Selasa, 02 Mei 2017

asking alexandria new band

asking alexandria new band

um uh hey guys my name is jaren sweatbottom i'm 16 years old and i've uh

tried to kill myself 5 times um uh this video is uh called asking uh alexandria you're my favorite band please uh please make me your new vocalist ha ha ha thanks i'll uh great.

. so uh what i'm going to be doing here is uh i'm going to be applying a coat of water to this here toothbrush

god i hope my mommy doesnt come home ha ha and i'm going to put toothpaste on it excuse me, excuse me just just a minute guh lee lee lee lee haich haich

skee gee gee oo wooop uh wuh wuh wuh wuh woop woop woop woop mumma mummma mmmmumma

mmm m'oh alalalalalal sorry, vocal exercises ha ha gotta do em! ohh ok. oh yeah

here we go yeahhh let's get this engine started ladies and gentlemen *noise* i fucking hate

you be my girlfriend letme fuck your pussy! *le noise* *what most people don't know about me is that i was born in a hot dog van* okay

next stage guys next stage guys please please god please god please dont do this to me please please dont im so lonely god i hate myself

jesus christ fuck fuuuck ohhhh god ohhhh fuck no no no im sorry please dont do it please stop please god oh god please *oblifufff* mmmm

*crying* *more crying* *le crying like a little bitch* no alright thanks guys god i hope you enjoyed plea