Rabu, 10 Mei 2017

asking alexandria pullover

asking alexandria pullover

hey! we're tonight alive, and this is our hot minute. "mentos fresher. mentos fresh and full of life." i don't know if that was right. mentos, yeah thats great. mentos, the freshmaker. from clueless. toyota! i only know it from clueless. eggs.

for one. uh, hemp milk or almond milk on my side and cheese. i love cheese. uhhh, i don't have anything in there right now. i have kombucha, like pretty boring stuff. yes! 100%. well, i say 10 second rule. 15 second, whatever. if it drops there pick it up. i still rub everything after i pick it up. pick it up and eat it! we payed for 'em, gonna pick it up and eat it! pop it in. um, considerate with double dipping. i'm considerate. double dip, go with the other end. er, yeah.

or, i break things up. i'm not george costanza. yeah, can't do that. nokia 3315. yes. same thing. jenna and the mcdougalls? no, please. please, don't. this one for some - for many reasons. what? being in a band.

this isn't a job. this is a lifestyle.