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asking alexandria tour 2015 uk

asking alexandria tour 2015 uk

meet the marsh brothers. i’m john marsh,and i am his brother, josh marsh, and we’re cheerleaders here at the university of kentucky.go cats! coming to uk was a dream of mine because uk cheer is so huge in the cheer world.since 1985 we’ve won 20 championships so this was a no brainer if you got the chance.i’m just glad i got the chance. we always like to challenge each other and that’sawesome. us both being here was a blessing and our parents loved it. we’re at the pointwhere it’s go hard or go home. we like to feed off of each other. yeah. let’s makethe crowd go wild. we really don’t know what we’re going to do before that game.so right before it’s time to tumble, we’ll like brainstorm some cool stuff. we know whatthe crowd will like. so like the last game,

we figured it out literally as everybody elsewas going. so we’ll be like let’s do ten back handsprings in a row and the crowd willlove it…back handsprings, back whips, something crazy. games and stuff they are fun, you knowwe like to hit the crowd, yeah. games and stuff are fun. we like to see the crowd. butcompetition is serious. it’s not a joke. like we said, we came here because of thewinning attitude that they have and the winning tradition that they have. so we like to win.. we do the things that the other teams don’t do. we try to make it look easy, yeah we tryto make it look easy. that’s why when it comes to are you going to see your familyfor christmas, we only get a couple of days. we’re not getting that week. we’re onlygetting a couple of days. some people don't

even get to go see their families becauseit’s two a days. we put the hard work in. we are going to go out there - we’re goingto hit, we’re going to win and we’re going to take the championship. we’ll be doinga combination of two a days and performances. so the practices range from 2 hours to 3 hoursand that’s two times a day everyday until competition. two a days is easily the hardestpart of the season. we put the hard work in. our biggest goal as a team standpoint is hit.when you’re up there, i just feel like if everyone does their job - performs, has agood time, electrifies the crowd - i feel like we can achieve 21. jomo always preaches,“you go out there, you are the best, act like it. perform. act like it.” there’snothing more exciting than hitting a routine.

there’s literally nothing more excitingbecause as that first thing hits, you’re like oh my gosh we did it and then you goto the next thing and it hits and you’re like we’ve got the flow! and you can feelas that last thing hits, it’s over. let’s do it! it’s like, boom, drop the mic. whenwe’re in competition we’re always supporting each other. iron sharpens iron. that’s basicallyour relationship. he 100% looking out for me and i ‘m looking out for him. but i’malso gunning for his spot and he knows that which works for him because he’s like, “ican’t let my little brother beat me.” i got to stay up there and i can’t let himsurpass me so i have to keep fighting for it. so until that day we’re still goingto be pushing. it doesn’t matter if it’s

in cheerleading or business or anything inlife. i feel like we’re always going to have that iron sharpening iron relationship.and i think it’s going to be awesome. josh, man, that’s my boy! that’s my little brother.he’s literally my best friend. there’s nothing i wouldn’t do for josh. i’m thelittle brother so i'm always looking up to john. john is the role model that every boyor every girl needs in their life. i feel like without john there wouldn’t be thatrole model. i feel like we have a really good relationship when it comes to driving eachother so we can reach success in anything in life. i think cheering with him and beingon the same team is legit. i think it’s awesome. i know even outside of this, evenwhen he leaves, we’ll still have the good

relationship. we'll still always have thatbond. hopefully we’ll both makes lots of money and be able to retire and then go travelthe world together. that would be awesome. i would love to do that. i’m john marsh,and i’m his brother josh marsh and we’re proud to be a big blue family.