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asking alexandria all albums

asking alexandria all albums

hi, i'm hp and this is a review of the album"savages" by breathe carolina. this album is fairly new. it came out in april of thisyear. this is electronic music. i'm not really usually into electronic music but what gotme there was ghost town. their stuff is big, powerful, and there's so much rock to it.then i was like, "okay. i enjoy this. maybe i can enjoy some other electronic music."and ghost town went on tour with breathe carolina and i thought i was gonna get to go to the"we are savages tour" but they didn't have any dates close enough to me. so, i didn'tgo. i got the album then. i didn't listen to it a ton until i found out they were gonnabe on "warped tour." this is different from what i usually listen to. the first trackis "bury me" i love this song. you guys can

laugh at me if you want to but i swear, itreminds me of michael jackson. i'm not saying it sounds like something that michael jacksonwould do. i'm saying there are spots in this song that trigger my mind to michael jackson.and i'm good with that cause he was a good musician. the lyrics are good, which, in someof their songs, i'm not really a fan of the lyrics. but in this one, they're good. "sellouts"is good it's got some good rock to it. it's probably because their feature is a metalartist. i like the song in general i'm happy with the lyrics. they're kind of just like"screw you" throughout the whole song. those songs have their place in my mind and i liketo listen to them sometimes. so, that's probably one of the ones that i enjoy more on thisalbum. "shots fired" is really good. it's

a slower track. it talks about a few things.one of the things that it brings up is words. how words can hurt people and it's talkingabout being in an argument and how you're shooting with your words. you know, you'reshooting people with your words. you're saying things that are hurtful that you shouldn't.you're going places that you shouldn't go with your words. i found it to be one of themore deep songs on this album. most of this album is pretty shallow, to be honest. andi'm fine with that. i'm not saying there's anything wrong with it. that music has itsplace. i thoroughly enjoy this album but it is a more shallow album. it's something forradio, really. "collide" is okay. "please don't say" is okay. it's about meeting backup with somebody that you used to be in a

relationship with that didn't work out andit's alright but "shadows" is by far my favorite track on this album. i-i'm not gonna lie.the song is about sex. okay? uh sorry if that offends you. but it's put together reallywell. i like the way it sounds. i like the lyrics. i like everything about this song.i'm pretty sure it's my favorite. "shadows" "savages" and "bury me" are my 3 favoritetracks on this album. i could probably listen to those three on repeat for a while. they'reall three really good. "shadows" is about sex, so if you don't like to hear songs aboutsex, stay away from it. "savages" is great. it sounds great. it sounds like fun. "chasinghearts" is good. i actually like it a lot. it's kind of shallow too but it sounds good."i don't know what i'm doing" has the best

drop in it. i just love it. okay? that onepart in the song, i love. the rest of it drives me nuts. i can't stand it. cause it's stupid.i'm sorry, but that song is stupid. "i don't know what i'm doing, but i know how to doit." "mistakes" is good. basically saying, "screw you. i'm gonna do what i want. i'mgonna make mistakes." and whatever. as a whole, this album sounds really good. most of itis really shallow and about nothing important with the exception of a few songs. like, "shotsfired" is a deeper song and "please don't say" is probably but i don't care for thatsong. i've really been enjoying listening to this album, which is why i decided to doa review on it. i'm really happy with it, it sounds really good. but don't go see themlive. do yourself the favor and don't go see

them live. the dude cannot carry a tune ina bucket live. it's really disappointing. if you really love this band and you reallylove this album, it will ruin it if you go see them live. if they are always like theywere... they put on a good show, it's good to watch, it's fun to participate, not soeasy on the ears. that's just me being honest and hate me for it if you want. i don't care.i saw 5 bands at "warped" and that was the only set that i was disappointed in and theywere one of the bigger bands. but in their defense, they do a lot of shows, so maybethis just wasn't one of their best. i don't know. but i wouldn't go see them again liveunless there was another band there that i wanted to see. all in all it's a good album.sounds good. it's not very deep. so, don't

expect it to be. that wraps up my thoughtson "savages" the breathe carolina album. it isn't even a year old yet. it's a good album.they're on the radio. oh i forgot "blackout" i didn't talk about "blackout" but everybody'sheard that song. if i had to choose songs on the album to pull off of the album to puton a playlist, which, i have, i would pick "bury me," "sellouts," "shadows," "savages,"and maybe "chasing hearts" those are probably the best 5 off of the album in my opinion.no! "bury me," "sellouts," "shots fired," "shadows," and "savages" and "chasing hearts"is pretty good too. but those are my favorite 5 off the album. my very favorite i thinkis "shadows" i think. it's hard to pick between "bury me," "shadows," and "savages" i reallylike all 3 of those. there ya go. i love you

guys and i will see you on tuesday for "musicalquestions" bye!