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asking alexandria t shirt

asking alexandria t shirt

♪ (ragtime music) ♪ ♪ i've felt the hate rise up in me ♪ - ♪ kneel down and clear ♪- this is weird. - ♪ i wander outside ♪- oh my gosh. ♪ where you can't see ♪ ♪ inside my shell i wait and bleed ♪ what is he saying? ♪ (metal music) ♪ ♪ come on! ♪

♪ i wipe it off on tile ♪ ♪ the light is brighter ♪ what kind of group is this? it's slipknot, man. ♪ i can't control my [bleep] ♪ they are really going for it. they are jumpin'.lord, i'll tell you. - ♪ (heavy metal guitar solo) ♪- it gives me a headache. (growling) ♪ goodbye ♪

is that supposed to be music? (laughing) it sounds like noise to me. ♪ you haven't learned a thing ♪ ♪ i haven't changed a thing ♪ ♪ my flesh was in my bones ♪ i can hear her father or mother saying,"is this my child?" - ♪ kneel down ♪--- wow, i wish i was at this concert. ♪ i wander out where you can't see ♪ i thought he was gonna swallow the mic there.

it's not my type of musicand never will be. it makes you want to jump up and down. wow. - (silence)- oh, thank goodness. why the masks? oh, man, i loved it.give me more. ♪ (soft metal riff) ♪ ♪ (hardcore metal music) ♪ (humming along) the sanitarium!

♪ undo these chains, my friend ♪ oh my goodness. it's almost scary. - ♪ i'll show you the rage ♪--- somebody's hooded. ♪ i've hidden ♪ see, us elders, we ain't into this. - ♪ some of us are destined to be ♪--- eww! - ♪ to be outlived ♪- scary! - ♪ step inside ♪- step inside and die!

oh! - ♪ too many times ♪--- my goodness. ♪ step inside ♪ ooh! is he eating himself? ♪ you'll realize... ♪ no wonder there's all these sick people out there. ♪ i'm not your devil anymore ♪ that's a lot of head bangin'. how much fun is this?

(disingenuously)gee, that's tons of fun, isn't it? this is sick. wow, that's pretty violent there. - ♪ i'm not your devil anymore ♪- ooh, yeah! (gruffly) i'm not your devil anymore! what're they doing? going around killing everyone and glorifying it? i don't think i would voluntarily watch this. ♪ (screaming, drum thrashing) ♪ this is just noise.

♪ so step inside ♪ (devilish cackle) honestly, i don't like these videos. i don't like the crime. ooh. boom! oh-ho, man. goodness, the guy killed himself. oh god. (chuckling) outrageous!

well, we have to give it ten for creativity. wow... that's disturbing. (movie reel clicks) (finebros) do you have any idea who this band is? no. no! i thought it was this band called hollywood undead. this is slipknot. you turned me on to this whole new...

world of metal. - (finebros) they call themselves slipknot.- slipknot? looks like they slipped on their heads or somethin'. are they an american group or are they a foreign group? (finebros) they're from iowa. they're from another country, okay. (finebros cracks up) (finebros) how would you describe their music? oh, was that music?

oh, i didn't realize that was supposed to be music. it's just noise to me. noise, shouting. very, very dark material. pretty heavy metal. it's hardcore thrash metal. (finebros) so here is an image of the group in their masks. ooh, it's like american horror story. how can you identify with a mask when you're looking for

a person to identify with? they're just trying to create a certain image that kiss had. at least it's's artistic. so i have to give them kudos for that. i think it's just awesome theatre that goes along with the power of their music. if you're putting yourself on fire, putting pins in your head,

it's all about the music? i don't think so! (laughing) (finebros) and do you know any other heavy metal bands that you can name over the years? i don't even know them. i don't even know one of them. i'm sorry, i'm really not that fond-- no, i'm not sorry. i'm glad i'm not really that fond of it.

metallica? insane posse... clown posse. black sabbath. even alice cooper. well, we've got metallica, anthrax, slayer... lemmy, motã¶rhead... deftones, system of a down... kittie, taproot. (finebros) so there's some controversy with slipknot

that they're one of those bands that when violent crimes are committed, they'll sometimes be blamed for it. ah, i think it is the cause to a lot of weak-minded young people. i'd buy into that because of what they're sowing, the violence. if you're a put-together, normal person, you can watch this band and nothing would happen. if you're sort of on the edge, it might push you a little bit. i don't think it's fair to blame one certain type of thing.

i have never bought into it. i think certain individuals are gonna be violent. period. there's no connection between these things. it's an takes care of that. (finebros) another interesting aspect is that some people who love this type of music consider slipknot's music to be simple and violent and some don't care for it, yet bands they would say are great,you probably wouldn't even - be able to tell the difference.- probably.

i'm glad they differentiate because that's a pretty dark and... dastardly band! they're not my favorite band. at all. it has its place. just because a band doesn't evolve,that doesn't mean every band has to evolve. (finebros) and what types of people do you think listen - to this type of music?- punk kids? gang members?

people that are a little bit into drugs. i think there's kids that, you know, grow up and they feel disenfranchised from the in crowd. there was so much conforming in my school, it made me want to do just the opposite. just really angst-ridden teenagers... some of the most brilliant minds that love it. the musicians themselves and what they listen to for inspiration is primarily symphonic music.

(finebros) so there was a study done that proved the stereotype of people who listen to these types of bands was mostly not true and the genre of music that metal fans share the most in common with is actually classical music when it comes to personal creativity,as well as their love and critical appreciation of music. really? you're kidding. that is a shock.

i don't think that's true. that would amaze me 'cause i enjoy classical music a lot. (finebros) so beyond that study,we want to let you know that both of us are actually big metal fans. (laughing) i don't get that at all! (cracking up) (finebros) and we used to love slipknot. their first album, we still think is really good. i knew you were weird.

(all laugh) definitely invite me over to your house and play metal music 'cause then you'll really hear screaming. that's one side of your character/personality, and i can't help it if you're wrong. please come to my church. - i will teach you...- (finebros laughs hysterically) (chuckling) ...what-- what really good music is! (finebros) so, last thing, we're gonna show you a clip

from a slipknot concert. and while you're watching, realize that we went to shows like this when we were younger. you guys didn't take off your shirts, did ya? oh my god. it looks like mass hysteria. get your [bleep] hands in the air!!! get your [bleep] hands in the air! (screaming)

everybody get hands up. come on! everybody get down. (rapping) okay, let's see what's gonna happen.he's in the pit. - jump! [bleep] jump! [bleep]!- whoa. they are crazy! whoa! they're all like one! (giggling) it looks dangerous.

that stuff is like a chiropractic nightmare to me! (finebros) so would you go to a slipknot concert? no, thank you. not me. i've never heard of this group, would never care to hear 'em again. if i took a couple aspirins before i went, i would go. i would love to go.

my body's too broken now to go into a mosh pit unfortunately. as a father, to find out that my sons went so into this metal my whole love of live music revived again. you have no idea how much i love that. thanks for watching another episode of elders react. if you liked this episode, help us out by giving us a thumbs up. (gruffly) subscribe! new episodes every week!

i'll see you again, i hope. and don't bring that music with ya. ♪ (end music) ♪