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asking alexandria singles

asking alexandria singles

the president:let's do this thing. ♪ (music) ♪ the president: wecannot truly protect our planet withoutprotecting our ocean. it's been said that we don'tinherit the earth from our parents, so much as weborrow it from our children. our children prove every daythat they care deeply about this planet. their right to inherit ahealthy planet is a sacred

responsibilityfor all of us. and how we treat our oceansis a big part of that burden. just last month we createdthe largest marine-protected area on earth. it is now twicethe size of texas. the trip we took to midway-- which is right in the center of this new marinepreserve -- we drove around, went to a beach in whichthere were six or seven turtles lying in the sun,and we have sea turtles down

in hawaii, but we neversee them on the beach. but up in midway they didn'thave people chasing them away and so they feltpretty comfortable. turns out they like sun whenwe're not over-crowding the beaches. and then we went outsnorkeling, and the coral was purple, and it wasorange, and there were monk seals sunning themselves onsome rocks and one of them dove in which made one ofthe people on my team who i

shall not namepretty nervous. (laughter) the president:and we spent the afternoon looking at this incrediblevariety of fish, and that too was a great cause for usbecause it reminded us that nature is actually resilientif we take care to just stop actively destroying it. it'll come back. and certainly the oceans cancome back if we take the

steps that are necessary. i saw it. it was right there, evidenceof the incredible power of nature to rebuild itselfif we're not consistently trying to tear it down.