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asking alexandria band shirts

go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. mark 16:15 jesus said, "my sheep will hear and obey myvoice. and the stranger's they will not follow." people listen to the wrong voice, and thestranger's voice is always speaking. if i don't see the cross and i don't see whatjesus did for me, then i can never be free. you were predestined before the foundation of the world your value is priceless you were created for purpose

i'd just like to take you into my life fora couple of days so i can show you what i believe isnormal christianity. it is walking in relationship with jesus. it is being a christian and knowingthat i have two commandments. the first one is to love god with all my heart,soul, and my mind and the second one is like it: to lovemy neighbor as myself. and this is the normal look intomy life. so, i hope you guys enjoy it. lifestyle christianity

in my life the schedule is pretty intense. we drove five hours in the rain. i got to fellowship withjesus and be with my bible and read the word. with an intense schedule, it's imperativethat i'm always prepared last night we got to the church, we went iní¾ i had half an hour before to justget quiet, get on my knees, and just talk to jesus i'm always in communion but there are times,special times, when i have a half hour, 30 minutes, whatever. i utilize that time to worship him,to get to know him. if i don't take the time each day, no matterwhat i'm doing, if i don't take the time to

get into theword and seek him in the secret place, then when i'm getting up there to speak, it's almostlike i have to try to prep something. i've never lived in that place. because i've always been in that preparatory place no matter what i'm doing. so i always want to be preparedí¾ always want to be in the word. serving the lord doesn't just mean doing thingsfor the lord as a servant, but serving the lordactually means doing things with the lord as his son. god is co-laboringthrough you. to accomplish his will. i wake up, and my first thought is jesus.

my first thought is thank you fatherfor the dayí¾ i thank you for another day that i'm goingto get to touch people, i'm going to get to love peopleí¾ i'm going to get to show people who you reallyare, god. i commit my heart. 100%to being his son. of god as a father. i'm asking you to reveal to my heart, to mysoul, to my spirit what it means to be in communion with you. i woke up this morning. just woke up and communed with jesus on mybed and said thank you so much for another day. gosh, it's just an amazing relationship thati have.

i said, god, thankyou that this is who i am. this is who you've created me to be. then i texted my friends andsaid, i'm going to go down and work out. i had an encounter with the housekeeper inthe hallway before i came in here. god spoke to meabout her backí¾ and she couldn't even bend. so i held her hands and she said i could. we weresitting there praying. father, thank you, and she bent. she said, "oh no, it's killing me." i say "that's not okay."

father, i thank you in the name of jesus." and she bent over and she said, "there's likea heat in my back right now." so, today when i was walking by and i askedyou about your back, what did you think? it just feels...there's no pain. it's gone away all of a sudden. i've been having trouble for a yearwith my back pain. and now, i felt that warm thing, and i wasthinking how is this going to heal me. and it started the healing because i haven'thad any pain. so i'm trying to use this machinejust to check it out.

and i haven't had any pain. so she's in there, and she is bent over. she touched her toes and said, "i can't dothis. what's going on? i said jesus that is very amazing. i like that so good. it is a sign of god who comes to help me. wow, so maybe god is listening to me so i wasn't too sure because i wasn't payingattention to him because i thought there was

no such thing as god that would help you.butreally, it is. i have a personal relationship with jesus everyday. would you like to have that? yeah, i would so what happens. what god does. regardless of whether we know we've sinned or whether we've fallen short we all have. there is know one that is perfect but jesus lived perfect and when he died on the cross you have heard of the cross before... yes when he died on that cross. he paid the price for all of my sin to be forgiven

but it is a love relationship with the father he comes in. makes his home inside of me. then all of a sudden, he inside of me. he helps to fight things around me... and he wins my battles it's amazing. pray with me. it's really easy just say this. lord god right now. i surrender my life to you i don't want to be in un forgiveness anymore i ask you right now to forgive my sin come to make your home inside of me holy spirit. right now

i invite you into my life jesus, i believe that you paid the price on the cross, to forgive my sins and remove them father i thank you in he name of jesus holy spirit i ask you to overwhelm her with your goodness. with your mercy god that you would give her peace that she has never known father i thank you for grace. in jesus name bring your presence just overwhelm her. god thank you.

jesus thank you . you love her so much god i ask you. bless her and her family. her husband and her kids her life. god thank you in jesus name i thank you that her sleep will be restored to her that she will have no problems with sleeping god i thank you in jesus name awesome. so good it gives you a joy from the inside.

it is so amazing yeah it is. i have no more pain can i give you a hug? what is it worth? it just wreaks me every time. because people walk by housekeepers. and janitors all the time. most people do not even notice or see them. this girl is working hard. she has been here for fourteen years. she works hard. she is working seven days a week. she is here all the time how many christians have walked by her? and haven't even shared the gospel with her. haven't prayed with her?

all we need to do is step up and be jesus to the world around us it's not that hard. it's easy i wonder if people tried to wear the linen that jesus wore? it's the privilege of every believer we've got the privilege to be able to pour into a lost and dying world. it's everyday i want to try to minister to as many people as i can in the time period that i have not pressure. it's seed sowing i go to hotels and they remember the man that stayed there

i see housekeepers. and even though i'm not rich, i want to financially bless them. and tell them how much god loves them when i see a waitress at a restaurant, i want to bless them with a tip we can't neglect the reality of the sowing of seed, the we are responsible for. as christians some sow. some water. never ever forget that all you are doing is watering where someone else sowed. when it becomes increase time. god will make it very apparent that it is increase time but it is him that brings the increase. it's not you. there is no pressure do me a favor. stand up and just check it to see

what does that feel like? it's good feels better we came out to the car, leaving the hotel i was talking to the hotel attendants about jesus, and how amazing he thinks that they are i came out and told the cook that his food was amazing and very good. that he really took pride in what he does he said "that's just because your stoned. when it wears off mcdonalds will be good enough" i said "no, i was a drug addict for 22 years man. i mean what i say. your a good cook" he said " ok, thanks friend"

he walked away, and this lady inside the break area by the dumpster she said " i thought it was very amazing what you said to him. it really touched my heart all i said was that i was a drug addict for 22 years she said "if you ever have time to talk perhaps you could talk to me?" she is crying, she is hurting, she needs hope. i am going to go inside. but sometime you could maybe stop at the desk and ask for me? on the outside she looks ok . but she is outside here smoking a cigarette trying to calm her nerves. because her nerves are freaking out.

but god is going to completely deliver her i have one minute left. then i will go inside and take her to the side... and speak to her. god's going preform an amazing deliverance in a ten minute period. it is going to be awesome. everywhere we go. we are a conduit for jesus i went inside. asked for her. and she came out she was sitting in a chair. as soon as i started talking to her she began to cry i told her about my testimony. how i used to live. what i have done. how horrible it was. i talked about my daughter. and she began to cry very hard.

she said she had a sixteen month old daughter. she has not seen her daughter since she was four months old. so she is a mom. and she does not know how to get to jesus i talked to her about jesus. how he will set her free she said "i don't know how to get to him" i said " i am going to make it very easy for you, because he did everything for you so you can just receive it she said " that would be awesome " so she became a christian today. gave her life to jesus she looked at me as said i don't know what to say right now. i feel completely different. my whole life feels different. like i just started my day

i said "it's not a new day, i want to show you something. i showed her corinthians 5 if anyone be in christ, he is a new creation. old things have passed away. all things have become new she said " that's how i feel" i said "that's because that's who you are " on the outside they look ok. but the reality is that everybody is being dominated by something and if it is not jesus. then it is the devil. we need to get people free from the devil. we need to get people free from selfishness, from unforgiveness from anger and rage. and jesus is the only answer that does that

i believe that we can all live a lifestyle of christianity everywhere we go. because this is the middle of the day. i don't know how many people were blessed already but this is normal life this is how a christian life is supposed to be we're supposed to bless people everywhere we go people say that i'm creating more problems for myself why don't you just settle down and it will be easy why? because people are going to hell and i can't stand it i can't handle it. nobody told me about the gospel for 34 years

i can't be quiet about this because i'm in love with jesus i should be in hell. but god gave me a second chance and a new life the new life he gave me was to represent his life on this earth i can't afford to hold him back from people that are dying. people are dying there is a person in front of you in every walk of life that needs the jesus that you say you have you having a basket on your head and being quiet about what you have could cause someone to an eternal life in hell god loves you and you are amazing you have the opportunity to change peoples lives you've let that thing hurt your heart, and wreak your heart

jesus is powerful yeah i did it was a bad road for me you're not on that road anymore. i promise you you're real purpose is to serve god with everything that you are you are an amazing woman of god. this is not a coincidence you talk to him as a god that is far away from you. wondering if he is hearing you? he hears you every day. he hears your heart cry how do you think i would know about psychology?

how could i know about all that stuff? unless i tap into gods heart for you because he loves you and wants you back you get to sow, water, or be silent you sow, you water, or be silent... and silent is not an option jesus is the only option. it's righteousness. it's right standing with my father it's awesome! my daughter had her memories supernaturally erased jesus erased all the thoughts about hating your father. your father is a looser, he is a lair. she started to do dances for jesus. so now she choreographs dances for girls to express their faith, through dance

and i see you doing that too that's crazy. i said that to my boyfriend this morning i've never told him that. but when i was younger we used to do these dances drama skits? yes. how is your back? my back is messed up is it messed up in the middle? does it give you pain?

yeah it does in jesus name, we command every muscle, every nerve to be healed right now god in jesus name that she would feel a heat in her back right now complete wholeness all the way up her spine. in jesus name amen what do you feel right now? jesus you died to remove my guilt to remove my shame

i come back today home to you father i give my life to you i ask you to show me who i am. as a daughter i thank you for the reality of who she is. today, as a new girl. daddy's girl. god thank you in jesus name grace in jesus name. amen that's awesome

that is awesome! i need a hug right now? that's awesome! a big chunk of meat. and asparagus the bite is important at 1 hour and 20 minutes but what is most important is that peoples lives get changed because food is still good weather it is cold or warm what would it be worth to minister to one person a day with god's love that is what touched you. his love. that's it. the love of god

so in here... i blessed you no we always do this. we always tip our bill. whatever the cost that's sowing a seed into your life i can't do that you don't have to. i just did it. god so loved the world that he gave. right? if i am a christian. if i were trying to represent jesus. and not want to be a giver. i misrepresent my father yes

god so loved the world that he gave his son. in my life i give. not so that i can get. i give because it is great to give in order for you to be alright with this. you just need to be a good receiver are you a good receiver? can i receive this back to you tomorrow? bless you! thank you. i appreciate it no strings. god loves you i will not go out to eat unless i can tip my bill

that means that you eat out less. which is ok imagine tipping your waitress whatever your bill was? i've seen them run out of the restaurant screaming and crying they treated you very bad because you told them about jesus at the meal your food came out cold, they were angry, most of the time, christians are lousy tippers christians are complainers on sunday the waitresses and waiters don't like it when they have another christian to serve sunday meals are the worst meals for waitresses and waiters across america

not in every city. but all the cities i've been in when you ask a waitress what their worst day is. most complaints and lowest tips. they will tell you sunday after church because christians are notorious in wanting to be receivers. but they are not very good givers i'm not saying this for your offering. i'm saying this so that your life can become one everywhere you go imagine if christians we're known for generosity

god i am asking you for dominance of your kingdom reality to come into our financial thinking use your finances to advance the kingdom that this be the prosperity message seek first the kingdom of god. and his righteousness. and all these things will be added unto you with your life. ministering, making sure you are bringing the gospel everywhere you go that's impossible unless you are spending time with jesus i try to read the word on a constant basis. i try to listen to the audio bible on a constant basis

i am in communion on a constant basis when christ, who is our life is revealed. then you will also be revealed with him in glory. therefor consider put to death the members, which are on the earth. immorality, fornication, impurity evil desire, greed. idolitry the reference for that... it is just so amazing it's just for a couple minutes. i might pop in the audio bible or video bible. the gospel of john. the book of acts, matthew, john. these are all things that are tools out there i will get lost in the "strong's concordance"

it's on my phone. on my ipad i'll touch a word, and that word will lead me to a definition of it. it will refer me to other scriptures that are linked to it i get lost in the bible. i will spend an hour and a half just learning and growing in who jesus has called us to be i read the bible personally. i don't just read it to read 40 books in one session when i am working out. i will take one chapter and listen to it again, and again and again when i read my bible. i read it knowing that he is the active part in my life. and that he wants to talk to me everyday. all day long it is out of the overflow of your heart that you can give away. i need to constantly be in relationship and communion

i can't afford to have thoughts in my brain that are not in gods heart i need to have the same thoughts that god thinks about me inside of me on a constant basis. the best way to do that is communion with the holy spirit i want to be in fellowship and relationship with god the only one who disables me from relationship with god is myself. because god will never shut it down i can be in love with jesus. we all can be. we have the opportunity of a lifetime in front of us i thank you for another day that i can minister and show people who you are i thank you that you are my life. and that my life is yours. today you are going to be on display father i thank you so much. jesus i love you. you are amazing.

i slept like a baby. my alarm clock went off, and i was thinking. i have to get up! normally when i get up there is a painful nerve in my back i didn't feel anything. i didn't feel any pain at all that is awesome! never again! is there anything that you couldn't do before? like bending down? i couldn't bend down. i had a right leg that was always numb my leg would feel asleep. i could not feel it. now i can feel my toes

so you could not bend over before? are you able to do it now? yes, i can do it right now see! like this she went home and talked to her son who had a sore leg her son told her that his leg felt better too i told her to tell him that jesus healed his leg too. because we prayed for his leg also do you feel warmth? a little bit, yes that is so good. god loves you so much

you have a good day i jesus name. god you care about him so much. he does hard work every day i thank you for three brand new bones in his back i thank you for brand new knees, and new ankles too in jesus name. amen bless you what do you think about god? i love god. he is working out for me give me a hug. i love you. that is awesome!

it is nice to meet you how long have you been doing this? 3 years do you like it? no. but it is work. keeps me busy this is for you thank you, bless you god loves you so much you have a good day. it was great meeting you guys

do me a favor today. bend and check your back right now not bad let me pray again. stand up. father i thank you in jesus name bless my friend back be healed in jesus name right now every part now check it one more time watch this. this will be amazing

god, i thank you for a new back in jesus name every bit of pain to let him go. in jesus name check it again. it should be really good it feels better! check it again. really bend it actually yes. i'm not feeling any pain. that's right. that is our king i feel lighter do you feel that heat that went through your body right now?

oh yes, definitely love you i think the one with the white? one of them has a white ring around the back we almost lost him no returns we just about lost the puppy. thank you god so i asked you about your back because i thought that i heard in my heart that you had a problem in your lower back in the right side i'm not a crazy man

isn't that funny. i throw out my joints once and a while on my right side. on the right side? what do you think about jesus? i believe in jesus. does he talk to me ? no let me see your hands i am just going to pray for you we found our homes all that you need to do is start now ... and persivere people ask me all the time "how do you see people healed?

what happens when you don't see them healed? my answer is that i see jesus i know that if jesus prayed. they would have been healed that's always my answer he would. he'd pray for them and they would be healed. so that is my standard i can't afford to drop the standard less than what christ walked out he paid a price for me to walk just like he walked that has always been my resolution, my answer if i don't see it. if jesus prayed it would happen right now. so i have to keep on going for it

holy spirit, you are here. you are the one that he said he would send you are just like jesus the same holy spirit that raised jesus from the dead is here and he is active may the god of peace sanctify you completely spirit, soul, and body when i become born again. i become one spirit with god the bible says that we have become flesh of his flesh, and bone of his bone so my flesh should not have a voice in my life. now that i have become one spirit with god when i see the reality of my soul. and the transfer of all my demonic thinking

all the strategy of the enemy the way that seems right to a man. that gets wiped out. and truth sets up home right here i start to think from heavens view, and heavens perspective it says to set your mind on things above. and not on things beneath if i see that correctly. every time i look in the mirror i will see what god sees i will never hear the enemy whispering to me and if i do. it's so exposed by the truth, that i will recognize that it's just the lair. why would i pay attention to that? you can't afford to take my message alone. you have to take it. go to the bible and say. "god, this is what he said. show me in your word

once the holy spirit shows you in the word it will change your reality you will start to live from god's thoughts towards you. not the enemies thoughts towards you. see the more you look like the world. then the more you are already dead because you can't change something. if that is where you are getting fed. if your running for scraps from the worlds table for applause. then you are already done. you're already a lost cause but don't worry. even lost causes. they all get their day and i know that there is a savior, and i know that there is a way. for every abandoned, and broken, and abused little child.

there is a father who loves you, who sent his only son to die so all we have to do is wake up. and do what he says. yes love is the thing that will free us from our head it's the love, it's the love of god oh, it is the love it's the love of god oh, how great you are if you are a christian, and you are praying for someone to give you a christian job somewhere. you are deceived! you belong in the darkness, because light belongs in the darkness

we better understand and see who we are. because all creation is groaning for you to manifest son-ship everywhere you go. i have an explosion in my heart that i can't shut down. it's a burning fire that rages inside of me that doesn't go away until i get it out. i thank you father in jesus name for a brand new back every muscle, every tendon, every ligament, every cartilage god thank you in jesus name for brand new i don't know how to describe it. it wasn't hot. it was cool like a cool sensation? did you play soccer? yes!

i had an accident in soccer in my left leg. i believe that is what has been distorting the muscles. let me see your feet that is what has been throwing it out it's fairly big. come over the top and look if i push you back in the chair that is a big deal. check this out and watch. this is going to be amazing. are you ready? in jesus name. left leg grow. thank you god brand new. jesus i thank you that this back will never bother him again.

that is it brother did you feel that? a little bit yes. it's just a little tug jesus, i thank you for this man that has always been an encouragement to people that's always there for people. always there to hear peoples problems. always there for them. god, i thank you for a brand new shoulder. god i thank you for a brand new rota-torcuff god, that every bit of it will be completely healed awesome! no more light duty for you brother.

it is not about a gift. it is knowing that you are a son of god. you are never condemned for not ministering. but if you are compelled by love, you will minister to people. you will not need to headlock someone into believing like you do. thank you for the fire of heaven burning in their hearts and souls lord god that they will snatch people out of that tragic life. every situation. no matter how dark it is.what kind of crowd you are in. no matter what circumstance you're in. we have to know that we are light people call it darkness. only because they don't understand that we are light.

it's all about learning who you are. looking into the word of god, and finding out what god says about you. believing it, and walking it out! if you have people that are saying things that you would never say, and doing things that you would never do. shine in such a way that grace is upon your life. it will empower you to walk out truth. in the midst of a perverse and corrupt generation their thinking is twisted. but how are they think right unless someone that thinks like heaven, with their mind set on things above and not beneath. unless they have the chance to see it. that is what they saw when they walked with jesus. if we walk like jesus. they will want his body too. the church is the body. the body of christ.

we're the fullness of him that fills everything. we need to understand who we are on this planet. jesus changed everything. so come out and be separate means this: i can go to a festival like this. with a bunch of people that are not worshiping jesus. kids that are rowdy and crashing into eachother and i can love them. because whats in me will get on them. what's on them cannot get on me. because i am filled with the love of jesus it doesn't mean that i am going to act like them jesus is clean. when he touches something. they become clean.

in the old testament the leper is dirty. we were not allowed to touch a leper. you would become unclean, and would have to go through sanctification. jesus, with the holy spirit in him comes, and makes the leper clean. i am praying for kids with shirts that say bad things... and the kids say we love you after i pray for them. their shirts to not say that though. if i go into a bar. it's never to go socialize and be like the world. it's to go in and pull people out of alcoholism. to show them the love of jesus. being among them, and being separate is different. but in the new testament. it's because of christ in you the hope of glory. with your mind set apart and on things that are above.

i have come to destroy all sense of life who cares. i have to go down there and get into the pit. or close to it. i wonder if we can get there from this side. i heard a voice speak to me and say i took those bullets for you. are you ready to live for me yet? i had no idea what it was. i was suicidal my whole life. i didn't have a reason to live. i hurt so many people

i was with my wife for nine years. with a seven and a half year old daughter. i got shot at. my wife told me that she hated me. i went to a drug rehabilitation center. i had three nights where i had encounters with jesus. face to face with jesus he said. go home and he never left me. now i travel and preach the gospel. he saved my life. i love people. he loves you ! what do you do for work? have you ever worked on cars before? i'm all dirty now. but yes, that is what i do.

that's what i heard in my heart. i promise. i am not a psychic. i am standing here beside you. and i see in my mind that you work on cars. do you have your own shop yet? no something inside of me. god told me that you desire to have your own business. let me pray for you. a couple bones in your back that are out of alignment. six of them! in your lower back? yes watch this. watch

father i thank you in jesus name for brand new bones in his lower back. now in jesus name. holy spirit, that you would give him a brand new back right now. nerves to be loosed right now. in jesus name. do me a favor. bend and touch your toes. what does that feel like? not as bad as it did before! is there any pain at all? try it one more time. any pain? love you. bless you.

i heard an amazing man of god. his name is bill johnson say: jesus is the head of the church. if we walk like jesus. they will want his body too. the church is the body. the body of christ. we are the fullness of him that fills all and all. the bible says come out from them and be separate. it's a question that a lot of christians have. many times christians think that they are going to get dirty if they are around people like that. there is nothing that has the ability to make me dirty when jesus has cleaned me from the inside out. we fit in in the kingdom. which means that we will not fit in when we are in a crowd like that.

so we should stand out and there should be something separate. if i live with my heart focused on the love of god for me and the love of god for people. when i see that as my primary focus i don't have this hesitation to be around people that are wrapped up in that lifestyle. because it has nothing to do with who i am. i need to understand who i am. so that when i walk in that place they see jesus in me. one of my prayers is that they would see you, god, inside of me. paul said " imitate me as i imitate christ." so we can be imitators of god. ephesians 5 says "therefor be imitators of god dear children, and walk in love. even as christ loved us and gave himself for us.

there is a place that we can walk and live in faith in jesus. where we can walk just like christ walked. not to take glory to ourselves. because even jesus when he walked, never took glory for himself he paid a price for me to walk and think kingdom and i need to step up to the challenge. the challenge is to deny yourself, pick up the cross and follow him. we need to understand our created value. so that we can understand other peoples created value. it's really easy to be light in the darkness. as long as you are seeing the light that god created you to be. we are sons of light. this thing is awesome. we can do this! we need to step up and be christians. and have a lifestyle of christianity.

it's about love. it's all about love. it's so good! i see someone who is always encouraging people. you have a great heart! god saved my life. i was an atheist. i hated christians then he turned me into one. now i love people. no selling anything. i just want to pray for her knee. that's all. are you alright with that? i thank you in jesus name. i thank you for a brand new knee. can you bend your knee and see what it feels like? is there any pain at all? everybody knows brokenness. everybody knows abuse. everybody knows drugs. not enough people know about jesus christ! that's right! i am so proud of you! i've had a lot of kids come up to me today.

who i do not even know. one kid named "josiah" came up to me and said : i've been watching your videos for the last year. you are the one that god saved me through. i can't believe that you are here at this show. so powerful a young man that was so full of love. but full of hate, full of anger. wanting to be done with his life his whole life. but jesus came. it's awesome! so many people determine their value by who their parents were. my mom was this way. my dad was a good dad, bad dad. my mom was a good mom, bad mom. my mom was on drugs. my mom hit me, beat me. my mom told me that she wished i was never born.

all that affects so many christians in their walk. but, when you become a christian. everything changes sometimes we are looking for affirmation we think that everyone is going to be in agreement with this new thing. but, the reality is that heaven is in agreement with your new life. the peace that you receive from being right with god is a violation to people who don't have peace with god. check it and see what it feels like? a little bit sore on the inside. but not as bad. no pressure. no just want to pray for you.

father, i thank you in jesus name for a brand new back. every bit of pain, let him go, in jesus name. check one more time. i feel nothing. love you my back is bad. jesus will heal you right now. father, i thank you in jesus name for my friend. god, i ask you to touch him right now. in the name of jesus. i thank you for two brand new bones in his back.

jesus name. thank you father. it feels different. i believe you will see amazing results. father, i thank you in the name of jesus. i thank you for a brand new wrist. for a miracle. right now in jesus name. in the name of jesus. wrist be healed. god , thank you in jesus name. back be loose. wrist be healed. in jesus name. try it again normally that hurts

it feels like a wall. in my wrist. no pressure father, i thank you in jesus name for a brand new wrist. god, i thank you that today he will see breakthrough in jesus name. i thank you for wholeness god. check it again. is it shaking? is that normal? father, i thank you in jesus name. spirit of infirmity, i command you to let his wrist go now. in jesus name in jesus name. i command you to let this go. now

do it again just hold your hand out like this it never shakes like that? and it never does this either. it's ok. your wrist is going to be healed today it is the beginning of freedom that is your microphone hand. it's not good to have a microphone hand that is frozen i can't even do a push-up god, i thank you in the name of jesus, for complete wholeness, lord god

brand new wrist, you be healed. spirit of infirmity you let go right now. in jesus name try to stretch your hand out that's more. more than you did before jesus name it's not supposed to be able to go that way i thank you for my friend. in the name of jesus, lord god, brand new in jesus name. brand new i know it is tight. but what does it feel like compared to before?

before, it would never go flat on the ground. that is awesome! i feel so at home god will come and make his home in your heart. pray with me right now. father, i thank you. that jesus is real god, i am asking you forgive me. of all of my sins come and make your home inside of me i give my heart to you are you willing?

to look beyond appearances we must realize everyone spends eternity in heaven hell you are

the answer eternity awaits this is so hard for me sometimes. because for myself it is simple. it is just a way of life many times we try to come up with what we are going to say. i honestly believe that when we see our identity in jesus when we see who christ has created us to be. when we see that we are sons and daughters of god. we are the light of the world. jesus was the light of the world. now he says that you are the light go and be the light. a light that lights up a city. a light that lights up your own house. a city on a hill.

we are here to be the light of the world. jesus came down and stepped into darkness. in him was the light of all mankind. now we have that same light. when i am in a crowd with a bunch of people that are screaming and cursing. things not for the purpose of the kingdom of god. i'm there to bring the presence of god. but it starts with each individual person. anything on the lip or the nose? are you going to get that one pierced too? my septum is stretched to it too! did you go in there? yes i use to do it. i don't anymore.

my friend. he sings in a band called "for today" he is one of my best friends in the world. i actually preach the gospel. my friend "mattie" is coming to preach with me in two weeks. i always tell people to love the person in front of them. i was standing beside that kid. he started talking to me. so i shared jesus. sometimes as christians, we comfort ourselves in being comfortable. we like to stay in places that feel comfortable. the only problem with that is that you don't need the holy spirit for that. darkness gets lit up by light. if you don't know who you are. you will put a cover on your light.

if you are the only one at your work that knows you are a christian. you might have a cover on your light. if you see your righteousness with god. you will not care who says anything about you. because you will know the truth. the truth will set you free we can represent jesus whether we are in an airplane, a mall, or a grocery store. or at a concert. the boldness to represent the king of glory. who paid the price to set us free from ourselves. so that we can boldly proclaim the truth. of who he is. and who he created us to be. i love being able to preach and share the truth.

but, i love people. i love to be around people who do not love me back. because that was me. i was a man who hated everyone. i was in the world. people would approach me and i would think : how will they benefit? what do they want? there was always something attached to the gospel. something they wanted out of it. the only reason you did that for me was for what you can get out of me. so what do you want? that's how that world thinks. everyone is expecting it. we've been trained by the devil to say : i love you. now what are you going to give me back in return? we do something for someone in expectation that they will give us something in return. that is not love.

love is not like that. love does something with no expectation of return. people say : that's not fair. if you want fair : go to hell church. if you want fair, go to hell. because that is what we all deserve. we all deserve eternal separation from god forever. but, god had mercy and loved the world that he gave. he didn't take he gave everything! that is what love does. why do we bless people? because that is what love does. i honestly believe that when we see our identity in jesus. when we see who christ has created us to be.

when we see that we are sons and daughters of god. you are the light of the world. jesus was the light of the world. now you are the light. go and be the light. a light that lights up his own city. a light that lights up his own house. jesus stepped into darkness. in him was the light of all men. now in us is that same light. i want to share a story about my life. can i tell you my story? when i was young. when i was eleven years old my mom and dad had a divorce. i started partying. i became addicted to drugs at twelve years old. when i joined the marines. i had the most serious authority problem. i was addicted to cocaine, marijuana, and every other kind of drug i could find. i was trying to make my mind think different than it was thinking.

has anyone ever had that happen? at the beginning of my life. at 19 years old. i had already been extradited twice across america . i had 14 thousand dollars in court costs. i began to think about suicide. i began to think of killing myself. has anyone ever thought of taking their life? how many people are tired of life. and want to be finished with it? how many people think : i am not good at anything. i am going to live how i want today. but tonight might be the night that i am done with everything. i went to the gun cabinet to get a rifle to shoot myself. it was my last day. on the way to the gun cabinet. i stopped by a phone book on the way. i flipped it open. it opened to churches. i'm not a church man. i have never been in church. i there was nothing about the church that i wanted in my life.

i thought it was about people who were selfish and about themselves. i saw people who were hiding in a building. i didn't know what love was. i didn't know what hope was. i didn't know what grace was. i didn't know what mercy was. so i could not show it. i thought love was how someone made me feel. but, this was different. todd was the worst person, the angriest person. the hater of haters. people are dead because of me, my drug addictions. people are wounded. i wreaked everyone's life. but, god said : i love you. i said : you can't love me? he said: i love you! god is not mad at anyone out there. he is hope. he is amazing. and he loves you all so much. but i am not talking about religious bondage. that hurts people.

jesus never hurt anyone. he loves you all so much. he loves you so much! god wants to give you peace. if you want to have peace, right now. raise your hand. if you want to know the love of god. and you want all the junk thrown out of your life. all the trash. all the hatred, all the anger, all the hopelessness, all the depression? i asking you to lift your hands and surrender to jesus right now. be bold with me right now! be bold with me. don't be afraid. stop letting life crush you and beat you up. you are all amazing! god isn't asking you to give up anything except something that you were never created to be. god did not create you for yourself. he created you for him.

are you ready? pray with me right now! lord god. i don't know you. but, i want to. i want to know what love is. i want a love relationship i want to know the father. forgive me of all of my sins.

i say "yes" to you and "no" to hopelessness. i say "yes" to you and "no" to anger opportunities are passing us by people are dying all around us are you willing to share

jesus rise up fearless unashamed of the gospel is coming back your final lap is almost up now

is your time to awaken to your created purpose run your race with passion to love your neighbor ?

if you have a problem with your shoulder, raise your hand. watch this. father, i thank you in the name of jesus for brand new shoulders right now. in jesus name. god, i thank you for brand new backs right now. shoulders and necks. in the name of jesus. right now! check your shoulder right now. check it. i promise that it is gone. wave your hand if it is gone. this is no joke. this is for real. father, i thank you, in the name of jesus, for everyone's back that is hurting right now. in the name of jesus thank you for brand new knees.

new knees. new backs. new wrists. i want everyone in here to check your body for any kind of pain that you had. it doesn't matter if we called it out. just check it. if it is gone. wave both hands in the air. i thank you for no more migraine headaches in jesus name. thank you for every neck being healed. shoulder. heart. lungs. hips, kidneys, livers. in jesus name! new! jesus!

is that all you got? louder! so this lifestyle. is really amazing. this love relationship that jesus paid a price for us to have. all we have to do is believe we don't need to receive honor from people we are sons and daughters of the king you are light in the darkness you are an opportunity for someone to see what it looks like for jesus to walk by. if there is one thing that i could convey. is that you would dive into a deeper relationship with your father. realize that if i can do it. anyone can.

god says "knock" and the door will be opened. "ask" and you will recieve. "seek" and you will find. he wants you to see who you are. see your created value. so when you are working, you look like jesus. god wants you to love people who don't know how to love you back. god wants you to pray for those who spitefully use you. god wants you to know that you are blessed when you are persecuted. we get to live in the world. but not be like it. we get to consider it joy when we go through tribulation. because we believe that jesus overcame the devil. when everyone else is panicking. we are not in crisis. we are with christ.

when tribulation comes against you. you understand who you are and what is against you. if you see the light that you have. you will destroy hell everyday. you will make the devil wish that he never touched you. you have to represent him. you have to love god. you have to know that you are loved by him. be passionate about god. god loved us. that is why he endured the cross. we are heavens joy. god has never abandoned us. he is with us! pursue god. know who he is. god is wondering if you are going to represent him? filmed and edited by "robert gervais"

this film was made possible by the partners of lifestyle christianity