Kamis, 23 Maret 2017

asking alexandria 2014

asking alexandria 2014

cool his inspiration yeah... without him... nothing would be possible at one time i screwed up and i was very concentrated then i remembered the guys talking about catala's inspiration then i looked at him and... this guy is too charismatic!

solo the tom-toms for me... catalã¡ was my drum student for a long time before i had the studio at my house then he showed the music, talking about the band, the classes sometimes were focused on the band's direction then, the cool thing about this transiction that happened it's that i was starting, we found this place, the warehouse where we have the studio today and at the same time catalã¡ said the band is thinking about recording a new record and i told him... well, who's gonna do it... i don't know...

so we started talking about this and i started to build the studio here then you came here for the first time we talked, we just recorded the first band here, a rehearsal of "ego kill talent", the band we're in we rehearsed, recorded and it was very cool it was a very cool link the attack is strange here the interval is smaller here that's why it's strange every time he hits the attack

at the search for ecliptyka's sound, we're working with high quality drums, that jean provides us for the studio a ridiculous amount of drumheads, snares, sound tones, snares but ecliptyka's sound is heavy metal, we call it metal, i think a little more melodic and we already have a sound at our heads, because of what we listen to this for years and we try to preserve this aestethics but, i think that what influenciates the most here is all the analogic gear, vintage equipment that already have a "less clean" characteristic, different from what we listen to nowadays that already have character, the gear, the mics we use we use mics from the 40's, 30's, tape mics that add a character to the sound

but still is the sound of a heavy metal band on the practical side, we will reach a sound a little different of what the market is offering today she said it right ? she said he only sleeps she said he only sleeps... hey drummer... at the honeymoon, at "porto de galinhas" and you sleeping... and his wife reading his wife reading 6 books and the story of "chiclete com banana" that's why we put "chiclete com banana" there, so he can be inspired,

show them that i think he should do a "chiclete com banana" special take are you ready man?