Rabu, 22 Maret 2017



(electronic music) - and remember, those are just some of tj--thomas jefferson's--contributions. are there any questions? come on, guys, any questions? anything? any questions? come on, guys, there's no suchthing as a stupid question. - yeah.

- hey, here we go. - are dogs boys and cats girls? (bongo drums) - um, yeah, where do pigeons go at night? - was michael jordan named after jordan sneakers? - is bon jovi the same guy as jon bon jovi?

- how many stairs are there, like, in general? - what does siri do wheni'm not calling her? - is jurassic park based on a true story? - is toy story based on a true story? - is star wars based on a true story? - who lives in my basement? - can i use the restroom in 18 minutes? - yeah, what year is it?

- can i still watch the bill cosby show? - whatchu talkin' 'bout, willis? - what ever happened to george lopez? anyone else really miss him? - who is george lopez? - where in the world is carmen sandiego? - where in the world is carmen from the george lopez show? - was waldo ever reported as missing?

- what's "updog"? - who let the dogs out? - is a hotdog a naked corndog? - does tom from myspace have a facebook? - is rudy gay gay? - is jack black? - what's t-pain up to right now? - woman, where is my super suit? - do i sound like charles barkley?

- (in a british accent) do isound like sir charles barkley? - how can people hate anne hathaway? - is my mom named "mom," or "karen"? 'cause everybody's beencalling her karen lately. - if i'm ugly, does thatmake me my daddy's son? - can i get an "amen"? - [students] amen. - where the hos at? - are these hos loyal?

- how did j. cole goplatinum with no feature? - is swaggy mcgee acool rapper name for me? - am i a mother (bleep) starboy? - is it normal to cry when you fart? - what's that smell? (sobbing) - can you explain in detail how sex works? - [students] yeah. - have you had sex?

can you prove that you've had sex? - can we stop talking about sex? because it's making mea little uncomfortable. - hey, how are you doing today? - do you think thatsweater is working on you? - what's your favorite color? - you seem lonely. - that isn't a question. - you seem lonely?

- uh, yeah, what did thomas jefferson bring back from france? and, uh, what was its significance for the next ten years? - okay, now that is a stupid question. all right, let's see you guys next week. get out of my classroom. (whooshing) (hinges squeaking)