, and next weekwe'll work on making some doves for the baptism of the lord.

all right, cool. - [clare] now, let's go. - all right, let's go. let's look for jesus. where's the nativity set?