Jumat, 17 Maret 2017

alexandria black

alexandria black

i'm worried about you. you're barelyeating or sleeping. go, go, go. i think you got to getpast everything that happened to you over there. i'm ok. are you? there she is. i was beginning to thinkthis whole thing was

going to happen without you. don't worry. i know how important this is. they'll help us getinto the white house. i want this to be your moment. you're going to makea great first lady. six months ago, formerdirector of ctu, rebecca ingram, launched an assault on acompound of ibrahim bin-khalid. i'd like to acknowledge themany dedicated people at ctu

and the six army rangers whorisked their lives to stop bin-khalid from carrying out histhreat to attack this country. this is for bin-khalid. [phone ringing] yeah. eric? bin-khalid's people found us. what is it? get to the attic now.

go, go! no matter what you hear,no matter what happens, you stay there. nicole, we gotta go. come on. we gotta go. we're blown, rebecca. bin-khalid was planningan attack on us soil. maybe this is a part of that.

they're going tokill a lot of people. i have to try and stop them. why does it need to be you? i'm the only one i can trust. the hell you doing here? i need your help. no one can know where she is. there's a situation at ctu. whatever's going on over there,it's not your job anymore.

i'm the only one who can help. the life he sayshe wants with me, it'll never be enough for him. grimes just got onthe number 13 bus. stay on it. i got it. they're here. then we better hurry. i'm moving in.

let's go! looks like you hada rough morning.