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ask alex

oh, hey. when did you get here? i'mglad you came. just give me a second. hey, everyone. i'm alex. thanks for clicking, andwelcome to this lesson on "common 'when' questions", "when" in english. so, when we ask a questionwith "when", we want to know the time that something happened, generally happens, willhappen, etc. so, today, i am going to look at some of the most common questions you canask with this question word, and we will focus not only on the structure, but also gettingfluent with these questions, making sure we're pronouncing them correctly, and making surethe intonation is good, and that the fluency is nice and sharp, andquick and fast. okay? so, let's start from the beginning. yourbeginning. "when is your birthday?"

okay? so, here, most commonly,you're using the contraction. right? so quickly, you wouldsay: "when's your birthday?" okay? so, everyone, if you can just repeatafter me: "when's your birthday?" excellent. now, a similar question asking about the dateof your birth is: "when were you born?" okay? now, let's try this a little quicker, repeatafter me: "when were you born?" all right? excellent. and next we have a series of questions thatask about bed, pretty much. so, for example: "hey. when do you wake up?", "get up?", "getout of bed?", or "go to bed?" now, obviously the first three in the morning or maybe in theafternoon after a siesta or a nap, depending

on your schedule. they relate to getting out ofbed. so: "when do you wake up in the morning?" open your eyes. "when do you get up?" like,leave your bed. or: "...get out of bed?" which is literally, you know, leaving your bed.or, at night: "when do you go to bed?" now, of course, these are routines, can use words like: "when do you normally get up?", "when do you usually get up?",or "wake up?", or "go to bed?" so, let's repeat them after me: "when do you wake up?", "when do you normally get up?", "when do you usuallyget out of bed?" now, did you listen to that? i said: "...getoutta bed", not just: "get out of",

but "get outta". so, one more time: "whendo you get out of bed?" all right? and last one: "when do yougo to bed?" very good. okay, next: "whenis __________?" so: "when is this?", "that?","it?", "when is it?" this can be anything, this can be an event orthe start of a movie, or something like that. or the release date of the movie. so, forexample: "when is the party?", "when is class?", "when is the conference?", "when is the retrofan expo in san francisco?" i guess that's a thing, maybe. i don't know. okay? so: "whenis it?", "when is that?", "when is this?" so, you get like something from your friend andit looks like an exciting event is coming,

and you say: "oh, when is this?" right?so, repeat after me, we'll do all three: "when is this?", "when is that?", "when is it?" very good. okay. now, if you're a student, the next questioncan be very common. so, you would ask your professor or maybe one of your friends becauseyou didn't attend an important class, or you attended the class but you were not payingattention, and you have an assignment, a test, or you have something you need to write andyou need to give it to the professor, say:

"hey. when is this/that/it due?" now, whensomething is due it means you must complete it and submit it to your professor by thatdate. so, let's do the three questions, and you can just repeat them afterme: "when is this due?", "when is that due?", "when's it due?" okay, good. now, you noticed i said:"when's", right? "when's it", "when's it". so, make sure you're listening when i'musing the contraction as well. all right. next, if you want to invite your friends,you know, for dinner or to go have a coffee or just to hang out at your house or something,you can ask: "hey. when are you free?" or

"when are you available?" okay? so, your schedule,you know, you're working here or you're in school here or you have a birthday party here.i want to see you: "when are you free?" or "when are you available?" so, repeatafter me: "when are you free?", "when are you available?" good. now, this can also be in the, you want to meet with a colleague, with a co-worker to talk about something important inyour department, and you can ask your colleague, your co-worker: "when are you free?","when are you available?" basically: "when is the best time to contact youor to see you?" okay? all right. and next, the next two, they deal with arrivingand leaving, so this can be for a party, for

example. so, i'm going to do: "when do/did","do" or "did" in the present or the past. we'll do the present first. "when do you arrive?","when do you get here?" so, if you have, you know, a co-worker and you just... you're justasking, you're making conversation, say: "hey. when do you normally arrive here?", "whendo you get here?", "when do you come to work?" for example. and here: "did", you cansay "yesterday" or "this morning": "hey. when did you arrive?", "when did you gethere?" this can be for a party, for example, or a friend's house. or if someone comes and you'resurprised to see them, you can say, like: "hey. when did you get here?" okay?"when did you arrive?" and finally, when the... when the personleaves, you can say: "when did you leave?" or

"when did you go home?", "i didn't see you leave yesterday at theparty. what time? when did you leave?" okay? or, in general, at work: "when doyou finish?" so: "when do you leave?", "when do you gohome?" all right? let's continue, and we'll dothese a little faster now. so: "when does __________start/begin/end/finish?" now, "when does", this can be anything. "when doesthe movie start?", "when does the party finish?", "when does the picnic end?" whateverevent it is, you can just say: "hey. when. what time? when does __________start/begin/end/finish." so, repeat after me:

"when does the movie start?"repeat after me, okay: "when does the meeting end?" now, the next one, this is something you cansay to criticize, maybe, a friend; usually a close friend, hopefully not someone youjust met. so: "when are you gonna learn?" or... you noticed i put "gonna", which is"going to": "when are you gonna learn?" or "when are you gonna grow up?" so, if you havea person in your life who is not mature, who is immature, you can ask them:"when are you gonna grow up?" or "when are you gonnalearn or change?" okay? when are you going to do something thatmakes your life better or improves

you, improves yourself? all right?so, repeat after me: "when are you gonnalearn?" good. and one more time: "whenare you gonna grow up?" excellent. now, the next two, very similar. so: "whendid you do that?" or "when did you make that?" now, i used "do" and "make", they're the mostcommon verbs in the... in this type of question, but you can use other verbs. so: "when didyou do that?", "when did you make that?" if your friend is, you know, really good at makingmodel cars, for example, like this one here, you can ask your friend, like: "when did youmake this?" okay? like: "when did you do this?" or the next question: "when didyou have time to do this?",

"when did you havetime to make this?" all right? so, you're surprised that, like:"hey. when did you have time?" like: how did you find the time to do this or that?all right. and repeat after me this question one more time: "when didyou have time to do that?" and two more to go. "when was the last time...?"so, if you have taken an english class before, you know this is one of the most common questionsyou learn when you are especially learning to speak in the past for the first time, so:"hey. when was the last time you did something?" and, now, this is a past question soyou must use a simple past verb, so: "when was the last timeyou called your mom?",

"when was the lasttime you drank?", or "when was thelast time you ate?", or "when was the last time you hadsushi?" for example. all right? and finally: "when is this over?!" alex, youhave been talking for so long, and i'm still watching your video, i'm still paying attentionbecause, i don't know, the red shirt or something. i'm not sure what it is. but a very commonquestion. you're at a movie and maybe it's a terrible movie or it's a really long movie,like the revenant or batman v superman, and you think, like: "when is this over?when is this finished?" now, friends, it's finished now.okay?

so, if you want to test your understandingof this material, as always, you can check out the quizon and if you enjoyed the video, please like it,comment on it, let me know what you thought. and as always, don't forgetto subscribe to the channel, and i'll see you next time. whenis this over? now? yeah? okay. i can read doom again? okay. i'm going to go do that.see you guys.