Senin, 22 Mei 2017

asking alexandria the black t shirt

asking alexandria the black t shirt

here come that boy! just kidding, it's me, hillary. [music] as a mother,i understand how difficult it is for young people to deal with student debt. so i'm going to lower college costs somuch that you'll say. >> damn, hillary. back at it again with the education reform! >> donald trump thinks buildinga wall will make america great again.

but that's none of my business. my business is a foreign policy sogood you'll wanna harlem shake. people are always asking me what'sthe best method of gun control. i say no scoping some weakass noobs across the map. what's trump's k/d ratio? he hasn't even shared his gamer tag. i've got the dankest memes. vape naysh, y'all. emojis.

no cat will be grumpywith a sound economy. [bork] hoverboard! text messaging! doge! i'll dab to that. yeah, i vape, so what? pokemon go to the polls. i'm sorry, are my memes too dank for you?

don't let your memes be dreams.