Kamis, 23 Maret 2017

asking alexandria 2008

asking alexandria 2008

iam - big dreams, big boxes every day is a tribulation why walk with your head held down the sun shines for all and will never ever fall too often told to change my ways putting my future at risk some say their lies stashed in big bags i put big dreams in big boxes

i’m passing through, while some fools are dreaming big thinking it comes easy, couple of shots from a sig unless for them, it’s simple as signing the dotted line on that big fat check, to get themselves that sweet ride but troubles come with that, and fear of a life that’s bland just like your conscience, that can’t be cleaned with cash those dark stares, thrown at you left and right they’ll stick too, only deadened skin can take flight if only it was just about the kids being unruly in school

but their dreams unfold, then disappear in the classroom some teachers exulted over my failings, my losses most brushed away my ambitions, put them away in matchboxes my lifefrom 0 to 20, a sitcom wherei defied their plan for me theirpredictions, my future destined to be behind bars as bad a guessas paco rabanne’s alignment of the stars to all those that swore that rap was just a one-night swing what up, it’s me, bang, ooh i started spraying

messin’ around, still a teenager at heart 30 years later, thick skinned, still playing the part there’s no shortcut to nirvana, we’ll get there on our own and if i stumble on the path, that’s no problem every day is a bigday we put big dreams in big boxes “what are we gonna do with you mr mussard ?” is what they said. they would’ve bet just a couple cents on my head true, hardly studied, rarely revised,

i couldn’t focus, was a little wild always day dreaming, that’s what teacher notes said too much energy, couldn’t harness it, get in my head it’s not like i was aiming for the white house just an average dude, trying to find my way on an unmarked route. they told me, stay grounded or you’ll get stranded. for a while i believed it then i disbanded down here, you’re taught to follow, not reach you full potential you wake from dreams, and daylight’s capped your credentials

i entrusted my dreams to the winds i held them dear and sacred and like a gi in the rice fields adjusted my visor, pulled up my sleeves like mineral water, it all became clear i dared to strive for the goals of my career i didn’t want to be that under watered sprout surviving with just the dew, trying to ride it out to this day, i still hear their sarcasm

each one of my rhymes, is like backlash every day is a big day we put big dreams in big boxes alejandra gutierrez was never able to fight to win a medal at the olympic games. since then, she has enlisted in the military to pursue her career.