Kamis, 18 Mei 2017

asking alexandria the black cd

asking alexandria the black cd

distant future,fading memories shouting vultures,blury sceneries voices in my head,i think i'm losing it no more cards to play,i think it's time to pay wait a minute,what did you just say ? the queen of spade,she's looking for a joker i can't believe it,what did you just say ? the queen of spade,she knows me well. there's a fire inside

and i'm running out of water no my tears, i ran dry like a storm in my desire just a drop of "my pride" couldn't fall for another she drives me mad when she waves me like a shadow i lose my mind i'm in love with the black widow

i'm in love tell me how could the sun fall in love with the moon always chasing like a skylantern and a star well she's the queen of my little kingdom for i'm a joker forever lonesome

with a black widow, (with a black widow)