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asking alexandria praha 2016

asking alexandria praha 2016

>> [music] >> welcome to this week. week on xbox, i'm your host larryhryb, xbox live's major nelson. this week we're talking halo wars 2,diving into for honor, and much more. let's begin first thoughwith the headlines. >> halo wars 2 is onlya couple weeks away and to celebrate the launch of the game,we're kicking things off with an epic halo wars 2 live event,from 343 industries studios.

there will be game play,developer interviews, and much more. the live coverage kicksoff at 7 pm eastern, that 4 pm pacific on thursday,february 16th, and you can watch it all on your xbox one, beam,or any of the usual places. that's not all, the launch trailerfor halo wars 2 dropped this week, and we've got it right here foryour viewing pleasure. >> it's time to show them what power really means around here.

>> it's not often thata game comes across my desk that i had noidea was coming to xbox, however this week we gota fantastic teaser for a new rpg game coming in2018 called greed fall. take a look. >> great news forcars and racing fans. project cars 2 is coming toxbox one later this year. the game will feature 170 plus cars,60 plus tracks, a variety of terrains, and motorsports, and more of that beautifully

crafted racing simulation thatwe loved with the first game. in addition to that announcement, the original project cars was alsojust announced for games with gold, and will be available on thursday,february 16th. >> the for honor open beta is takingplace now through this sunday, the 12th. the beta gives you access tofour of the five game modes, and nine of the 12 warriors, so you get a really good idea ofwhat the full game will entail.

the intimacy and brutality ofthe one on one duels makes for some great moments. it's always satisfying to out-thinkand finish off your opponent. the 4v4 dominion mode is the game'smarquee mode, so i suggest you spend some quality time there toenjoy the full for honor experience. i suggest starting with a tutorial,though, and spending a couple of matches in one-on-one duelsbefore graduating to dominion. after that, you just need to decide whichfaction your allegiance belongs to.

personally, i'm a samurai guy,however the knights and vikings all have a fun anddistinctive fighting style. which faction will you join? the gears of war 4 februaryupdate is out now. the update adds two new maps,a week-long valentine's event, new gears packs to collect, andfurther improvements to the game. nothing says love likea chainsaw to the chest. first up, let's look at the maps. with impact dark,

the new nighttime setting doesn'tjust bring a new ambience. visibility is permanently reducedby smoke that's settled over the battlefield forcingyou closer to the action. every power weapon hasalso been changed to alter the flow of the map. snipers are now replaced withbollocks, drop shots replace torques, and the overkill nowsits where incendiaries used to. next is war machine. moving away from the oldabandoned train station locale,

war machine is now setin a new cog settlement. compared to the original, signs of life are everywhere,from the active db security bay to the train sitting at the endof the platform ready to depart. despite this new settingeverything fans know and love about the map is still there. the frenetic opening fight forthe sniper, the intense fight for torque around the pillars, andof course the ever-important turret to dominate enemies thatstray too far into the open.

if you're watchingthis on your xbox one, just press a to check out a greatvideo from the coalition where the team discussesthe inspiration behind the maps. both maps are available to playtoday in the developer playlist for season passholders, featuringteam deathmatch, guardian and king of the hill game types withdouble xp, and 20% bonus credits. head over to xbox wire for moredetails on the valentine's event, gears packs, andimprovements to the game. if you are a battlefied 1fan who has been looking to

grab the premium pass,now is the time. those of you with a premium passnow get the deluxe upgrade pack for free. included in the deluxe upgrade arethe red baron pack, behemoth pack, lawrence of arabia pack,vehicle skins, and more. if you're interested inthis offer then i'd hurry. this is only available fora limited time. >> you know what this means? that's right february is anime monthon microsoft movies, and

tv, and xbox games. now through march 6th you can savebig on your favorite anime tv shows, movies, and games. a different exciting offer willbe available each week along with other sales and specials, so besure to check it out on the store, on your xbox one, orwindows 10 device. this week's season 1 ofthe dragon ball ztv series is free. plus seasons 2 and 3 are available for $5 each and allother season are on sale as well.

when it comes to anime games, youcan grab a couple of devil may cry 4 editions like the demon hunterbundle, or special edition, along with dynasty warriors8 empires, and more. the deep silver publishersale is taking place now, and includes savings up to 75% off gameslike saints row iv re-elected and gat out of hell,dirt rally, and a lot more. head over to the xbox store fora look at all the new xbox one and xbox 360 deals. it's time for out now.

>> the new play c car pack forforza horizon 3 is out now. featured in the packare the 2017 aston martin db11, 2016 honda civic type r, and more. drive on over to my blog for the full list. >> two fantastic backwardcompatibility titles were added this week. it's time to head back toliberty city, my friends. grand theft auto 4 is nowplayable on xbox one. if you're afraid of snakes,then look out for this next one.

lego indiana jones is back andready to rock, and roll. >> adventure pop released this week. this is a great-lookingfree-to-play bubble shooter that features multiplayer pvp matches that you can enjoy with yourfriends locally or online. on top of that,there are some great boosters and abilities, along with morethan 100 different levels. everything you need forsome classic bubble popping fun. now available is spheroids.

this little shooter pays homage toclassics like metroid prime, and certainly doesn't lack inchaotic bullet action. it is also an xboxplay anywhere title, so you'll have it on your xbox one andwindows 10 pc. >> did you know you cancapture a game clip and then share it through onedrive? once you've recorded your game clip,simply head to the game dvr, select the clip you wanna upload, chooseshare, and then select onedrive. after that, jump on your computer or

open the onedrive app onyour device, and from there, you can share it to youtube,facebook, twitter, or email. that's it for this week. we'll see you next week foran all-new episode. thanks for watching.