Kamis, 01 Juni 2017

asking alexandria vip tickets 2016

asking alexandria vip tickets 2016

today i will talk about the new album from the word alive called "dark matter". well, the "dark matter" was released today on 18/03 by fearless records it was produced by matt good and had 3 singles released. the first single was "trapped", released on 08/01 the second single was "sellout" released on 18/02 which was also released with an official music video and the third single was "made this way", released on 03/03. the lead singer of the word alive gave an interview to metal hammer about "dark matter" and he said: "dark matter is the result of our most in-depth writing and recording session we've done, and is something we consider to be our most dynamic and expansive album to date." "this record completely defines and expressions who we are, and where we are going, taking the listener to the darkest and most honest places our band has dared to venture."

well, about the album, i think the "dark matter" is like the "that's the spirit" of the word alive. with "real", the band had already shown a sound change, had already shown a slightly lighter sound than the first album and many people complained that with "dark matter" they claim this change, they show that really is that way that the band is going, that's how it will be the sound of the band from now on and i do not think it was a bad thing for the band. i particularly liked the album a lot, still does have heavy songs like the old, for example: "trapped", "sellout" and the song "dark matter" is the album's title song but also has lighter music with electronic elements with a more alternative rock style like "piece of me", "face to face" and "insane" they are songs that have a sound slightly different from the previous albums of the band but aren't bad songs. for example, "piece of me", the beginning of it is not something you expect for the word alive, but it's a great song the beginning of it reminds me quite porter robinson, why? i do not know, but it reminds me. to promote the album, the word alive made the "dark matter tour”, the tour is on course on the united states and then goes to europe

still has no information about a coming of them to brazil, but it's likely, if not this year, next. the staff of the word alive br made a very cool album with photos of "dark matter tour", the link will be in the description. one thing i read in the new noise magazine site and i think it’s cool was the way the new noise spoke of "dark matter" they said that he is the most mature album to because instead of focusing on breakdowns and screaming, the band decided to do something else worked more focused on technique and letters rather than as the first album and i agree with that i think it was one of the best albums of the band, was certainly the most mature album, it shows a sound evolution of the band as a whole, especially the vocalist who could work better his vocal them, so unclean as clean and i do not know what other people will find this album, but i really liked it and i think it's one of the best albums of the year. i'll leave on the description also the songs that i liked from the album and the band links for those who want to check. changing the subject a little, the vomit3d and solid music announced yesterday the "vomit3d tour", which is a tour in 4 states in brazil with comeback kid and national bands lost in hate, the last station and one true reason, the tour will go through goiania, curitiba, sao paulo and belo horizonte.

in goiania on june 2nd at diablo pub, in curitiba on june 3rd at john bull pub, in sã£o paulo on june 4th at inferno club two days after my birthday, they could give me a vip. and in belo horizonte on june 5th at matriz. the links will be in the description, the tickets are already on sale on the internet, in sã£o paulo physical tickets are on sale at flame store galeria do rock, loja 222. on tour too, but this time on the chunk! no, captain chunk !, they confirmed another date to south america tour this time in curitiba on 29/04 at john bull pub. tickets will begin to be sold soon but i'll leave all the information in the description. if you do not have tickets for shows in sã£o paulo and rio de janeiro, the links will also be in the description. well, that's it, if you liked the video, sign up for channel, share the video, like the vã­deo, more forward i will make a video about the vomit3d tour and the tour of chunk! no, captain chunk !, speaking about national bands that will be supporting the two tours

don't forget to follow the social network of channel to stay on top of news about the tours. well, that is, until next time!