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asking alexandria reno

asking alexandria reno

the primordial rus after the book of the same nameby valentin ivanov ratibor! ratibor. son. don't hit, don't wake the earth. let it rest. spring is coming. in spring the earth will wake up,

give birth to berries, grain, wonderful flowers. it'll give birth to everything. throw the twig away. no. look, son. this snow, these rivers, forests with our ancestor's spirits, - all that together is like...

a living tree. and our land isa small leaf on it, and we need strong armsto defend it, son. we have our customs, father's percepts and eternal heritage, and the prothetic dreamin the shadow of these forests, and whisper of grass in springon fields, on meadows. and the rustle of our cereal in furrows, made by the hand of ross,

and the horse's noise,and the footfall of herds, and the scream of the birds - all ours is here. here are your gods and brothers. we are perun's army, we're clan's strength, strength of the ross speech, its sword and shield.

do you want to be with us, ratibor? yes. prepare to take the oath. our father fire,you're a father to all fathers, you're a fire to all fires. the way you burnthe grass on a clean field, the roots of a moist oak. so burn me, if i shouldbrake the oath to my brothers. 6th century.

episode one. ey-hey-hey-hey! krok! lead the herd to the lakes. torop, let's help him. the horses need water. the water is clean. not deep. good for crossing the river.

krok. alarm the guards. khazars. we are a border land, ours are behind us and on the sides. but in front of us is the steppe. that's why, vseslav, we can't go on living like that, relying only on our strength.

so, harden it. you are right, father. it's time to unite the tribes,to defend ourselves against the steppe, to build an army out of all clans. we can't resist on our own. but how to achieve that? the ilvichi and vyatichilook at us like enemies. and i can't find an agreementwith the others as well. don't get mad, son.

work with other slavs together, the ones who agree with you. and when the knyazsgo to the elders' meeting, then we'll make a final decision. since the times of homer and herodot [byzantium - 532 ad]the northern slavs had many names, [byzantium - 532 ad]uniting them with a rough word "barbarian". i, procopio de cesarea, want to tell you about the lifeof these nations,

the ones, who the romanimperator justinian couldn't force into slaveryand submission. i want to know, what's going on in the empireand outside it. everything is ok in the empire, devine. people are glorifying you. but i gave and order to sendanother 3000 of our men, let them reveal the unsatisfied ones. three have already been revealed.

the handicraftsman diamed, drunk,spoke badly about your reign. - two crosses.- blinding and exile. the citizen malkh isaccused of heresy. further, the peasant fardidn't hand over enough grain. a dash. execute. execute. but isn't that too gruesome? your highness, it's magnanimousto spare the condemned ones - that's human nature.

but to not spare the innocent ones - that shows real greatness. it doesn't matterwho gets punished? important is, that all are afraid. there is no good and evil, only benefit to the divine or harm. because basileus isgod's will on earth. from where grows another threat? i assume not from the west.

goths, that conquered italy,are exhausted, in the east we keep the persiansbusy with negotations and wars. only the north is savingan unknown strength. my man has returnedfrom the slavs... what news does he bring? he says they havebecome too many, and these tribes - slavs, anty, aren't ruled by one man,but live in a commune. oh, democracy.

anty... anty, anty. you can hear the root ofthe latin word "antique". or is that "anti" in greek? anti. against. against me? proceed. so, they're trying tolive in democracy. they don't know of destiny,and don't acknowledge,

that destiny has anymeaning to a man. oh, that's interesting. i'm their destiny! trebnya, maybe we shouldsend an army to dunai? the empire needs subjects,what do you think? yes, my lord. the slavs must be reminded,that they are only mortal, and their lifes are not in their hands. and what do you think?

just like you. just... like you. i'm pleased with you today. how was your morning, dear? go. i was discussing the empire affairs. and what was... my uncomparable doing? - you're looking good today.- you think so?

my love, i spoke with the patriarch epifaniy. and? he wants to send bishopdemetriy to the slavs. i think, that barbarians needonly sword and fire. and only after that theholy baptismal font. well, maybe you're right. my laws protect theright of the lands, even the slavic lands,

to be processed. slavs, anty, love earth, work and... freedom. i'm content to have such subjects. i'll save them from wildness. but only i will ruleover their freedom. you have the right to,the wisest. today in the afternoon,in the bull's area,

the disobedient oneswill be executed. i wouldn't want to wait for you. be hasty, my love. i'll be. by the order of the god's chosentoday will be executed: for murder - nicolaus from kefania, for heresy - malkh from frakia, and the citizen far forhiding grain from our lord. all three will be executedin the bull.

everyone will be punished like nicolaus, because of ponifiliy's murder,a family member of astargor. and what is he guilty of? great lord, have mercy. i'm innocent, i have five children. i hid half a bag of bread for my children.

the wisest. let him live. i've been reported, thatpeople are aggressive today. murderer! jesus christ, if you're kind, why do you allow evil? have mercy! the great has chosen. so shall it be!

guards, stop them! stop! bring the condemnedback to the execution place! - stop!- people! ask for mercy. basileus! the great! have mercy on the unlucky man. - like god himself just did.- mercy! mercy! out of the temple! - dog without origin!- we're paying the price for you!

brothers! you'll get the penalty,because of your rage and disobedience. stop the mutiny! go back to your houses! go. go! go! be ready, everyone. gane, why worrying? khan gamsol will love you.

your life will be better. the ross got away! good evening.velimudr, help! she's wounded. a khazarian woman?! i'm begging you. please, help, i need her.in the name of gods. - knife.- what? give me a knife.

ratibor, she won't live. she will, velimudr! help! hasn't ratibor returnedfrom the patrol yet? not yet. the women have found this. a good arrow. a new one. the guests have arrived.

a khazarian one. here are the news from the steppe. patrol! where did they find it? on the haymaking. they're at the sweet stream. didn't krok report back? krok didn't show himself. krasa, give me a drink.

how many were there? there are many horses. there are saddled and reserved horses. judging from the herd and the fires,not under one hundred. the steppe has come. anything else? that's all. torop, gather troops. they didn't come for nothing.

a-a-a, urus!! urus! what do you have? say. your son, ratibor, hides a khazarianwoman at the temple. differences. the earth will releave the peoplefrom the revenge of the khazarian soul. she will go on the funeral fire. i won't let her be buried. she will wait for me there.

velimudr! allow it, please. well, be it your way. papa. the khazars came with a mission. for investigation. and found the evil. a stranger on the funeral fire! that never happened before.

to put a khazar togetherwith dead rossichs. lord, we are surrounded! the rebels killed all guards, and are storming the palace. they've gone cracy.they've gone cracy! lord, save us! we want to hear the opinionsof our subordinates. should we stay in the palace or depart

and tame the peple from outside? you. the legions went over to the rebels. we are defenseless. the prisons are burned down.the rebels freed the prisoners. the streets are full of armed people. understand, it's too dangerousto remain in the city. speak. i'm for departing.

- lord!- what? we're all ready to die for you. but i'm for departing. lord, run. the galleys are ready. it's only temporary.temporary. divine, believe me, it won't be a departure. it will be a temporary absence.

feodora, feodora. i believe, that it's excessive to argueif it's decent or not for a woman to be brave, while the men remain in uncertainty. many have said: "departure, temporary absence". i'll say it straight. flight!

and i think, that fleeing is the worst option, even if it saves our lifesfor a short time. even though we can't avoid death. the one, who once ruled, cannot bear being an exile. so... run, divine, run, if you wish.

you have mountains of gold,the ships are waiting for you. the sea is open to all winds. but after that, you would prefer death to such a rescue. i'm staying. the purple of power - is the best shroud. what's your idea?it's really dangerous to stay.

i called for ipatiy,the nephew of anastasiy. - he'll be here shortly.- what for? the people need a leader. we'll give them a leader. let him unite them and lead them towhere we want. we're staying. - trebnya.- yes, divine. order your people

to call ipatiy, my nephew, basileus. yes, yes, yes. let the city know it by morning. let them write on walls ipatiy. ipatiy will be basileus. i want it that way. krasa, be healthy and young. oh.

mother aneya! - i was telling fortunes.- mother! mother aneya! the children are big. go and play. sit down and rest. sit down. try some bred with salt. i wasn't here for a long time. - where is vseslav?- he's here.

on patrol, rattling swords. again. i got lucky again. - i was telling fortunes.- i see. you'll give birth to a boy. aneya? are you healthy, aneyushka? i have a difficult task for you. krasa, bring some cold water.

something wrong at your house? my house is alright. then why did you come? my son, ratibor, lost his brain!i'm ashamed! why is that, he is one ofthe best warriors. that's not the problem. it's time for him to marry, but he doesn't want to. he doesn't want to takethe bride you chose.

then find another one,or wait for him to do so. he'll get fired up -you won't be able to stop him. remember, how you once loved? - aneyushka.- stop. i won't forget the young you. you're a father, and i'm a mother. i don't have a husband,i'm alone in that matter. the impossible is happening.

do it! i think, that ratibor... - ...searches for his death.- do it. he likes that khazarian woman. help me! so that he won't becomean outcast without origin. so that our seed isn't wasted in him. what a... you're right.such men are worthless.

she bewitched him,i know it! be quiet, that's enough! it's alright. not a word to anybody. we won't break him, but bend him. vseslav is calling for you. inhale after parrying the sword. don't break the formation!

i heard you don't want to marry. the khazarian woman?she's dead. she is not among the living. you can't change that. - i love her.- love? love is a creator. and what will your love create? it won't give birth to anything, like a ploughed up earthwithout a seed.

our clan has raised you?yes. i taught you to hold a weapon, to be strong. now you have to help us, to continue the slavic blood. you was a son, you'll be a father. and no one can exchange you. my friend. you've come.

- i'm happy to see you in good health.- uncle. uncle. nephew. my nephew, ipatiy. people's voice - god's voice. the people want you. that's your destiny. i'm old. i'm not worthy of the diadem. well, well. well, calm down.

- the empire is dying.- uncle. - save it.- uncle, i can't. you can. you're a son of the empire.it's your duty to care for it's destiny. you're young. you can do it. - no, i don't want to.- you have to! - no! no! no!- you have to! - you have a future.- uncle, i'm scared! - save it!- i'm scared!

- look, you're cut out to do it!- no, no! - look.- no! no! come here! - glory to the new basileus!- lord! - glory to ipatiy!- lord ipatiy! glory! glory! - ipatiy, save us!- we're your slaves! save us! save us, ipatiy!

save us, save us! kiss the sandals! - basileus!- kiss the sandals! have mercy, he'll be killed. he'll die, and so will we! have mercy on my children! - glory to ipatiy, the basileus!- glory! glory! let the diadem be on ipatiy's head. - glory to the new basileus ipatiy!- glory to ipatiy!

ipatiy basileus to the tower. we want to hear,what he will promise us. - ipatiy to the tower- to the tower! - ipatiy to the tower.- glory! glory! - glory! glory!- to the tower! johann! ipatiy lead the rebels to the city square. ipatiy miraculous got out alive. my basileus,one of ipatiy's man came.

he lead the people to the bull's place. - where is the man?- in the tower. - who did he speak to?- only to me. wonderful. ipatiy will serve out bread! johann! johann! let ipatiy hear our demands. ipatiy is a good basileus! velizariy, the people gatheredon the bull's square.

all of the rebels. they're waiting for my resignation. velizariy. take my remaining men, help ipatiy to stop the mutiny. you are a son of the empire, velizariy. the luck is before you! take it! velizariy!

what's that? you're my old friend. for the imperator. procopio, don't condemn me. you have to understand me. i love my people! this whole horror is forthe future of our empire! don't look at me like that. you're wise, you'll write only the truth.

understand, old man! the people are at fault.they wanted it that way. ipatiy, good morning. please. - so...- yes. did your wish came true? yes, it's alright,wise ipatiy. your loyal acting blindedthe godless rebels. the fortune helped usto defeat the people.

- godlike.- yes? why did ipteus act so slow, with his power? yes, right,what did take you so long? why did you allow the peopleto burn down the city? who did that to you? those beasts. why did they this? basileus is breaking his promise.

oh, you poor man. you decided to take advantage of the mutiny to become a basileus. you see how it turned out. well, goodby, smart guy. goodby. how could you, ipteus? how dared you? a pig to the young ones.me, my brother and my family.

let's go! who wants a baked pig? who wants a pig? to grieve about somethingyou never possessed. a secret i'll never understand. don't be sad, aneyushka. ratibor will get used to mlava. an arm gets used to the sword, a body to the weight of armour,and a heart to a loss.

good wedding, knyaz. - good luck.- sit down, torop. drink to the health of the newlywed ones. did something happen? roman ships near the torzhok-island.here is a messenger of the kamichi. we're asking you, vseslav,to send your troops to the torzhok-island. my troops, why? trading doesn't concern me.my warriors aren't trained for that matter. seven springs ago knyaz of the krivichi

was almost killed. and they gave him bad goods. is it far? two days away,we have to hurry. that's it, belyai. prepare the ships. i'm also going to takea look at the romans. and who will be thetroops leader here? i choose ratibor.

can you handle it? vseslav, take me with you, please. well, good people. it's time for bed. and the newlyd ones - for fair business. you deceived me,when agreed to the wedding. you decided to laugh at us. mlava will go back home.

you bring shame to our clan. well? you hear that? the last cockerels. don't come near me!i don't want to live! don't come closer! eating forbidden food again? a glutton. oh, god. i was a legionary, taught grammar to people in alexandria.

i was ascetic, following the mani teachings. for that i was condemned,they wanted to burn me. but the guard sold meto the merchant ripatiy. i heared, that heresy is dead evil. evil. call him for me. we, of heresy, don't call our teacher "love", like you, christians. jesus was a good man.

slave, you talk too much. go, go. bishop demetriy is calling for you. this chistian is confused in his thoughts, because of incomplete knowledgeof church's canons. release him. i heared everything. but i can keep my mouth shut. i need a competent man.

i hope you'll repentand help me. freedom costs much. teach me what to do. i'm sailing to the slavs. on the way after jesus christ,the angels and sacred men will strengthen basileus' mightwith an invisible weapon, and the second rom will be eternal. and for your help in theeducation of the barbarians, you'll get freedom.

i agree. to lose such a slave. why isn't there any wind?! why don't you like this fur? take another one?look at this one. take it. - you want to look?- take it, we have many more. good, quality honey. - how sweet.- wax, clean and new.

from this year. the sweetness lasts in yourmouth for a whole week. oh, how sweet. - wax, clean and new.- who needs honey? pearls, pearls, come here. 6 kun, 6 kunnot 4. - 6 kun, 6 kun.- 4. 4! we have a deal?

a deal. i'm taking this, this,the marden, yes. like that. okay. 3. you know, 3. so. so. this... well... 3. 3 handfuls of salt.

okay. i take it. for that... 2 handfuls. for the fox, 3. 4, 4, 4. 4 handfuls. this and this... this isn't good, but i take it. this also, this also. don't touch it.that will also do.

4. 1, 1, 1 and 1. so, we have 11 handuls of salt in all. hey. don't offend me. throw the knife away! what are you doing? - captain, help!- ratibor! - look at what your men are doing!- torop! - look at that!- don't touch the romans!

go to your ships! - captain, you promised...- go to our men! - load your grain!- yes. see, golub, onehas to buy slaves like that. load, come on, load the grain. - poor out!- what are you waiting for?! so, you're saying, should i accept your belief, i would go to heaven? be christened and you'll be saved.

and our ancestors? our mothers, fathers, grandfathers,that didn't know of your belief? where are they, in heaven? they're in hell. burning forever. be quick to accept the true belief. no one knows his final hour. god himself is speaking with youthrough me. be quick, otherwise - hell, fire

and the end to all of you. consider thinking before speaking. my ancestors lived fair. what is their sin? i spoke about god's rage, considering saving your souls. you misunderstood me.

allow me to stay with you, speak to you, and you'll want the christ'sbelief to come to ros'. well... everything has its time. everyone should beliefwhat his soul wants. and different beliefs don'tprevent us from being friends. hey! hey! who wants honey?who wants wax? who wants wax?

fresh honey, romans, come closer. good honey. try it, man. i'm grateful to you,son of steppe and forest. you saved... protected a man. i'm malkh. malkh. - you?- i'm ratibor. - what origin are you?- i'm a rossich. you look like... wait.

you look like... here. like the god of warriors ares-mars. he's the son of zeus. look, you look alike.look! i was also a warrior. i was fighting for the empire. then i quit. it's a long story.

our imperator prohibited all gods,even ares-mars! what's a barbarian doing here? while i, the unworthy, am trying to enlighten the pagans, you, slave, instead of helping mespoil their souls with wine, satanic speeches and images. forgive me. god is merciful, but horrific testsare waiting for you in hell. you'll be blinded,

you'll loose your tongue. - forgive me.- pray, that it won't happen. - forgive me.- i pity you. here, take it. take it. you're a slave? that roman is your master? he offended you. no rossich would bear such humiliation.

i'll bring back your god. you can have it. i invited you to express my thanks. you'll possess gold, food, weapons, loyal men. but not to torment the empire with your raids. it's time to start a war with the slavs. malkh!

demetriy isn't happy with you. he is very angry at you. you helped badly preachingthe true belief to the slavs. i'll tell you something i shouldn't. demetriy asked me to chain you before we go on land, and give you to the archons.

run. i'm free. i'm free! don't kill me! russich! ratibor! i'm malkh, remember? torzhok-island. ares-mars. well? - roman?- yes! malkh.

o, o-o-o. - mother...- oh. kolot, give me a hand! oh... you're ready, my dear. - glory to rod, our god.- bear it, my dear. - bear it.- he'll help you. now, take your fur coat off. - yes.- take off the scarf and the belt.

- well?- o-ho-ho-ho. heart from the stone, body from the finger,bone from the cloud... we're burning, we're burning! fire, we're burning!we're burning! a-a-a-aa! a-a-a-a-a! fire. we're burning.

we're burning! fire! - we're burning! fire!- stop fooling around. run to ratibor, tell him - he's got a son! - ratibor!- what's the commotion? ratibor, come quickly. your wife gave birth to a son. a son. grandchildren of slaven, scythian and ross.

i'm speaking to you. traditionally every clanhas its warriors in its city. vseslav decided to changethat ancient custom, and wants, that the elders give warriors for the border patrol. what will we decide? vseslav thought out

something unheard. never did the tribes,that lived in ros', mix their troops. defended together - yes. yes! and every group went into battle with its own captain. one strong army will take our freedom.

and people need freedom. freedom, to exchange it forthe khazarian slavary? we need freedom! priest, allow roman to speak. let him speak. malkh, you're allowed to speak. roman! tell them all. tell them, what you knowabout the khazars.

i heard from the merchants, that basileus is a friend of the khazars. the khans are often invitedinto the palace. that is well known. on the way to ros' i sawa khazarian camp. i saw it myself. let the rossichs speak. the ilvichi have 1243 men.

the kanichi have 578 men. he counted all. looks like he sent a man to count. so, the ilvichi have five times more men thanus and the kanichi together. but they don't give any men for patrol. i'm asking: give me some men, under the united ross army the plowman won't be troubled anymore,

if he or the nomad will harvest the crop. you use cunning, vseslav,you're scaring us. you want to get powerwith other clans' help. - we're not timid.- the roman can't be trusted. - he's a stranger.- that's right. we mustn't believe. you'll recollect vseslav's wordsafter the disaster comes. khazars came in summer.why did they come? to investigate.

looking for resting places. who will send their mento the ross patrol. it's decided, vseslav. half of the clans give you their men. halt. the spring is comming. khazars will come or not, but we need to plough and sow.

i'm busy with ploughing. i won't give you any warriors,step aside. don't allow our blood to die. i feel it - the disaster is coming. i said enough. my warriors aren't worse than yours. clear the road. is that so? look at you,fat from all the honey. i'm fat?

let's ring our swords. let's ring. i can't waste my iron on you. not worse... than my, you say? i'll wait for you menwhen the snow melts. i'll send them to you. saddle the horses. end of the first episode.