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kaos asking alexandria

kaos asking alexandria

♪ (punk rock music) ♪ ♪ (nirvana, "smells like teen spirit") ♪ - this song sounds familiar. - i've heard the song before. - it's nirvana. - is this nirvana? - who doesn't love nirvana? ♪ (imitating song's punk melody) ♪ ♪ (music mellows) ♪

- ♪ load up on guns ♪ - (singing along) ♪ bring your friends ♪ ♪ it's fun to lose and to pretend ♪ - i love this song, but i've neveractually watched the video. - i love him... so much. - takes forever to understandwhat he's saying. - (singing along) ♪ hello,hello, hello, how low? ♪ - ♪ hello, hello ♪ - i love it so much.

♪ with the lights out,it's less dangerous ♪ - ♪ here we are now, entertain us ♪ ♪ i feel stupid and contagious ♪ - when music videos used to be normal. there's nobody stripping in this one. ♪ (guitar solo) ♪ - (mouths along)- ♪ yay ♪ - ♪ i found it hard ♪ - but i just like howit goes from, like, "yeah!"

to, like, mellow and, like, "yeah." - i could never go to a rock concert.i'd be, like, trampled on. - hey, they used this in thatone song by jay z. they stole that. - ♪ an albino ♪ - only if music was this good now. like, some of the new musicis so just like trash. - ♪ a denial! a denial! ♪- their most typical song. - ♪ (holding note) ♪ - looks like the joker at the end.(giggling) what the heck?

♪ (mellow guitar intro) ♪ - "heart-shaped box"? ha! - ♪ she eyes me... ♪ - what? (snickering) why is he in a meadowin only his underwear? - ♪ ...i am weak ♪ - i'm pretty bomb at this on guitar hero. - ♪ i wish i could eat your cancer... ♪ - oh no, is that jesus?

- ♪ ...you turn back ♪ ♪ (music builds) ♪ ♪ hey! wait! ♪ ♪ i've got a new complaint ♪ - (scoffs) what is this? - ♪ ...your priceless advice ♪ ♪ hey! wait! ♪- (laughing) - i love all this vividimagery that they have. - i don't know what i'm watching.

♪ (punk instrumental) ♪ - it looks like the people-- like, the titans from attack on titan. - 'kay. - kkk? - ♪ i've been drawn into your... ♪- mm, he's so attractive. - he was, like, really attractive. that's really creepy 'cause he's dead. - ♪ hey! wait! ♪

- what is with the kkk kids? - ♪ forever in debtto your priceless advice ♪ - what is that? i'm so confused. - was this actually put on tv?were they actually showing this? - did i miss something out of that? like, am i supposed to be like,"wow, that was so profound"? - i've never been more confusedfrom a music video in my life. - ♪ i need an easy friend ♪ - i love this song too. these areall freaking kickass songs.

- i love this song! - ♪ i do think you fit this shoe ♪ ♪ i do ♪ ♪ won't you have a clue? ♪- it's such a shame. - (singing along)♪ i'll take advantage while ♪ ♪ do-do-do ♪ - i like how his voice is kind of raspy. - ♪ but i can't see you every night ♪ ♪ free ♪

- they sound the same when they're live. - ♪ ...night ♪ - (chuckles) dave grohl and his ponytail. - ♪ free ♪ ♪ i do ♪(cheers and applause) - so that was nirvana. - i enjoyed that. - i actually like old music like that. - (finebros) so have you heard of nirvana?- yes.

- of course i've heard of nirvana. - you always see the shirts where it's like, "nirvana,"and smiley faces. everyone's heard of nirvana! - (finebros) do you like the band? - they sound good but maybe not for me. - i'm leaning towards no. - i wouldn't sit thereand listen to it for hours. - yeah, i like nirvana.

- all-time favorite for me. - yeah, i do, even though it's kinda like yelling,but it's still relaxing. - they really give you what they are instead of what anyone else wants. - i love rock and i love--i don't know, i just-- i love him. it's sad that he's not here with us today. - (finebros) in school,when you meet someone who says they love nirvana,

what type of person typically are they? - they don't wash their hair. - like, hipster. - skater. - long hair and wears black t-shirts. - gothic or artsy. even though i've met manypeople who enjoy nirvana that have been really,like, preppy people. - it's actually a wide range.

- just, like, an alternative kid that i would most likely hang out with'cause he likes nirvana. - (finebros) so the first videofor "smells like teen spirit." what did you think of the music video?- i liked it! - i want to go to a party like that. - watch out, school,'cause i'm gonna plan a nirvana-styled party in the gym. - it's a metaphor of howcrazy a teenager's life is. they were partying at the same time,

but they were destroying stuff.like, i guess that inner chaos. - (finebros) and what aboutthe second music video? that was for a songcalled "heart-shaped box." - um, i liked that one too.that was really trippy. - i feel like you're supposedto be on acid or something before watching it. - one of those powerful music videos that enhances the sound of the music. - i saw a ku klux klan member!we don't like those people!

what the fudge? - (finebros) the last video wasfrom an unplugged special they did for mtv. but unlike other bandswho were doing it at that time, nirvana chose not to playalmost any of their actual hits. - well, i mean, it's unique. but, i mean, people wantto watch you on tv, and they want to heartheir favorite song playing. - they more are for a love of musicinstead of making money.

- that song though, the one they played, is now one of the most popularsongs that they have now because they did that. - (finebros) how would you say their music compares to the rock music of today? - oh now, like, i don't even knowany good rock bands anymore. - what is considered modernrock today? i have no idea. - there's not really much out there with that same sound and vibe.

- rock and roll's splitting completely-- pop rock and then hardcore heavy metal. in the future, like, near future,there's gonna be that band that's gonna just tieall rock and roll together. - (finebros) do you knowwhat subgenre of rock music nirvana was considered? - no.(buzzer) - i have no idea.(buzzer) - is it alternative?(buzzer)

- grunge. - it's grunge. - grunge music. (simultaneous chimes) - (finebros) they werereferred to as "grunge music." - they don't look grungy. well, i mean, they could cut their hair. - sounds a lot like "grudge." - what does that mean?is there a definition?

- (finebros) and what do you thinkabout their lead singer? - i love him as a musician and an artist. - he definitely gets into the music. - he was pretty cute.he was a really good singer. - you just kind of see thathe was kind of a tortured soul. - i think he's a rad dude. it's such a shame thatthose issues overwhelmed him and he had to take his own life. - (finebros) do you know what happenedto nirvana's lead singer,

kurt cobain?- i do not. - he left nirvana and thenbecame a drummer? but that might be somebody else. - did he pass away? - didn't he o.d.? - he killed himself. - (finebros) 20 years ago next month, kurt cobain committed suicide.- why? - oh no.

- i did not know it was suicide. why, 'cause they were so successful? oh, my heart. it hurts. - i sound like an ass[bleep] saying this, but i can kind of understand, just from the place he wascoming from, to make that music. - that makes me feel bad aboutwhat's going on these days. like, i know a lot of peoplehate on justin bieber. on his birthday, i saw a trendgoing on: "kill yourself, bieber."

like, if somethinghappens to him like that, what are we gonna say afterwards? - i'm still crushed about it. like, one of the greatestbands in history. never in my life am i evergonna be able to see them play live. - (finebros) the one reasontalked about most often about what might have ledto this was this level of fame, that he really was notcomfortable being that famous. all this anti-mainstream musicbecame the mainstream.

- it's like that one batman quote. "you either die the hero or live long enough to seeyourself become the villain." - (finebros) and what do youthink about that struggle of you became the thingthat you did not want to be? - that's just sad because people-- like, they just need to shut upand let him do his thing. (sighs) why is it like this? - that makes sense.

he's like, "oh, i'm gonnado something for this purpose." and then it's interpretedfor a whole 'nother purpose, and you end up beingthe opposite of what you wanted. - in kurt's sense, i feel likethat's really stupid thing to do, to make music in hopesthat it doesn't become big. - shows how messed up society is. like, this guy just wants to make music, and you're pushing him tothe point where he shot himself. - one of the goals of an artistis to become that mainstream.

but the fact that he kind ofrejected that is really interesting. once you've reached that level, that maybe it's not the best for a person. - (finebros) and what areyour thoughts that, even today, your generation listens to nirvanaand relates to the music in the same way that teenagers20 years ago listened to nirvana? - because young people alwaysgo through the same [bleep]. we have the same angstand problems and inner struggles that the kids 50 years ago had.

- (finebros) so nirvana onlymade three studio albums yet are considered to havehuge influence on rock music. what is it about them that has led to them being such an influence?- they're so awesome. - i have more respect for them now. the fact that they only had three albums and they're still so popular-- it just shows how greatof a band they are. - the suicide.

people want to listen to itmore because of him. - it really influenceda lot of bands of the '90s and today still. - it's been 20 years now. his music lived on. it still touches so many people. so his life never went to waste. - that brings us to the endof another episode of teens react. - let us know in the commentswhat band we should react to next.

- if you liked what you sawin the main episode, keep on watchingand click on the bonus video. - seeing as how it's been 20 years,do yourself a favor and play a nirvana songright now. see you guys.