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ask band

ask band

(energetic pop music) - hi guys, it's brooklyn and bailey, and before we get to the video, we thought we'd tell you guysthat we are doing a giveaway for all of our subscribers! - yes! - we are giving away three iphone 6s, a gold one, a silver one-- - and a black one.

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good luck to all you subscribers. - may the odds be ever in you favor. let's get started. - okay, first question from yara ashhab, "do you like being twins? and why ???" - i love being twins. - i mean, we don't know any different, so it's not like we could say, "um, yeah, i don't like being a twin,

"i like being a singlechild because i totally know what that's like."- i'm independent. because we don't know what that's like. - i have no idea. - so, really all we know is being twins. - it's like how you guys feel like you have no idea whatit's like to be twins. - like, "i wish i was atwin, that's so cool." but obviously you don't know- but you don't have any idea

because you're not twins though. - you guys don't have any ideawhat it's like to be twins, we have no idea what it's like to be a singleton, so. - a singleton? - a singleton, that's whati call them, singletons. - i say single child. - they're alone, they don'thave another half like i do. - they do when they get married.

- that's true. so the follow-up questionabout bandbfan is, "do you ever get intoarguments with your twin?" (unison) yes, well, - they're not really arguments, as much as they are like, "bailey, you haven't cleanedyour side of the room. "clean it." - it's like that all the time.

- that is our number oneargument, right there - because she doesn't like to clean. - a lot of peoplemention how close we are. we're pretty close, we never really get into long-lasting arguments. - yeah. - they last for fiveminutes and then we're done. (laughter) - dying!

- next question by hannah hoff is, "how can we tell you two apart?" we don't really lookalike to me, personally - to me and close friends, the more you get to know us, our personalities are really different, - and so, even by just by looking at us you can kind of get usedto telling us apart. but first of all, simplest one:

bailey's hair is short. she just cut it above her collarbone. and my hair is like to my bum. - her butt. - so that's a huge difference, so longer name, brooklyn's a longer name, (unison) longer hair,shorter name shorter hair. - there we go. - next question that we have is,

"what is one feature yourtwin has that you don't have?" aleli arellano, and so that's her question and let's talk about the different one. brooklyn has biggereyes, she just naturally- - just smile. do you see she squints her eyeswhen she smiles and i don't? - brooklyn looks doe-ylike, "oh my goodness." - yeah, we always saybailey's got the smiley eyes, and she's got the princesslike, "oh my goodness."

- i always look surprised. - and my eyes are like, "hi!how you doing?" you know? - yeah, she's a lot more like, "hello!" - you know, those kind of eyes. - the next questionasked by meredith grey, "favorite memory together?" i think my favoritememory of the two of us was when we won the spelling bee. - (squeaky voices) spell photosynthesis.

can you repeat that? - spell photosynthesis. - use it in a sentence please. - photosynthesis is a scientific word. (unison) p h o - in fourth grade we werethe youngest contestants. - i was like fourth through ninth. we were super determined to win, so we decided to practice for forever.

- memorize all the words. - and we went to spelling bee, and i got first place, and she got second but that's not really important, what happened was i won andshe was there to cheer me on and she was happy eventhough she got second place, so that was one of my proudestmoments as being a twin. - that was a good memory. - that was a good one.

next question by ashley is, "what is your biggest pet peeve?" okay so, you know thosestickers that move, the ones that move pictureswhen you move them? if you scratch those in my presence, i will die. i will literally die. (imitating scratching noises) - it annoys her so much.

- it's nasty, it's so gross!- it's so funny to do it though, in herpresence, because she screams. - disorganization. - i'm still like, i'm organized in my own way.- yeah. - she just doesn't like it. (crickets chirping) - there is no such thing as organization in your vocabulary.

- r y c h lynne, i thinkthat's how you say it how tall are you now? 5'1.5" we've had people come upto use before and be like, "i watch your videos, "but i never would've recognized you "because you're so small." - you're so tiny in real life. - let me just stress how small we are.

- normal. (unison) us. us. - (laughs) we're mini! our hands are teeny, our feet are like size fours. we're just small. - that's tiny. - we're just small people.

- if you see little eight-year-oldgirls walking around, that's probably us. - what what what, what what what what. next question by serena is, "what is your dream job?" - oh i know hers. - okay, i have an actual realistic job that i really want to do, and then a dream,

like an actual likenever gonna happen dream but i would love to be thefairy tale writer for disney. - the person who writeall the princess movies, the scripts and stuff. - i already have six movies in my head. - i would totally writethem all down and send them. - what she does in her free time. - shh. okay my actual legit job thati would want to do is teach.

i love children. i love kids. - i like kids more than you like kids. - i love kids even more than she thinks. - i don't know what my dream job is. - tell them what you wantto be when you grow up. - i can sing for thedisney princes voices, and she can (unison ) write them, yeah! - and my realistic job,

i want to be a child psychiatristbecause i like children. - owl_luvverr is what it is, and the question is, "if you could only eat oneof these, which would it be: "french fries, chickennuggets, or burgers?" - burgers, want to know why? because you have bread, and cheese, bread, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, all that fun stuff,

so you get a lot more of thehealthy stuff that you need. - i know, but i love potatoes. potatoes are fries, though. - yeah but, i mean youcan live off of them but-- - fries, think of the fries. next question by olivia is, (unison) "what would yourparents have named you "if you were boys?" - oh! never mind.

- i know what we would have been named if we were girls. well, we are girls, but you get the general idea. well they almost namedus kennedy and kailey, and then hannah and hailey, and then brooklyn and bailey. - i was the 'aileys. but if as boys?- i just got the random name.

- i would have been-- this would have been brian, - i would have been brian, and you would have been braxton. - no, it's a b r! - brian and-- - bailey's a boy name. - b- bailey. brian and bailey. hi's my name's bailey.

- i'm brian. - and we're the guy versionsof brooklyn and bailey. hey, what's up? the next question we have was asked by corinne, and she asked, "when was your most embarrassing moment, "and what was it?" so i have two, do you want to go first? - i don't have one.

not that i can think of at least. - i'll tell two for the both of us, because i just embarrassmyself all the time, but when i was in fourth grade, everything happened in fourth grade. - it was an eventful year. - yeah anyways, i had a cold, and my nose is reallystuffed up, like bad. - congestion, kinds of like that.

- we went to the librarywith my whole class, and i pulled out a book and i was chatting with my friends, and being all cool as a fourth grader, and i sneezed and itjust rocketed everywhere, and there was just snot onthe bookshelf across the room, and on me, and the kids that were standing in frontof me and talking to me. anyways, so embarrassing!

the kids were covered in snot. i felt so bad. - kids were covered in snot? - yeah, my friends were covered in snot, i was covered in snot, the book was covered in snot. - i wouldn't be your friend anymore. - and then last year, eighth grade, eight grade is a vital year, by the way,

to just make friends. - because you're soawkward in junior high. - you're so awkward, you're trying to impress people - you try to be cute for all the boys. - so, it was in the middle of year, and we have this thingcalled fitness gram, where the guys and girlsdo this fitness stuff. anyways, all the guys werelined up in one hallway.

every single guy, by the way, every single one, was lined up in this hallway, and i was walking down the hallway, and i was thinking, "okay,i'm doing pretty good, "not embarrassing myself, not doing anything, - trying to be cool - weird. i tripped and fell,

and it's not just falling, i fell, my backpack fell over my head, so the weight is all on the front of me, and i ran down the hallway trying to catch my balance the whole time. - like an ostrich. - my backpack went over my head! and of course all of the guysin my grade are staring at me! - imagine falling like this

- and i fell like this, and i was trying to catchmy balance (laughter) in front of all the guys,it was pretty funny. - those are my two mostembarrassing moments. - the next question wehave is by nadine padilla, and her question is, "who is the a mommy's girland who is the daddy's girl?" she's the mommy's girl, - i'm the daddy's girl,

not for any specific reason, just it's always been that way. okay, "what are two thingsthat you like about each other and two things youdislike about each other?" you go first. - i like that bailey issuper bubbly all the time. if you ever meet her, she's, "oh my god!"- i talk a hundred miles per minute.

- she's just so happy, feeds off of energy. and i also like thatshe's very flirtatious. - what?! - she gets all the boys. - not i don't. - yeah she does. - no i don't. - everywhere she goes there'slike a flock of boys, yeah.

she's super girly so they're all like, "oh bailey she's so pretty, "let's follow her around."- it's not true! - yes it is. - yet i'm the one without a boyfriend! - now on to the dislikes. - change the subject. - bailey, as i've mentioned, is not organized at all, ever whatsoever,

and i'm very organizedbut we share a room, and so our closet never is clean and it makes me cry. - who is more relatable here? i am messy. that's a typical teen thing. - yeah but i (groans) she says i'm stubborn, but she's more stubborn than i am.

well she just doesn'thave a lot of patience. - i'm just impatient. my turn! okay, we'll start with the bad things. i literally can't think of anything. i can't, like i actually cannot. - there are things wrong with me. - but nothing reallybothers me that you do. - really?

- i mean we argue, but it's not that bad. i just love you so much, mwa! - are you kidding me? - mwa mwa mwa mwa- oh my gosh! not that i can think of, i literally just can't. okay, let's do two good things. i fricking love your hair. look guys, i have brooklyn's pretty hair!

- hi guys! gosh, i hate my hair- i love your mane of hair, i just love it. - it drives me nuts all the time, but i'm too scared to cut it. - i love her hair. anyways. and then number two, i really really reallylike how loyal you are as a person.

dude, this is getting cheesy. i don't like cheesy things. i just like you as a loyal person, because you find that friend, and you're just like, "i'm gonna be your friend for years." and you're there for them. - thank you. - kay. done with cheesy.

(shuddering) i do not like cheesy things. okay, we're good. - thank you guys so much for watching this video. be sure to give it a thumbs up. also, don't forget toleave a comment below on which twin you relate to more, definitely me for sure, for sure me,

and we'll see you guys next week. (unison) bye!