Kamis, 11 Mei 2017

asking alexandria setlist

asking alexandria setlist

hey everybody what's up welcome to rock gameryour number one stop for all things rock band 4 and guitar hero live related now there wasa lot of rock band 4 news that came out today it looks like the embargo has been liftedfor those media outlets that attended the rock band 4 media event a couple weeks agoin california and we had about 9 or 10 articles drop today as well as a couple videos on youtubeand i've pretty much watched all of them and read all of them so i just want to talk aboutsome of the tidbits we learned from about rock band 4 . the one thing i noticed withis that rock band 4 will ship with 60 plus song so in the interview with one of the harmonixsaid the game will ship with 60 plus songs it will have artists we haven't seen before,it will have some returning artists you know

as well as emerging artists. the other thingthey talked about too was the instrument compatibility so it's pretty much settled if you have aps4 all your ps3 instruments will work. all you have to do is plug in the dongle and wolait works. so that's great for ps4 owners for the xbox one owners your instruments willwork the only difference between te ps4 and xbox one is that the xbox one owners willneed to buy a special adapter. now harmonix didn't really say too much about the specialadapter. they said it's not going to cost very much but you'll have to purchase oneto make your old instruments work. they also revealed that if you owned any of the guitarhero controllers and if those should work on rock band 4. so if those guitar hero controllersworked in any previous rock band games those

should work just fine on rock band 4. theother thing they also talked about was in the interview with the madcatz representativethey talked about the different sku's the game's going to ship with.. you'll be ableto buy a band in the bundle where you'll get a guitar, a drum kit and microphone alongwith the game. they'll also ship rock band 4 in a guitar bundle where you can buy theguitar in the game and i believe in past interviews they talked about maybe being able to buythe game digitally you know through playstation store and microsoft store and i imagine youcan probably just get a stand alone copy of the game (rock band 4) as well. that basicallydid it for all the rock band 4 news that came out today there are a couple other featuresthat some of these news outlets teased that

they can't really talk about. but believeme guys there's some amazing features that haven't been talked about yet. and i thinkyou're really going to be surprised by what you see at e3. if you want to stay up to dateon all things rock band 4 and guitar hero live related. click the subscribe button takecare.