Senin, 01 Mei 2017

asking alexandria necklace

asking alexandria necklace

this one is called caraphrenelia here we go 1.. 2.. 1! 2! 3! go! sunshine, there ain't a thing that you can do that's gonna ruin my night. but, there's just something about this dizzy dreamer and her bleeding little blue boy. licking your fingers like you're done and, you've decided there is so much more than me. and baby, honestly it's harder breathing next to you, i shake.

i brought a gun and as the preacher tried to stop me. hold my heart it's beating for you anyway. what if i can't forget you? i'll burn your name into my throat. i'll be the fire that'll catch you. what's so good about picking up the pieces? none of the colors ever light up anymore in this hole. warped tour, let me hear you scream nobody prays for the heartless.

nobody gives another penny for the selfish. you're learning how to taste what you kill now. don't mind me, i'm just reaching for your necklace. talking to my mom about this little girl from texas. just give her back to me. you know i can't afford the medicine that feeds what i need. so, baby, what if i can't forget you? collide invisible lips like a shadow on the wall, and just throw, oh no.

the time is right fucking now to jump! jump! jump!