Jumat, 31 Maret 2017

asking alexandria bassist

asking alexandria bassist

hello and welcome to a new short review that talk about the new fake idols album to be released on september 16, entitled witness. so fake idols is a quintet formed from three different european metal bands, then we have the singer claudio coassin (ex raintime), drummer enrico fabris (ex raintime too), guitarist ivan odorico (ex slowmotion apocalypse / raintime), bassist ivo boscariol (ex slowmotion apocalypse) and the last guitarist cristian tavano (ex jar of bones). witness is their second album and it released two years after their eponymous album. fake idols is certainly a small band but it already has its fame: they had a guest for their first album the singer crucified barbara and now the guitarist of motorhead phil campbell and singer of elevenking and hell in the club: damna. you could also see them alongside wasp and mnemic for their european tours, or occasionally from down or candlemass ...

you already see the band level. so, we start the album because you start to identify the universe of the band. first i want to say that this band is my discovery heart-stroke of this summer with their sounds very hard rock or alternative metal with explosive riffs and catchy choruses. in short, fake idols is just that, amazing riffs and a singer with a slightly hoarse voice just sublime. it works perfectly, even verses hanging; everything is finely worked to keep you hanging on your speakers. the sound is heavy and hard-hitting, it does not beat around the bush, that's the rock n’roll spirit. all the songs are good, they sweat all the same energy and the same atmosphere and i adhere completely. you will find quite certain songs more violent than others after all this must remain diversified,

but you will be happy that all the tracks have the same energy, the same desire. and as i talked earlier, we can see phill campbell on this album, which is already an unlikely event, play a very good solo for madball a overexcite song. you can also see the singer of elevenking and hell in the club accompanying claudio coassin on the city's burning and their duo clashes and won’t leave you indifferent: it’s indeed my favorite track of this album to tell you. after we go from surprise to surprise with a cover of go from chemical brothers, and i was more than surprised. i didn’t expect at all as a striking result, they managed to embellish the dance song with their own touch and we are really not disappointed about the adventure. the rockers are very open-minded people. besides the album will give you time to catch your breath midterm with the beautiful instrumental interlude called silence, a gem unfortunately quickly forgotten by the other songs.

after all, what can i say more, the album is a block to be savored and don’t hesitate to listen to all day long. i still can’t get tired before this nugget hiding in my inbox. like what i do well digging. i want to warn that some people may be stopped by the hoarse voice of the singer or the style, strictly speaking of the band, because after all everyone has different tastes, but i find this album a bit more accessible than the previous with melodies can be smoother. so i personally loved this album, it’s for me the album to discover this fall! the mark is 19/20 for this little gem that deserves success.