Kamis, 01 Juni 2017

asking alexandria undivided

asking alexandria undivided

“i’m fucking pissed off, man. the guy was my best friend and he kind of just turned his back on me and fucking bailed” "and denis actually sat down and was like" "you don’t want this album to be about danny" "danny is in the past now. you need to move on. you need to look forward to your future" "and i was, like, you’re right. you’re right." "and i sat down and i re-wrote most of the record, lyrically anyway, with denis. so here we fucking go you're going down you're on your own (2x)

this hate is endless tonight i think i'll cross the line i'll cross the fucking line (2x) this hate is relentless oh here we go down this hole i've lost control save me picking up, picking up another life waking up, waking up from all the lies

i feel so alone sometimes it ends sometimes you fall crossing out the man that i've become i'm standing tall stronger than i ever did before against them all i know that you have locked me in your eyes and i can't resist it

the target on your chest is all that i can see fight me now it's not over no, no, no, it's not over pick me up off the ground just once more so on i go, on i go but never alone now it's my turn to drag you through this hell i won't forgive

i won't let go of what you've done woke up alone so sick of this game i've spent too many years in this house of pain if you can't find the words, read between the lines so take it or leave it to me so take it or leave it to me from here this time “it was hard to, sort of, switch off, ’cause i was still angry and stuff” "every now and again, there might be something about danny, obviously, because, being a musician and an artist"

"i write about what’s fueling me and how i’m feeling at the time" "but a lot of how i’m feeling is excitement, and i am happy, and i am extremely grateful to still be going" "so i just had to concentrate more on that for writing the new record than use my energy, in hindsight, in a negative way" "which it completely would have been had denis not called me out and said, ‘stop being a p–sy,’ which is cool.”