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asking alexandria southampton

asking alexandria southampton

applause university challenge. asking the questions, jeremy paxman. hello. last time, we saw peterhouse -cambridge win the first of the two quarterfinal victoriesour insufferable rules demand before a team can takea place in the semifinals. tonight's teams aim to do the same. st catharine's college - cambridgearrived here by beating

the university of southamptonin round one and nottingham universityin round two, with an accumulated score of 375. viewers baffled by their choiceof mascot will remember that st catharine of alexandria,after whom the college is named, was martyred on a wheel. in the absence of a handytorture device or firework, they've brought a ship'ssteering wheel instead. let's hope suchimpeccable logic helps them

with the questions that lie ahead. with an average age of 19,let's meet the st catz team again. hi, i'm callum watson,i'm from stirlingshire and i'm studying maths. hi, i'm ellie chan. i'm from brighton and i'm readingfor a phd in history of art. this is their captain.hello, i'm callum bungey. i'm from londonand i'm reading chemistry. hi, i'm alex cranston.

i'm from london and i'mreading for a degree in biological natural sciences. now, the teamfrom st john's college - oxford beat bristol university in round one and queen's university -belfast in round two. and their accumulated score is 435. last time, their strengths includedadaptations of shakespeare's macbeth, us panhandles and the kind of thing that tilda swinton'slikely to get up to.

also with an average age of 19,let's meet the st john's team again. hi, my name is alex harries. i am from south walesand i'm reading history. hello, my name ischarlie clegg, i'm from glasgow and i'm reading theology.and this is their captain. hi, my name is angus russell. i'm from mill hill in north londonand i study history and russian. hi, i'm dan sowood. i'm from uxbridge in middlesexand i'm reading chemistry.

ok, let's crack on with it then. fingers on other buzzers,here's your first starter for ten. based on an old name for sri lanka, what word is thoughtto have been coined by...? serendipity. correct. your bonuses are on clergymen in19th-century literature, st john's. "my mission is to mortify inthese girls the lusts of the flesh, "to teach them to clothe themselveswith shamefacedness and sobriety." in which novel does the clergymanmr brocklehurst say this

to the superintendentof a girls' school? is this jane eyre?i've got a feeling. ok, yeah, yeah. jane eyre. correct. the ambitious young clergymanmark robarts is the central character of which novel by anthony trollope? oh, is it barchester towers, maybe?shall we go...? chronicles of barchester,is that...? um... barchester towers?ok. barchester towers.

no, it's framley parsonage. described by the authoras "not a sensible man," the clergyman mr collinsis a character in which of jane austen's novels? ok? pride and prejudice.pride and prejudice. correct. ten points for this. in pure mathematics,what six-letter term denotes the set of elements that are mappedto the zero element under a given...? kernel. kernel is correct, yes.

you get a set of bonuseson the composer claude debussy. puck's dance and homage to s pickwickare among the titles in two collections of impressionisticpiano pieces by debussy. these bear the name ofwhat specific musical form, also associated withjs bach and chopin? um, what'm not sure. canon, prelude. a prelude! prelude is more associatedwith chopin as well. because... i wouldn't have thought acanon is associated with chopin. no.

prelude. prelude is correct. what goat-like being ofgreek myth appears in the title of debussy's symphonic poem of 1894inspired by a work by mallarme? yeah. satyr. no, it's a faun. and finally,a stylised interpretation of hokusai's great wave off kanagawa appears on the coverof the 1905 first edition of which symphonic sketchby debussy? you can give methe short title in french or english.

bungey sighs oh... can you think of anythingby debussy? what? clair de lune. it's clair de lune. no, it's la mer, the sea. ten points for this.listen carefully. an internet meme begins, "if you everfeel bad about procrastinating..." it then refers to the story that theoverture to an opera bouffe of 1787 was composed on the morningof its first performance.

don giovanni. by? mozart. correct. your bonuses this time,st catharine's, are on philosophy. "the thoughts that i publishin what follows are the precipitate "of philosophical investigationsthat have occupied me "for the last 16 years." these words in translation appearin the preface to a work by which philosopher,published posthumously in 1953? wittgenstein. pardon? what doyou think? who are you saying?

she's saying wittgenstein.what did you say? no, it's fine. no, no. what was your idea?camus cos he died about then. camus? cam-oo? sorry! um... ugh, can't decide! was wittgenstein, yes. wittgenstein originallymoved to england to study aeronautical engineering. during this time, he becameprofoundly influenced by which british philosopher'sprinciples of mathematics?

russell. oh, yeah. um, russell. correct. during his time in a pow camp,wittgenstein completed and sent to russell a draft ofthe work first published in english in 1922 under what three-word title? is that the semanticy one? um... hmm... like,meaning of words...? no. um...

oh! something with logic.oh, um... of logic? come on, let's have it,, meaning of words. no, it's the tractatuslogico-philosophicus. ten points for this. with leland hartwell and tim hunt, which british biochemist jointlyreceived the nobel prize in...? gordon. no, you lose five points. ..jointly received the nobel prizein physiology or medicine in 2001 for discoveries of key regulatorsof the cell cycle?

he was elected presidentof the royal society in 2010. one of you may buzz, st john's. martin, it was sir paul nurse. martin rees is an astronomer. in aristotle's politics, whatterm denotes the oppressive rule of one person that's thedegenerate form of monarchy? in plato's republic,it's described as arising naturally from tendenciesinherent in democracy. tyranny. tyranny is correct, yes.

that puts you on level pegging. bonuses will give you the lead, ifyou get them. they're on astronomy. a diagram that plotsthe absolute magnitude of stars against their temperature orspectral type was independently developed in the early 20th century by the american henry norris russelland which danish astronomer? that's... don't know. go.hertzsprung. hertzsprung is correct. what two-word term denotesthe diagonal band that runs from

the upper left to the bottom rightof a hertzsprung-russell diagram? the sun is an example of a starthat lies in this region. was it the axis? what's the axiscalled, what's it called? um, um... the ideal belt or something,i don't know. red zone. yeah, ok. red zone. no, it's called a main sequence. in an advanced stageof stellar evolution, sirius b is an example of whattype of astronomical object which lies beneath the main sequenceon the hertzsprung-russell diagram?

sirius b? sirius is... it's going to do with a red giantor white dwarf or something. ok. red giant? definitely red giant.ok, all go for red giant. i... ok, if you want, yeah. red giant. no, it's a white dwarf. oh. bad luck. right, we're going to takea picture round now. for your picture starter,you're going to see an image of a £2 coin with some text removed. the coin commemoratesa major anniversary.

given this, i want you to work outthe year in which it was released in the uk. 2011. correct, let's see the whole thing. yes, it's the anniversary of the king james bible. so, you get a set of bonusesnow on more £2 coins from the last ten years. again, each was released tocommemorate a major anniversary.

again, from this, i want you to work out the yearof their release in the uk. firstly, for five? this is darwin... 18... 2009. because it was 150 years since origin of species. that's 1859 and 200 years since his birth. yes. 2009. that is correct. we'll see

the whole thing, there it is. and secondly... that's the union. 2007? yes, 2007. 2007. indeed, commemorating the act of union. and finally? that's magna carta. 2015. 2015. yes, 2015. it is, commemorating

the magna carta in 2015, yes. right. another starter question. which year saw the returnof erik eriksson as king of sweden, the mongol conquestof the chinese jin dynasty and the start of the personal ruleof king henry iii of england? it was also the last time the yearnumber formed a consecutive and ascending sequence? 1234. correct. your bonuses, st catharine's, areon recognition scenes in shakespeare.

in each case, name the play inwhich a parent says these words to a child thought dead or lost. first, "to deal plainly,i fear i am not in my perfect mind. "methinks i should know you." i know that's not... i thinkit could be the winter's tale. the winter's, that's king lear to cordelia. "thou that was born at sea, buriedat tarsus and found at sea again." pericles. pericles to marina, yes. and, "if this provea vision of the island,

"one dear son shall i twice lose." the tempest. tempest. it is, alonso of ferdinand.another starter question now. also called a spheroidal joint,what name is given in anatomy...? ball and socket. correct. these bonuses,which will give you the lead, are on pairs of names,if you get them. for each pair,the internet country code of the first name is the sameas the uk postcode of the second.

for example, nepal and newport, both share the abbreviation np. i want you name both placesfrom the descriptions. firstly, a self-governingcommonwealth in the greater antilles and a city in lancashire - the birthplace of thecricketer andrew flintoff and the animator nick park. he mumbles quietly um, i think that waslesser antilles.

so it's not montserrat. aren't those on different...? turks and caicos. maybe, tc.and then town in lancashire. uh... morecambe and montserrat.pardon, sorry? morecambe and montserrat. i can't quite hear you...morecambe and montserrat. morecambe and, it's puerto rico and preston.

and secondly, a small pacificisland country that grew wealthy from its phosphate depositsand a city on the river wensum noted for a norman cathedral with oneof the tallest spires in england. um, wensum. which would it be? seems pretty... in england?oh, yeah. what was the first one? nauru.and norwich? nauru and norwich. and finally, an island statein the gulf of guinea and the urban areaknown as the potteries. sao tome and principe is... ok.

um... and then... where are the potteries?it's not sheffield. i don't it in nottinghamshire? maybe, but what town? yeah. come on. sao tome and principeand sheffield. no, it's and stoke-on-trent,so you can't get that, i'm afraid. right, ten points at stakefor this starter question. now in the louvre,michelangelo's sculptures of

the dying and the rebellious slavewere originally intended for the tomb of which pope, who had earlier...? julius ii. correct. uh, st john's, your bonusesare on us presidents in the words ofalistair cooke's america. in each case, name the 20th-centurypresident from the description. "neither britain nor franceenvisioned the peace settlement "quite as he'd ledthe american people to see it "as a kind of moral olympiad

"at which the united stateswould be the host nation." that seems to be wilson. woodrow wilson. correct. "but now he was simply thefootball coach whose players lost "the big game, and his bittermemorial was the shantytowns "of the unemployed down bythe rivers of scores of cities." that would be hoover. yeah, hoover? hoover. it was herbert hoover. and finally, "he brought nationalrelief to national employment.

"he conserved the soilof the worn-out south, "he established once and for allthe federal government's right "to plan economic andsocial welfare on a national scale." it's fd? fdr, yes. franklin roosevelt.franklin d roosevelt is correct, yes. right, we're going to takea music round now. for your music starter, you'll hear an excerpt from an opera. ten points if you can give methe name of the composer, please.

italian opera music plays verdi? no. you can hear a little more,st catharine's. music continues bizet. no, it's rossini. that was from moses in egypt. so, music bonuses in a moment or two when someone getsa starter question right. ten points at stake for this.

what two-word term was coinedin a work of 1904 by o henry to describe the small maritimefictional country of anchuria? it has since cometo refer generally... banana republic. correct. so, we follow on from rossini'smoses in egypt's with music bonuses. three more operatic piecesinspired by the bible. this time, all first performedin the 20th century. in each case, i want the name of thecomposer for five points. firstly... instrumental music plays

it might be... what's it? yeah, i think it's... berg?i think berg. shall we go with that? berg. no, that's by richard strauss,it's from salome. secondly... german opera music plays i think berg fits this. i... it's atonal, it's... yeah,shall we go with that? yeah. berg again. no, that's schoenberg frommoses and aaron. and finally...

english opera music plays steve reich. i'm fairly sureit's him. i'll nominate you, ok? nominate clegg. steve reich? correct, yes. from the cave. right, ten points at stake for this. in the 1956 novel homecomings, cp snow popularised which three-wordexpression to refer to the scene of high-level governmental decisions? he later used it for the titleof a novel published in 1964.

corridors of power. correct. st catharine's,these bonuses are on physics. in each case, i want you to give me the broad band ofthe electromagnetic spectrum that would include radiationof the indicated wavelength. for example, the average heightof a human being would fall in the radio wave band. five points for this. first, where would you placethe diameter of a typical human hair?

um, yeah. infrared. secondly, the radiusof a carbon atom? um, that's a couple of angstroms. so, x-ray. correct. and finally, what wave bandencompasses the typical scale of a common cold virus? virus is the... hundreds and then... are they nanometres or micrometres? well, it's not going to beas large as infrared, so visible.

no, it's ultraviolet.oh! ten points for this. what given name links the authors ofthe 1802 work dejection - an ode, the diabetic romancerasselas, prince of abissinia, and the epistolary novels... samuel. samuel is correct, yes. your bonuses, st john's, this timeare on the films of david cronenberg. in each case, name the filmfrom the description. which film of 1991 had thetag line, "the book was banned, "the film should neverhave been made. too late."

the novel in questionwas by william burroughs. naked lunch. sex, lies andvideotape. oh? naked lunch was... oh, is that the film?naked lunch is the book, yeah. i'm fairly certain, yes.ok, go on. go for it. naked lunch is the name ofthe book and film. oh, ok. naked lunch. correct. in 2005, a film based ona graphic novel of the same name by john wagner and vince locke. it's tag line was,

"tom stall had the perfectlife...until he became a hero." is that a history of violence? may very well be, i have no idea. yeah, let's go history of violence. history of violence. correct. a 2011 film, thirdly, based ona play by christopher hampton. its tag line is, "based onthe true story of the jung, freud "and the patientwho came between them." dangerous method. yeah.

dangerous method. a dangerous method is correct. in a poem first published in 1921, to what event is wb yeatsreferring in the lines, "all changed, changed utterly,a terrible...?" is it the easter rising of 1916? it is indeed the 1916 easter rising. these bonuses, st john's,are on african languages. bambara is the lingua franca of whichlandlocked west african country?

the official language is french and other languages includetamasheq, fula and hassaniya arabic. um, so it's going to belike mali or mauritania. i think mauritania might have...mauritania is not landlocked. it's going to be mali then. mali? mali is correct. bemba is the most spokenindigenous language of which landlocked african country? the official language is english.

um... um... could be uganda?no, that's... it's going to be like uganda or...chad is a french colony, so... tanzania? tanzania has got acoastline. it's probably... uganda. uganda, yeah. uganda. no, it's zambia. hausa is a major lingua francaof west and central africa with at least 30 million speakers,mainly in which country? west and central?so, it's going to be like... nigeria, then down to cameroon.

so it's going to be somewhere,like, in that sort of region. nigeria? i'd go nigeria, yeah. nigeria. correct. we're going to takea second picture round now. for your picture starter, you'll see a portrait. for ten points, i'd like youto identify both the artist and his subject. van dyck, charles i. correct.

van dyck spent almost ten yearsas court painter to charles i. your picture bonuses are portraitsof their royal patrons by three more artistswho worked as court painters. again, in each case, i want youto identify both the artist and the subject. is this charles v? and...yeah, could be. and did charles...? i don't know. he... titian painted his portrait, but i don't thinkhe was court painter.

we could go with titian.charles v and titian. charles v and titian.correct. secondly? that's... marie antoinette and... is that...? no, i suppose it's... marie antoinette,boucher was briefly court painter. that was more louis xv.boucher? boucher. boucher. marie antoinette and boucher. no, it was marie antoinette,but the painter was vigee le brun. and finally?

this was velazquez.i think charles ii of spain? ok, possibly. charles ii? charles ii and was velazquez, but it's philip iv oh!ten points for this. if jupiter and saturn are hydrogen and mars and venusare carbon dioxide, what is earth in terms...? nitrogen. correct. principal constituentof planetary atmospheres.

and you get a set of bonuseson spectroscopic techniques. in each case, listen to be acronymand give me any word other than spectroscopythat's represented in it. for example, in thecase of tocsy, t-o-c-s-y, standing fortotal control spectroscopy, i would accept total or control.ok? first, secsy. s-e-c-s-y. well, something that's x? or a y? um, x is going to be's s-e-c.

oh, sorry. so, based on...if t-o-c-s-y is a t, total. could s be like semi or...? shall we go with that?could x not stand for x-ray? there's no x in it, it's a c. ok. so, it could be like semior complete. go for complete. complete. no, it's spin echo correlated. and secondly, cars. c-a-r-s. so, c-a-r...

that would be complete? complete.r might be radio. radio? or a might be amplitudeor something. go for radio? yeah. radio. no, it's coherentanti-stokes raman spectroscopy. and finally, reels. r-e-e-l-s. elect...? elongated, elevated...i think the e... e might be just elect...electro? electron because... ok, electron? electron. you got it, yes.

well done, it was reflectionelectron energy loss spectroscopy. so you get it, well done.ten points for this. developed from a collection ofvillages when the east india company established a trading post onan arm of the ganges, which...? kolkata. kolkata is correct. you get a set of bonuseson geographical exclaves, that is territories that are notcontiguous with the larger part of the country to which they belong. firstly, formed following thedisintegration of east prussia

at the end of the second world war,the kaliningrad oblast is an exclave of russiathat's bordered by poland and which other country? yeah, lithuania. correct. bordering armenia, iran and turkey, the region of nakhchivanis an exclave of which former soviet republic? azerbaijan. azerbaijan. correct. the spanish exclaves of ceutaand melilla are entirely surrounded

by which country? morocco. correct. three minutes to go,ten points for this. listen carefully, answer as soon asyour name is called. what is 86 centimetres expressedas a percentage of four metres? 21.5. well done! these bonuses are ona surname, st catharine's. under the employment of george,prince of wales, henry holland

was from 1786 the original designerof which building on the south coast? it was later substantiallyrebuilt by john nash. is that brighton pavilion? no. wait, what...? come on, we needto crack on. no idea but george would...? go brighton pavilion.brighton pavilion. correct. thomas holland, the first earlof kent, was the first husband of which royal figure who latermarried edward, the black prince, and was the mother of richard ii?

just say, what is it? i was thinkingmargaret beaufort or... no. give me an answer because we needto get on to the next question. margaret beaufort.margaret beaufort. no, it was joan of kent,the fair maid of kent. cyril and vyvyan holland,born in the 1880s, were the two sonsof which literary figure? oscar wilde. correct. ten points for this starter question. ralph vaughan williams'smusical work the lark ascending

took its name from a poemby which literary figure? born 1828, his novels include diana of the crosswaysand the egoist. it's meredith. ten points for this. what term denotes the paraphyleticgroup of non-vascular land plants that includes mosses,liver warts and...? bryophytes. bryophytes is correct. you get a set of bonuses, this timeon world rulers, st catharine's. i will read a list of rulerswho were on the throne

or in power during the first yearof a century of the common era. in each case,i simply want the century. firstly, tiridates iii of armenia andthe eastern roman emperor diocletian? fourth century. fourth. correct. kavadh i of sassanid persiaand clovis i of the franks. sixth. sixth. and finally, the emperor ningzongof the southern song dynasty and philip ii of france? philip ii? second of france? yeah.

12th. no, it's the 13th.ten points for this. rarotonga, a mountainous volcanicisland in the south pacific is the chief island of which group? the cook islands. correct. you get a set of bonuseson abstract algebra. what mathematical structureis defined as a commutative ring in which every non-zero elementis invertible? field. field. correct. what term is used for the additiveorder of the unit element of a ring?

in arithmetic, the same wordrefers to the integer part of a logarithm in base ten. don't know. um, what was thefirst half of the question? tenth... come on, let's have it, order... come on! generator. no, it's characteristic. the characteristic ofevery finite field is equal to a member of which set of integers? the prime numbers. correct.ten points for this starter question. littlewit, grace wellborn...

gongmorose and... at the gong,st catharine's have 170, st john's - oxford have 175. well, you gave them a run for theirmoney, st catharine's. well done. you'll be coming back anywayto play another quarterfinal. which you will have to winto stay in the contest. st john's, have to win one more. but on today's form, thatshouldn't be too difficult for you. congratulations to you.

i hope you can join us next timefor another quarterfinal match. until then, it's goodbye fromst catharine's college - cambridge. team: goodbye! goodbye fromst john's college - oxford. team: goodbye.and it's goodbye from me. goodbye.