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asking alexandria old singer

asking alexandria old singer

we're going to play a brand newgame, this is called first line every line. now this is a game we playaround the office here at the "late, late show." it's incredibly difficult andsuper fun. the rules are very simp el. there is really only one ruleand that's take the first line of a song and replace every lineof the song with that first line.

(laughter). >> james: it's so silly. tonight i will be competing witha man who sold over $25 million albums worldwide, please welcomemultiplatinum recording artist josh groban. (cheers and applause)thank you for being here, josh. how are you feel being this? are you feeling good? >> this seems like a wellthought out intellectually

stimulating challenge, i'mexcited about it. >> james: normally on yourtour you sing every line. >> to not have to remember aboutthe whole thing is going to be a great change of pace. >> james: all right, well,let's get started. i am going to go first. josh, here we go. okay. so ladies and gentlemen, my songtonight will be bon jovi's

living on a prayer. (cheers and applause)and the first line of that song is tomorrowee used to work onthe docks. -- tommy. hit it. tommy used to work on the docks. ♪ tommy used to work on thedocks. ♪ tommy used to. ♪ work on the docks.

♪ tomorrowy used to work on, onthe docks. ♪ tomorrowy used to work, workon the docks. ♪ tomorrowy used to. ♪ tomorrowy used to work on thedocks. ♪ tommy used to work on thedocks, tommy used to work on the docks. ♪ tommy used to work. ♪ on the docks. (cheers and applause)>> what i'm talking about!

>> that was powerful, powerful,so powerful. the song i will be singingtonight is shake it off by taylor swift. and the first line, the firstline of that beloved classic is i stay out too late. ♪ i stay out to late. ♪ i stay out too late. ♪ i stay out too lay. ♪(cheers and applause).

>> james: wow. that was fine. but it's time to up the ante. this next song is not so much asong, it's a message for all of us. this is whitney houston's thegreatest love of all. and the first line is i believethe children are our future. (applause). ♪ i believe the children are ourfuture.

♪ i believe. ♪ i believe the children. ♪ are our future. ♪ the children are our future. ♪(cheers and applause) i gave so much of myself. >> you left it all on stage,james. i will next be singingchandelier by the wonderful sia. >> james: oh god.

>> and the first line of that isparty girls don't get hurt. party girls don't get hurt. ♪ party girls don't get hurt. ♪ party girls don't get hurtsnoalt party girls don't get hurt. ♪ party girls. ♪ don't get hurt. ♪ party girl. whooo!

>> james: thank you. josh, that was fantastic. thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. >> james: you are the obviouswinner tonight. thanks, guys, i appreciate it. thank you, thank you. (cheers and applause)>> that is literally the best i've sounded in my entire life.

i think you were absolutelywrong. i was tremendous. >> james: wait, hang on. so you're saying you think youwon. i am saying i think i-- if onlywe had some kind of, like a professional television judgehere, someone who can tell us if we've got talent. >> yes, yes, yes, i'm here. i could help.

>> james: what? ladies and gentlemen, heidiklum. (cheers and applause)heidi klum. >> hi! >> have i to say, this one wasreally, really hard to judge. and i don't think there say realwinner or loser. i think we're all championsshall aren't we? we're all champions, guys. (cheers and applause).

♪ i paid my dues. >> james: ladies andgentlemen, heidi klum and josh groban.