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asking alexandria shoes

asking alexandria shoes

hey whats up guys welcome to today'svideo. i am here today with a na-kd haul. this is a page that i worked with oncebefore and i have to say is my all-time all-time all-time favorite web shop towork with because oh my freaking lord the stuff they have is amazing. this ishundred percent the only company i worked with and done hauls for where iactually end up keeping and using the products. because usually i order abunch of stuff, like half end up wearing a half of half and then end up keeping halfof half. that's not the case with na-kd. i keep everything, i freaking loveeverything, i wear everything, every single piece of clothing i have startedwearing already so it looks a little

dirty that's because i have worn it a lot. first off i don't know what order ifilmed this shit in. first off we have this black shirt. it's a regular black shirt. it is like a sweater but it's a little bit... it is for a short model. it's not cropped butit's not long so it's a pretty short sweater with a zipper at the top. it doesnot go down the whole way, so it's just at the top and has a little circular handlethingy on it. the next thing is like a white sweater-ish shirt. it has a little collar on it and i haveto tell you guys this shirt is the softest material i have felt in myentire life.

if you're hesitating what should i getit should i not, just get it. if you feel like "no, i want that", get it. if you thinkit's not your style, fucking get it. i absolutely 100% love thissweater thin. the materials feels like you're naked, but better. as youprobably can tell this haul is a little fall-themed. it's getting a lot colder outside and it's time for sweaters and stuff like that. i'm so excited. so next we have this cutout sweater that's knitted butit has a cutout for the boob area. i don't have a lot of boobs to show offso there's no cleavage going or anything, but my chest piece peeks out perfectly.

the only thing i struggle with is that idon't know what kind of bra to wear under. of course if you have a straplessbra that would be perfect but i don't have such a thing. so i just think thisis the perfect sweater with... if you want to be a little more dressed up but stillcozy fall-ish, coziness, cozy. and next we have another sweatshirt. i think theyhave it in black, in gray, maybe in white but don't quote me on that. i am absolutely in love with the gray onebut they didn't have my size. i don't know if they had had it at all like instock, so i got the black one but oh, i love the black one too so much. i've beenwearing this... this is my new go-to, so i've

been wearing this every freaking single day. it's perfect length like, what size did i get again? i got it in small, and even though i got in small it is the perfect length forme. i am 1,75 tall which is pretty tall and i was worried that this would bekind of like one of those where you stretch your arms up and it glides up. it's not! it's just fucking perfect and it'scalvin klein. i love calvin klein so much. and we also have to bras. oneof them is this white bra but i can't really show you mean i do always show itto you here but i have to cover the nipples because i don't know if i getflagged or what goes on if nipples are

showing. i'm not really bothered by itbut a lot of people are so... i love it. i love the straps, once again not a lot ofboobage going on so these straps that kind of go across aboob they kind of just hang on me, which doesn't always look so nice, but when ilike stretch back and it kind of looks better. and last bra or second bra is thesports bra and as you might know since i've talked about it non-stop, i started workingout again, i play sports, blah blah blah... and i like to have nice sports bra. and this sports bra is from my favorite favorite favorite brand filippa k. you probably know that by now

it is a swedish brand. i love filippa k and i justcould not pass up the opportunity to get a filippa k like high-end sports bra.sponsored to me! for free! oh my god! love it. and one of the last clothing items is this dress that i'm currently wearing. it is my new favoritedress. it's super tight so stretchy, which makes it extremely extremely comfortable.it has really pretty zipper down the front that you can open and close however muchskin you want to show. i feel comfortable having it all the way up, but if it'swarm you can slide it down or if you just want to show more skin that'sperfectly fine too. it's just the right length it's short but when you walk it doesn'tglide up, at least ot on me, i guess that

depends on your body type and how thedress fits on you but for me it's perfect i feel very comfortable movingaround in it goes under my butt and does not go up on my butt. and last but notleast we have two jackets left and two pairs of shoes. oh you know i love shoes,and you know i love jackets.the first jacket is this gray one, which sadlysadly i think it's one size too small for me. i ordered small and it arrived ata size eight. i believe, and i don't know ifeight is small, but i'm guessing it is because i order small and i got an eight,so hopefully it's a small, i don't know but if you're between sizes, i'm kindabetween medium and small, go for the

bigger one if you order this jacketbecause i love it extremely cozy but it's a little just just just too smallfor me, i can't really move around comfortably in it and i definitelycannot fit a hoodie or anything underneath, that's not possible. so definitely i wish i would have gotten abigger size but i'm gonna wear it anyway because it's so comfortable and fabulous. and next we have this perfect bomber jacket. it doesn't necessarily have is poofy shapeto it, it's a little bit more casual jacket. it is supersoft. i love the detail onthe back with like this like rope-ish kind of pattern thing tied knot-ishstuff on the back. i love that detail

and this i also wear every day along withmy new calvin klein sweatshirt. god it is so fucking boring to watch youtubers belike i love this, i love that, i got this and i got this and i love it and i gotthis and i love that too. i'm sorry i don't what to tell you. companiesask us: do you want stuff to show on your chanel? and i'm like yes, i love stuffplease send them to me, and then they send them to me and i love this stuff,and then share them with you guys and i sit here and just go like "i love all this stuff". and i do but, it's so fucking boring to watch. i'm sorry you might find it likeentertainin. in that case great, thank you, have fun on the internetbecause everything is fucking the same

all the time. but i get bored to fuckingdeath watching videos like these. they bore me to fucking death. if i start avideo and they are like today we're going to do a try on haul:jacket, dress, shirt, i love them all! i click away within the first like twominutes because i've seen it before. i don't care if the clothes have beenswapped, i have fucking seen it all before. and i have no interest in spending my time watching stuff i've already seen so i'm just sick of it and i'm sick of makingvideos like these because it bores me i absolutely love the clothes i get, ilove working with na-kd, i love working with companies like this, but i need to find a more entertaining way to make these videos.

so there you have it.just i just wanted you to know i'm not enjoying this. i'm enjoying the stuff because i love itand i want you guys to know that i love it. but i'm not expecting you tolike this video because i don't and it's really struggle to find an interestingway of doing this because the concept is same but if you have any suggestions please do comment below because i'm going out of ideas of how to make try-on haulsentertaining unique and fun. now back to the video with his package from and na-kd.com i got my new favorite pair of shoes fucking ever they are also from filippa k. they, ihave to say, they look like these kind of

shoes where you put them on and you geta blister just by looking at them but it's just not, it's not like that.they're the most comfortable freacking shoes i have probably owned in a very very long timethat have not been like running shoes or something. the sole is extremely bouncy. they werevery white when i got them but i've managed to get them a little dirty and i lovedressing down like this dress with a pair of white sneakers, so it's not solike party party all the time and it is more casual so i'm oh i love them so much. andnow finally we have arrived at the end with the last item. it's a pair of shoesas well and normally i would not pair at all, at all, i think it looks terrible

i would not pair these shoes with bare legsi think it looks absolutely terrible however i just wanted to see what theylook like separately from any other. my pants or whatever, that might makeit look different, i don't know. i'm obsessed with these kind of like boots-ish kind of shoes that are a little bit pointy. so far i haven't gone this pointy ever but i'm loving it. they're very comfortable and i think it would justlook freakin fabulous little pair of black skinny jeans. i just love thatthey're a little bit shiny and that they are pointy and they have a tiny tiny heel to them and yeah can you guess how i feel about them. i love them. i will nowwrap up this video because i feel like it's time.

sorry for my little breakdown. ijust want you guys to know my thoughts and feelings so please do comment belowif you have any suggestions for me they are very very very welcome. i hopeyou liked the video anyway. if you did give it a thumb up. the links to all theproducts of course are in the description below so don't forget to subvscrive. you got my links below to beup-to-date on everything that i do. until next time have a super duper good one guys! see you later!