Rabu, 03 Mei 2017

asking alexandria new single

asking alexandria new single

babe? no! wait! you're being selfish and ignorant! hey! i don't remember my driveway being this long! lyrics: let's go! i thought this was forever but then you up and left.

i'm so posting this as a facebook status. bleehhh you stole my skinny jeans and now i don't have paaaaants! this is a story left untold. thought you meant everything to me... then you went and broke my heart! you left me and i don't think i can make it!

(don't think i'll make it on my own) don't come back, cause i'll only run and hide! i miss the days we took walks and straightened my hair. i miss the days we'd hardcore dance on the stairs! weiner

you came to all my shows, you liked my open chugs. you paid for my tattoos, you paid for everything! here's an epic solo: (don't wanna make it on my own) (ain't gonna make it on my own) this is

the techno breakdown and it's so beautiful every song needs a techno breakdown every song needs a solo [epic solo ;) ]