Jumat, 19 Mei 2017

asking alexandria the black merch

asking alexandria the black merch

wiz khalifa "see you again" ft. charlie puth (terabrite pop punk cover) it's been a long day without you my friend and i'll tell you all about it when i see you again we've come a long way from where we began oh i'll tell you all about it when i see you again when i see you again damn, who knew? all the planes we flew

good things we've been through that i'll be standing right here talking to you about another path i know we loved to hit the road and laugh but something told me that it wouldn't last had to switch up look at things different see the bigger picture those were the days

hard work forever pays now i see you in a better place how could we not talk about family when family's all that we got? everything i went through you were standing there by my side and now you gonna be with me for the last ride when i see you again oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ooh

first you both go out your way and the vibe is feeling strong and what's small turn to a friendship, a friendship turn into a bond and that bond will never be broken and the love will never get lost and when brotherhood come first then the line will never be crossed established it on our own when that line had to be drawn

and that line is what we reach so remember me when i'm gone so let the light guide your way yeah hold every memory as you go and every road you take will always lead you home see you again (oh oh oh oh) r.i.p paul walker <3

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