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asking alexandria киев

asking alexandria киев

star media presents jr. lt. vasiliy zimin…zimin. showed bravery and heroism; protecting ourmotherland, was killed in a battle… was killed. moscow. main intelligence directorate of the generalstaff of the red army. october 1942 to hell with the details. go on. borisov?killed. oleynikov?missing. diomin?executed. novikov?killed. i don’t need the dead men.are there living ones?

yes, sir! guchkov. private ivan guchkovserves with the volkhov front. anyone else? no, sir. five has been killed,three missing, two died of wounds. report me on guchkov. a diversionist. has been performing a missionbehind the frontline since 10 december. for almost a month,but he isn’t on the casualty list. guchkov. there’s no one more. prepare the cryptogram: but his detachment is behind the frontline,comrade brigadier commissar…

“private ivan guchkov must bedelivered to the command of the general headquartersimmediately and at any cost.” yes, sir. permission to leave, sir? permission granted. do that. a star media production aleksey bardukov, olga sutulova andrey panin, olga arntgolts anton sokolov, anatoliy kot stanislav boklan, aleksandr kobzar

adam bulguchev, mikhail krylov directed by oleg fesenko written by arif aliyev music by vladimir kripak director of photography:arunas baraznauskas r.g.c. production designer: vadim shinkariov;sound supervisor: yegor irodov produced by dmitry olenich executive producers: yekaterina yefanova,galina balan-timkina, vlad ryashin. the bomb

episode 1 leningrad. may 1941 ivan, enough, or you’ll burn out.ivan! who will bust? me.ivan! who will i bust? each and every one. vania! what are you thinking about?!vania! what about? lady, who are you and why are you here? i’m lika zemtsova, his fiancã©e.

ivan, my congratulations.when’s the wedding? vania, where are you supposedto be now? where? lady, i don’t understand you.he’s supposed to be here! and you are not supposed to be prevent him from gearing up for the fight. ivan, pack up, we are leaving. nobody’s going anywhere! it won’t take long. some unknown greenhornwas picked up to be my opponent, so i’ll smear him just like onesmears jam on the bread. you… excuse me, he needs to change.

we’ve got a duel, you see? what duel? i don’t get it. an intellectual one. duel of hamlets. lady, there was only one hamlet,and there was only one othello. it’s simple. the duelists will recitethe hamlet’s soliloquy… and the commission will estimate whichtranslation is the best, you see? vania is a very clever man,so he’s wasting time here. your hooks and uppercuts are nothing butsilliness. they don’t take much intellect. boxing is the most intellectual of sports.

after chess. know! he wins who thinks fast! he wins who grasps quickly. yeah! i forbid ivan from boxing!i do! that’s it! enough! look, sunshine, i like your girlfriend.she’s beautiful. brisk. i want to make acquaintance with her.may i? give up, sunshine. what? changed your mind aboutmaking acquaintance? eh?

who with? my girlfriend? a boxer? very good. vania guchkov’s being killed!stop the fight! well done, ivan! well done! one can hardly resist to such a’s not his day today. don’t jump to conclusions. guchkov alwaysyields at first; it’s his usual tactics. but he has a master strokeand will surely show his quality. vania! vanie, can you hear me?! vania! vania! vania, honey, please, get up! vania!do get up! vania, i forbid you! you can’t do that!

vania, come! please, come! please! does he participate in community work? of course he does. don’t stop the fight, or you’ll regret it! one, two, three, four, five,six, seven eight, nine, ten! how’s his name, you say? guchkov?guchkov. guchkov. hurray! hurray! well done! well done! yes!

so, dear comrades, the boxingclasses are over and we now start intellectualduels of hamlets. the first duelists are welcometo this stage. it’s nikita krivtsov and lika zemtsova. comrades hamlets, cross your swords! “whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer “the slings and arrowsof outrageous fortune, “or to take arms against a sea oftroubles, “and by opposing end them? “to die: to sleep; no more; and bya sleep to say we end

the heart-ache and the thousandnatural shocks. that flesh is heir to…” lika zemtsova’s scores! ah! thank you! a third year student of the physicsand mechanics department awarded with an honorary diplomaof the academy of sciences of the ussr, nikita krivtsov and his vis-a-vis…, …a boxer well known in out districtand his fellow-student of the same year, ivan guchkov! your applauds please! cross your swords, comrades hamlets!

is this guchkov as goodin german as in english? they study german as a training subject. and they study english on their own,at a translation circle. now the scores awarded to ivan guchkov. and what about his progress in studies? not bad in generally.he’s a bit weak in physics. we’ll take guchkov. the fittest choice. and now the scores of nikita krivtsov.

tell him to drop to my office tomorrow. all right. i will. excuse me. you know, if you were a high achiever,i’d understand you. but you are the worstachiever in the group. the worst one, do you realize that?i’ve been dragging you since the second year – and for what?do i really need this? ladies like winners. you just want to get all things at once.which results in zip.

your tickets, young people? you are not preparedfor the math physics exam. you’re dragging behind in thermodynamics. you’re going to be combed you realize that? combed out. i cannot pass exams instead of you. are you drunk? or you’ve gottenyour lumps for no reason? he’s a boxer. a boxer? oh, poor thing. boxer,you must feel unwell now… i’m fine. i’ve never been so fine!know why?

because the best girlin the world is my fiancã©e! what are you talking about?!don’t listen to what he’s saying! i’ve been in love with her for a long time,but i didn’t know how to declare that. comrades! he’s got a… i thought it would settle somehow.and today she’s declared… - me? to you?- … that she loves me! - i didn’t do that!- you told you were my fiancã©e. - lies!- you told you were. no! comrades, i’m not his fiancã©e.i’m his tugboat in his studies.

i help him in math physics.nothing more. enough! do you like him? i do. that’s the the tickets, young people. ah, yes. buy the tickets. thank you. a tram is not a place to declare feelings. agree.

lika, will you allow me to ask you out? go on. tomorrow at the tauride gardens,our bench. 7 p.m. sharp. no textbooks, no thermodynamics.agree? - we won’t be able to kiss.- no, we won’t. nope. our stop! it’s our stop!wait! wait, we’re getting off! excuse us! as usual: those in love don’tnotice anything around.

guchkov, have you beenrolled over by a train? aha. guchkov, you showed realhell to him yesterday. good afternoon. guckhov,will you follow me? where to? to the dean’s office. i must say that at last i havea reason to expel you. and, i must admit,i’ll do that with a great pleasure. you must explain me the reason.

that reason is you, guchkov. you’ve failed tests and examinationsin the last semester, then mathematical physics… come in. - good afternoon.- good afternoon. here, meet ivan guchkov,a third-year student. colleagues, will you live us alone, please? so, ivan guchkov. was born and have grown up in the townof demyansk, novgorod region.

your parents died of hunger. i’m sorry. then an orphanage. then was raisedat the family of his relative… a self made young man. well, it’s the counterintelligencewho will dig in your past. and i will deal with your present. he’s from the security service… my name is lobanov.

i'm a major at the mainintelligence directorate of the general staff of the red army. have you been advisedof being expelled already? this could badly affectyour reference, but… we offer you trainingat the intelligence school. we are ordered to providea third year student. so, guchkov, it will bea good opportunity for you. we faced a very difficult choice.we considered many candidates. and we chose you.

take the conscription notice. can i refuse? no. the decision has already been taken. can one refuse to protect his motherland? follow me. so much effort was directed to it!and now it turns out it was in vain? was it difficult to enter? it was… both to enter and to study… math physics, strength of materials…and what now?

now you are goingto live an adult man’s life: general military training,special training, radio engineering, firing from all types of small arms,studying of foreign languages… you like foreign languages,guchkov, don’t you? all right, go sign your clearance chit. you must come to the checkpointat 7 p.m. sharp. - the evening roll call is at 9.30 p.m.- tomorrow? today. it will take you one hour to get thereby tram. you’ll have enough time.

eh… may i come tomorrow? at 7 p.m. sharp. the reason? packing up. i need to pack up my stuff. what staff, guchkov? well… a wardrobe and a tallboy? do you need to pack marble elephantsstanding on a lacy napkin? you will need no tallboy to protectyou homeland from her enemies. your homeland will provideyou with everything needed.

and the red army soldierwill swear to be loyal to the end… guchkov, congratulations on your victory. …to the soviet people, soviet motherland and government of workersand peasants. clear? it is. not “it is”, but “yes, comrademajor, sir!” again, is it clear? yes, comrade major, sir! as you were. have you seen zemtsova?

she was looking for you. she asked if we’d seen a shakespearewith the mug of a gangster. off with you! she was in the lab this morning. thanks. ah, nikita, hi. look, have you seen lika? well… she left for home andsaid she was fed up with you. you lie. yes, i do. she left and said nothing.

look, it’s a tragedy. of course it is, but i will survive. you have nothing to do with this. i was defeated by zemtsova,can you imagine that? i’ve been combed out from the institute. - don’t say so!- yes, i have. are you crazy? well, to be precise, not combed out buttransferred. to the intelligence school. mustered up?

i am. here’s the conscription notice. i must come to bein the barracks in an hour. cool! – cool indeed! and what about packing upyour stuff, the farewell party, drunken male friends, sadfemale friends and so on…? … the stuff! our homelandwill provide me with the stuff: a rifle, a spoon and a bowl.look, will you do a favor to me? are you going to arrangethe farewell party? i’ve got a date appointed for 7 the tauride gardens today.

who with? you’re a smart one. guess. i have. please, tell her the date is cancelled.tell her about the intelligence school. tell her i won’t be able to furthersee her every day as before. “o separation, wicked separation…” i mean, i wish to see her every day,but i will not be able. am i saying something funny? “all birds around sing so sadly…”

look, and talk to kurchatov,please, will you? maybe, he might help me in some way. you will be able to persuade him.find the words. i wish i could stay herefor another more day… all right. i’m heading to the lab now. maybe, i’ll talk to him right away. - thank you.- all right. see you. so, the lecture is over.see you next time.

math is the next. igor vasilyevich, excuse me… can i help you? i’m here on behalf of guchkov… maybe, there’s some opportunityto delay his expulsion? you see, he’s a strong guy.i think he will find his way. he will find his way somewhere’ll see. as the soldier proverb says:“he who serves with devotion…” “will gain with honor and glory…”

- “he might be promoted to commander…”- something like that. - he’s not gifted in physics anyway,is he…? - of course. of course, he isn’t. why shouldwe bother him with physics? right? - yes, sir, you’re right.- all right then. - thank you.- you’re welcome. why are you biting it that fast?it’s tasty, isn’t it? where’s your friend? hiding somewhere? let me tell you my story first, then his. no. it isn’t your date, nikita, is it?

well, allow me then to tell you… i wantto tell you something important… i… i know everything about you. where’s ivan? lika, i like you very much. it’s long that i’ve wantedto tell you that… that i love you… there’s no need in telling that. girls always see who likesthem and who doesn’t. one can see it, nikita. - well, at least, can i…- you cannot.

and you dare not. do you know what love is? it’s way different from sitting on thebench like this and mumbling words. love doesn’t need words. ivan and i didn’t saya word to one another. but, you know, my breath gets caughtwhen i think about him. this is love! and all the rest is rubbish. he’s been combed out from the institute. how…?

he’s bee transferredto the intelligence school. he’s gone to the barracks by tram today.oath administering is at hand. what…? how? yes, he’s gone. then… then i will go to see him. and i will tell him what’s on my mind. no.

no, i won’t go. let him come. he will if he loves me. and at least kiss me. and ask my father for my hand. maybe, it’s an old-fashioned way,but i wouldn’t agree otherwise. i’m 20 now and i want…i want to get married. and my father likes ivan. and you were sayinglove doesn’t need words. fool. he’s a fool indeed.

what was it he was waiting for? eh? he’s never kissed me. right the people are when saying:“behaves like a clown”. he’s a real clown. and what now? he was lingering and lingering… and now he’s in the barracks. and i’m here… … on our bench with his admirer friend.just wonderful! i was prepared for refusal.all right, it’s nothing. but i will be waiting, becauseeveryone makes mistakes.

not only when solving problemsof vector algebra. mistakes… what mistakes, nikita? off with you! i don’t want you. get off! leningrad. june 1941 to execute the order of thegovernment of worker and peasants, i am always ready to standin defense of my motherland, the union of the sovietsocialist republics.

and, as a soldier of the workers’and peasants’ red army, i swear to defend her with allmy courage, skills, dignity and honor, sparing not my blood and life in orderto achieve full victory over her enemies. if i break this solemn oathof mine out of malice, then let a severe punishmentof the soviet law and general hatred and deep contemptof the workers come on me. i believe we can generatea new type of energy. but how can we use it? all right, we’ll finishbuilding the cyclotron

first and will understand something. - excuse me, igor vasilyevich…- yes? i’ve found a mistake in the formula. did you? well, let’s check it. comrades, here’s our wonder. our cyclotron. the energy barrier, igor vasilyevich. we need to increase the diameterof the cyclotron. and?

or to build the second one so thatthey would work simultaneously. but the lab is almost finished.the launch is at hand. you see, this needs to be doneso that we would be able to increase the temperature of plasma. now, now, now… what? igor vasilyevish… all right, all right, i’m me your notes. here. see? - well…- here.

firstly… firstly, the case won’t bear it. secondly, the formula is incorrect. no, no. it’s nothing but a scientific hypothesis. i’m sure, krivtsov, you are, it wouldn’t work. however… all right. maybe,we should think about it. we’ll think about it. all right, comrades,follow me, follow me… lika, did you hear that? what? i’ll write to the government.

a commission will come to investigate this. nikita! do you understand it’s thediscovery of the century? all seems to be correct,but igor vasilyevich says it isn’t. we need to wait for the launch. no. i won’t wait. i need to check up something… wait, nikita! nikita! nobody in.

wait! hold it! i’m a genius. you’ll seei’ll go down in history. are you crazy? it’s nonsense! you’ll see now what kind of nonsense it is. what are you doing? we can check if i am rightor wrong while the control room is connected to the tester. ouch! ouch! indeed we have gone… into trouble, nikita.

all right, look, it was me who has.and you’d better leave. i won’t. i’m sorry: this is my discovery and i’mnot going to share it with anybody. even with you. do you understand it? what discovery? the sensorsgot broken, nikita! this wasn’t supposed to happen. but it did. so, it turns out thatthe theory is incorrect. here we have the relativisticlag effect compensated by decrease of the frequencyof accelerating field.

in general, there might be an emission of energyof enormous power. it’s a… it’s a bomb! the most powerful bomb in the world!do you realize that? you’re a fool, nikita. i’ll write to comrade stalin. just imagine: we’ll use this bomb to makea peaceful explosion of mount elbrus. and cover all earth roadsin the country with the crushed stone. the soviet union will become world’s powernumber one. there will be no more wars. hi! good afternoon.

hi. may i ask you? you may. i need to see guchkov. not allowed. well, i’m his fiancã©e. i need to talk to him. it’s goingto take 5 minutes only. please! well, no. it’s too early now. they’ve just finished a cross-country. they haven’t yet. it’s 5 minutes only.

they are going to clean the area now. then we’ve got the fatiguesup to the lunch time. and then they are goingto watch a movie at the club. “the death of the hero”. a grand movie,i must say. i’ve seen it for five times. please! private gus! here! hi. call guchkov, a first year cadet.

yes, sir! guchkov! look here: i won’t let you inand i won’t let guchkov out. meet at the fence. they are going to kiss. no, they aren’t. bet a flick? okay. comrade master sergeant,be out arbiter please.

would you kiss a girl it frontof three blocks watching you, eh? i’d do that in the first place. what is that you would doin the first place? take off you cap. why did she leave?they didn’t even kiss or hug… aww, i’ve got a fiancã©e in poltava too.and she’s waiting for me. well, we’ll get married and makea wedding when i’ll go on leave. ouch! careful! your tickets please? like this? like this?

it’s supposed to be done this. i see. two please. so, one’s yours, another’s mine. a lucky one? nope. and yours? mine is lucky! really? is it? it is! let’s eat it up. open up your mouth.

do that, come on! what? eh… show it. - you don’t believe me, do you?- just show it. i do. - then open up your mouth.- please, show it to me! you know, my scores in math are… shall we? go ahead. chew it. chew. whoops! jeez!

whoops! wait. look, remember i told you my parentshad died of hunger. it’s not true. they were executed in 1921.i was lucky when receiving my passport. they only started to introduce photosin them and in the personal files. there was a lot of mess then. so, i put down in the formwhatever i wished to. i invented my bio and my surname. there was a map on the wallin the passport office.

there’s a railroad station guckkovo. and i took the birthplacefrom that map too. the town of demyansk isin the novgorod region. now you know everything about me. you could’ve invented a better surname. something heroic. or take onefrom the classical literature. nakhimov, for! onegin. ivan onegin. i like it. it’s better than guckkov, isn’t it? look, the security officer’s senta request on behalf of the school.

we’ll never see one anotherif he learns the truth. what request? addressed to the demyansk office. i’ve never been there. i was born not far away from here. poet gumilev was our housemate. my parentswere executed together with him. one mustn’t even mention his name. “an old tramp in addis ababa,conqueror of many tribes, “sent me a black lance-bearer bringinga greeting made of my own poetry.

“a lieutenant who runsgunboats under enemy cannons “read me my poems by heart one wholenight “across the southern sea…” ah, i’m thirsty. - pour us some lemonade. here you are.- thanks. and for me too. thank you. i will love you all my life. whoops! that way! that way! throw a coin into the fountain. afternoon. got any sherbet?

afternoon! no, the lemon oneis the one remained. the one with lemon? yeah… i don’t want it anymore. ah! i want to have our photo taken! can we have a photo taken? put on the hat. look at me.taking the photo. hurray! thank you! give back the hat to me! you’re welcome!

i feel like dancing! thank you very much! attention! moscow is speaking!citizens of the soviet union! the soviet governmentand its head comrade stalin have entrusted me to declare the following. today, at 4 o’clock in the morning,german troops invaded our country… …without presenting any claimsto the soviet union, without declaring war… …and attacked our borders in many placesand bombed from their airplanes our cities… … zhitomir, kiev, sevastopol…

usa. san francisco. general consulate of the ussr. october 1942 congratulations! we kindly request for this honorable award to be passed to the creators of this film! my heart is filled with admirationtowards the heroic people of the ussr. our enemy will be defeated. we will win! - i’m dan persky. at your service.- nice to meet you. i was born in vinnitsa. my parents and i movedto the united states 40 years ago.

many people in our community speakrussian. and we like it very much. will you have a look at this? this is my son-in-law, stanley lieber. he used to serve as… how to say…a marine, right? - yes, that’s right.- aha… his ship sank during a fight with thejapanese. he’s been missing since then. but i think he’s dead now. you see? i’m so sorry. well, nevertheless… excuse me…

nevertheless, please paya special attention to this picture. it’s stanley standing near our synagogue. and there’s his signatureon the back, and the year and place of his birth, his blood type,names of his late parents, and the name of the ship he served with. please pay attention to the inscription. it’s in russian. stanly spoke russian. well, he arrived in new yorkfrom odessa 10 years ago… and didn’t really make – excuse me – anygood acquaintances among our community.

i’m sure for some reason he…he’s dead, you see? ah, thank you. i… - thank you.- take this. i don’t quite understand… ah… what do i want?eh… hem.. it’s simple. i’d like to help soviet russia.i’m a jew. hitler kills jews. russia fights against hitler. and… many americans help soviet russia. that’s right. i’ll continue.

i own a small jewelry shop. i’m a widower. sheila… sheila. my beloved child. sheila is a shy girl. i personally chose a fiancã©for her, you see? well, stanley’s parents died. he doesn’tcontact his relatives very good. it happens sometimes. i assumed all the expenses.we made and appointment at the synagogue. but suddenly the pearl harborattack happened. the japanese came flying and attackedus in the most malicious way. well, you know this. it was on the papers.

but sheila is sure he’s survived. that he’s alive and is a tortured at somejapanese camp for prisoners of war. and is sure to come back. during liberation of the smallcity of volokolamsk only… ah… our troops were able to catch 122 tanks… 200 pieces of artillery and overa thousand vehicles as trophies. aha. brilliant. - excuse me.- you see…

well, his suit is expensivebut the tie is cheap. that’s the way our secret services work.i feel shame for them. i… excuse me, i need to go. yes. please, take the picture; it’s number one.the second is… i attend my shop every day.except for saturdays. i devote saturdays to god. i’ll drop in your shop when i’m passing by. do it please. take consultations.

discuss it with your bosses. we shouldn’t delay that.sheila’s waiting, you see? if you want, i’ll pray to god everyday for stanley’s coming back alive! he believes prayers will help him. suppose, it wasn’t a did he figure you out? he didn’t. i was on the stage actively contactingthe guests and moving through the hall. that’s why he approached me. but he figured out thefbi guy immediately.

you’re right. and the fbi guy started following our jew. what does this fact tell us about? it tells we’re going to haveanother sleepless night. all right, i’m preparingthe report and you’ll send it. we are nearly out of ammo. have no food. we lost two men who diedof wounds during last day. volkhov district. behind the frontline.october 1942 eight have severe and medium wounds.

the detachment is being pursuedby a special unit of the germans. i cannot make a fire. i cannot get warmed. request your permission to leave theenemy’s territory through the frontline. yes, sir. ah! wait. belay that. “the order is clear.proceeding to execute it.” stay awake! don’t close your eyes! stay awake! on your feet! squat 20 times!

i told no one takes any ids, didn’t i? it’s no id. it’s my fiancã©e’s picture. pick it up. awake now? what are you doing, soldier? unit, attention! hear my sentence!by authority vested in me…