Jumat, 31 Maret 2017

asking alexandria band merch

asking alexandria band merch

are you a sharks fan? yeah. alright. yeah, i'm the lone one. fair enough, you can be in this interviewwith me then. we can just talk about the sharks. we can talk about hockey the whole time. that's probably what i know most about anyways. yeah. my name is kelen capener and i playbass in the story so far

this is a pretty actually interestingstory with how i met our guitarist will a long time ago. we both had, less than jake t-shirts. it was this red t-shirt. i think it hadthe little pez guy on it. and it was kind of like a conversation starter. i'm sure we got those shirts from hot topic back in the day kyle's doing alright. last time, uh, you guysgot an interview from the story so far, was actually from my, my step brother,kyle. 'sup? my name is kyle. i'm, uh, kelen's brother who plays in the story so far,

but i'm his brother. i haven't talked to him in a long time. he kinda, he was kind of disowned from, uh, from the family, but. if you're not familiar, he's kind of like a... he's got his issues and, uh, he's often drunk and foundpassed out at frat parties. we just did brazil, which is fun. we never played there but it was it wasreally fun. i like, i like going out there and just kind of like, the culture'svery different and just like it's one of those places you know when you goto england it still similar to the us this is one of those places that is so far outthere like it's everything is new

we always hear that the bootleg merchsouth of the border is always incredible did you see any cool bootlegs? i was hoping so, but wedidn't really see that much there was only one show where they had it kind of hung out like a clothesline. they recreated it pretty well like they hadthe shirts that we have in store with you guys there and it was, uh, prettyspot-on. honestly the the quality might have been better then then you guysproduce so i don't know maybe you should give them a call.