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asking alexandria tour 2015 usa

asking alexandria tour 2015 usa

a furious attack of liberal media hours before 2nd presidential debate clinton - trump first on monday a liberal daily nyt publishes illegal copies of trump's tax returns from 95 that's 21 years ago then 5 days later also a liberal daily washington post prints transcripts of an illegally obtained copy

of an nbc recordings where trump talks about a woman it doesn't look good the recordings are from 2005 - 11 years ago dt is on the access hollywood bus to record his guest appearance in a soap opera so they ride on the bus - he is miked up - like i am here it very often happens when you mike a guest - he is not aware that he is often being recorded

and that was the case here it's an all-men crew on that bus what do men talk when they ride a bus? women that's what men do there's the host of the program - billy bush (now fired) a cousin of a former president g.bush his program co-host is nancy o'dell who is not present there

but they talk about her - trump says - yeah i know her i used to hit on her but didn't score liberal media went nuts the tape aired - trump immediately apologized said he was sorry for the words he used but added he heard far worse from bill clinton when they went out golfing but liberal dogs keep barking hours go by -

just as untill now hurricane mathew was dominating the news and reporters waded knee-deep in water now they wallow in this mud pounding the story non stop trump appears in front of trump tower stops traffic , people applauding cheering him like hitler in 1933 - unbelievable chanting usausausa despite all that scandal so the liberal media go even more crazy

and they pack programs with guests a woman - unbelievable - says that cword out loud which i can't repeat her - she says it out loud on cnn with no objection from the anchor- the liberal hypocrisy at work what happened to america today that liberalism can wage a disgusting war like that gloves are off - no holds barred falsehood, deception, hypocrisy

all the traits of liberal philosophy are present here but despite all that - it doesn't work hillary clinton is even ready to throw her husband under the bus to win the election it was obvious that in the upcoming presidential debate and in the next days - trump will be beating up on bill clinton who was impeached by the house for not only fondling an intern but having sex in the oval office with her that's what the case was all about

what i'm hearing hillary and bill have huge problems now between them they argue over her strategy which hurts him and his image bill clinton has a penthouse on the roof of his library in arkansas not many former presidents have that a 5000 sq ft manison a horde of interns comes there sources say and allegedly massage his feet

feet donald trump appears with his official statement right after midnight donald trump wins 2nd presidential debate you will see the polling results soon but for now all you will hear - the debate soundbites in the us, europe and poland in the liberal media - will be: trump called hillary clinton 'a devil" said she's 'got hate in her heart'

and that 'he will throw her in jail' my take - this was a town hall meeting where the audience is to ask questions an independent undecided set of voters the debate moderated by 2 liberal journalists cooper from cnn and raddatz from abc which trump described best as 3 on 1 fight

unexpectedly shortly before the debate donald trump organizes a press conference - with who? the women who were molested and abused by bill clinton there is a large gathering here there's paula jones - remember her? there's also a woman who said during the press conference she was raped by bill clinton - a well known story back from 75 or 78 he gathered them all one says -hillary clinton threatened me to be quiet

donald trump even invited the women to the debate liberal media were shocked. on cnn- what? they will all be there? unbelievable and that's how the debate is about to begin vehicles arrived backstage trump arrives first - first goes in leaving his entire entourage behind even poor melanie can barely keep up

when i saw that - i said - oh-oh trump means business he looked like a fighter entering a cage he's gonna fight he will fight for his political life he is ready for anything hillary clinton arrived with her husband, daughter the image message - we are a loving family

sensing what might happen. the pressure mounting - i tell you - traffic came to a standstill in manhattan america held its breath the debate has begun from the get-go trump received an avalanche of punches about the tape - the tape - the tape interrupting him - cooper did you do these things - these things i was appalled to what level the hosts dragged the debate down

i was curious what trump will do facing all that he surprised me he lowered the tone of his voice was very focused on what he said and was very calm and this resulted in slowly regaining the ground he said -i've told you - i made a mistake after that he goes on the attack "bill clinton - who now sits in this hall

he molested women - was impeached for that first time in history for having sex with a woman in the white house and that woman standing next to me allowed a child rapist go free the girl - now sits in this hall over there and you ask me about my words on some bus 11 years ago?" with this issue behind when he passed this first obstacle

he could move on hitting clinton about emails - now he took the initiative 30 000 emails - what happened to it? you deleted them and you husband met with attorney general at the airport for over 37 minutes they talked and then - all who were involved dismissed from testifying , took the 5th

i will do one thing - when i become president i will appoint a special prosecutor who will look into your case'- the silence ensued clinton put on a silly smirk on her face and says - how good it is - she said we don't have such person in charge of the law in this country "cause you'd be sitting in jail" - said trump the audience broke into applause this is how you got the now famous - "you'd be in jail" phrase

then they moved on to other issue energy , taxes i've told you - trump will destroy clinton in such debate as she doesn't know how to argue with a business man trump knows business back and forth taxes, energy etc this is business - that's what he knows so when he talks about taxes- he attacks her i do tax write-offs - same as your buddies george soros, warren buffet

who now pay for your campaign commercials attacking me that's the money they got from write-offs that's how the system works- if you wanted to change it you could've done it for 30 years and hillary clinton just kept smirking it's a mystery to me why no one advises her on that she kept that - pardon for saying that - a silly smirk it looked terrible -however i must say she herself looked good she must've heard my past commentary of course

but trump was better prepared - someone must have advised him too he always positioned himself behind clinton he is a tall man - 6 - i got 6 2 - he must be 6 4 at least he towered above her in every shot never sat down like a lion in a cage stalking his prey - it was fascinating to watch his was a very well prepared strategy all the pictures from the debate will show that

he stood behind her - didn't mock- or laughed at her this way was very presidential and that's why i believe he won the debate at the end they added an extra question i said to myself - now they're gonna finish trump off with some trick question but no - it turned out the question was very interesting last question can you tell something about each other which is good? donald trump wins the debate

one debate left ahead of us a pity - cause it's really fascinating to watch these are historic debates like we've never seen before and probably never will november 8th - the finale presidential elections in the us i'm max kolonko - tell it like it is - from new york