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asking alexandria 2015 tour

asking alexandria 2015 tour

(light music) - welcome back to quick wins with com. i was just having a reallyinteresting conversation about the shoe shining guy behind me. and i asked him, heycan you clean my shoes? even though they'rebrand new, and i thought. and he says, no i can'tclean those type of shoes. and then i asked him,well how busy are you? because i'm just lookingat people's shoes.

and there's not many leather shoes as there were in the past. and he's been here for overfive years he's been for. he says the business isstarting to decline quite a lot. two factors for that. one, the cold. and two, people's typeof shoes are changing. and it made me kinda think, if you're in a market todaywhere products and services

are consistently changing, are we keeping up our business ... is our business keepingup where it needs to be? so, as you can see, he does have someone. so the right avatar issitting on the seat. that's right, he's got leather shoes, he's got a jacket so he's warm. so here we are, this iswhat we call a now-client. the client straightaway here.

that's the right avatar. so of out of all themillions of people here, we found the one. because that person knew exactly that he wanted these shoes shined. so it's really making surethat you know your avatar and you know what their weak points are. you know what their painpoints are, most importantly. so my advice is, whenhe's sitting up there,

getting his shoes shined,ask questions now. question one will be, why'd you come to my storefor in the first place? question two would be, do you like my product and service? do you like my service? question three is, would you recommend thisto my friends, yes or no? question four, is it convenient for you?

question five, how many times are you going to be comingto my service ongoing? and then six, how could i improve my product and service offering? if you can't improve yourproduct and service offering, you're just gonna staystale in the marketplace. and yeah you might get one client, but it's not the millionsof people that are here. what do these people need?

and how can we service them better? what type of shoes are they wearing and what can we do for them? is it new laces? is it getting the dirt off? is it making the souls a bit cleaner? like, what do they actually need? but then making sure, oncei have that information, market correctly.

so making sure that youput a sign up there. we also clean black shoes,leather shoes, runner shoes. so people know that this isthe right place for them. so with that information, you can create, one, better products, two market much better. and that means you're gonna get all these clients aroundhere as your avatar, the right client as your avatar.

so i hope that's helped in another episode of quick wins with com. and remember it's about always just checking in with your clients. it's about looking with your clients, and starting to decide, do i need to innovatemy products and services to make sure that ican market much better. i'll see you next time.