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creature asking alexandria

creature asking alexandria

hour 1: the dawn of man (aired february 11th,1993) welcome to the hour of the time. i'm yourhost, william cooper. (intro music:also sprach zarathustra)1 when i first saw the movie 2001,2 i was amazed, awed, to say the least. theentire scope of the movie was overpowering and, for most of the people of the world,was completely baffling. most people who saw that movie did not understand frombeginning to end what it was that they had experienced, but they knew, everyone who sawit, knew that they had experienced something profound. that something had beencommunicated to the dark, deep recesses of

their mind which they did notunderstand and, indeed, which they were incapable of understanding. for you see, the movie wasnot meant for the "profane" as most of us are called by the adepts, orthe initiates, or the priests of the mystery schools. for that movie was a message tothose initiates who were well versed in the symbology and the mystery religion of an ancientreligion that is practiced to this day in secret. now, i'm going to tell youthe meaning of the symbology that you saw in the movie 2001, and then each andevery listener should go to their local video rental store and watch the movie again frombeginning to end. for it is the story of the entire human race, according to thehistory of the mystery religion of ancient, i can assure you that you will not understand any of what you are going to hear withoutample preparation, and without a basic understanding in the symbologyof the ancient religion. and you're going to get that. and this is going to be aseries of programs that will, in fact, take probably many hours to complete.but let me just go over the symbology of the movie 2001 quickly with you, and then we willgo back to the very beginning, to the first primitive human, probably sittingon his haunches, munching upon some vegetable, watching the sun rise in theeast. in the beginning of the movie 2001, most peoplewho sat in the theater were struck by the

imagery which was presentedto them, as they first saw a dark and grey and ugly world. and as that world begin [sic]to move down from the center of the screen, they saw behind it, a moon. and asthe moon begin to come down with the world that was sinking to the lower part ofthe screen behind it you saw the emergence of the sun. what you are witnessing was aneclipse of the sun, partial eclipse, and as the light from the sun spilled across theedge of the moon, it took the shape of the boat of isis3and the sun, of course, for anyone who has studied, the osirian cyclebecame osiris. and the symbology was osiris riding across the heavens upon theboat of isis. now, this will all have much

deeper meaning to you as we progress towardyour education in the ancient mystery schools, which are today known by many differentnames, and we will get to some of those names as we go along. thissignified, of course, the creation of the universe and of the world.and what we saw next was a barren plain: nothing growing, barren rocks, barren desert. andthen we saw the sun begin to rise in the east over the horizon, signifyingthe birth of the world. as the sun traveled across the heavens, you saw the windbegin to move across the face of the earth, signifying that something was happening. then,as the sun began to reach its zenith on a prime longitude, we began to seeshrubs. small green plants began to emerge.

now, the sun traveling across theheavens did not, of course, signify a day. it signified an age. an age, dear the sun sank deeper into the afternoon, we saw the emergence of animal life: birds,and we could hear the birds 1richard strauss, thus spoke zarathustra, op. 30, composed in 1896. featured in 2001: aspace odyssey 2stanley kubrick, 2001: a space odyssey (film), 19683 interesting note:the cathã©drale de notredame de paris (cathedral of our lady of paris) is situated on the ãžle de la citã©(island of the city), an island in the seine

river, a river where the isidis navigatumwas known to be celebrated during the roman era. the ãžle de la citã© is the originalbirthplace of paris, and from an aerial view, one can see that the island is boatshaped.singing, and we can see the animals. and then, we can see primitive, primitiveman in the form of an ape, mingling amongst the animals, neither harming the other, livingin a state of innocence. and you saw man only eating plants and roots. you sawthat, even when the animals and man were in competition for food, no one was injured orhurt, but there was a display of waving of arms, and yelling and grunting untilone or the other moved away. the significance of this was the age of innocence,when man lived in the garden of eden.4

innocent; with the animals, it was a vegetarian[sic]. and as the sun progressed farther toward the west, we saw man beginto retreat into the womb. for you see, the passage of the sun across the sky, fromthe time that it rose in the east, signifying the birth of the world, we saw that as itreached its zenith, its most powerful aspect in the heavens, life began to emerge, firstin the form of plants, and then animal life, and that the animals and early man livedin harmony together in a state of innocence. this was the symbology of the movie.during this process, you saw a rock formation in the shape of the male organ, the penis.this was the symbol of the mystery schools, of the generative force ofcreation. when you watch the movie again,

pay attention to the symbology of themovie. now, as the sun begins to sink even fartherin the west, man and his little tribe goes to the water hole and confrontsanother group of primitive man, all in form of the ape. and there is a confrontation,but you notice that no one was injured or killed. there was a lot of waving of arms,jumping up and down, grunting and screaming and screeching, until the group thatwas at the watering hole and had already quenched their thirst moved away, and then the newgroup moved in. and then they scurried into the womb signified by the cave.and there was more symbology there, as they all sat in the darkness with theireyes open in fear, and one of the female apes

held a child to her breast. and you were seeingman in the transformation from ape to human. primitive man, evolving to thepoint where he could think. and then what happened in the movie, toward thedawn, you heard the humming of bees, millions of bees. and the beehive and bees were a prominentsymbol in the mystery schools. it signifies societal cohesion;, not industry as you may know it in the manufacture of cars, but industryin working together in a societal form. in this case, the very basic rudiments of society.and as the sun again begin, began to rise up in the east, signifying the dawn ofthe new man, the audience beheld an obelisk, a monolith in front of the cave, or thewomb, from which the apes emerged. and it

appeared that the humming of the bees wasemanating from this block of stone. now, notice i said three words: monolith,obelisk and stone. all of these are significant symbols in the ancient mysteryreligions. and you saw that this was not god, because creation had already taken place.the world had been created, plants and animals had been created, and primitiveman existed on the earth before this monolith, this obelisk, this stone ever madeits appearance. it is also known as, the stone that you saw earlier, the generative forceor the penis. now, don't get all confused by this terminology. it will begin to makesense to you as we go along. it took me many years of study to understand what i amnow imparting to you. you watched as the apes

milled about in great excitement, and oneencouraged by another, signifying adam and eve (the one encouraging was thesymbol of eve, the one being encouraged was adam) until he actually reachedout and touched the face of the stone and he was imparted can tell that something significant had happened because the tone and the generalvolume of the music changed at that point. and then the other apes beganto touch and rub the statue. now, most people that i knew attributed whathappened to some extraterrestrial force, and they were receiving the exoteric interpretation,or that which is meant for the profane, those who were not illumined andcannot understand what it is they are seeing.

but for the initiated, what theywitnessed was the creation of the world by god and the impartation of knowledge to man,the forbidden knowledge, by lucifer through his agent, satan. for in thereligion of the mystery schools, they believe that man was held prisoner in thegarden of eden by an unjust and vindictive god, and that man was not told by this unjustand vindictive god that he could have the same powers. and man was set freefrom the bonds of ignorance by lucifer through his agent, satan. and manybelieve that the two are the same, and that's okay, because maybe they are. and thatthroughthe gift of intellect man himself will become god. now, for those of you whounderstand what i am imparting to you now,

you may not even have to listen anyfarther, for it explains everything that has ever happened in the history of man, and everythingthat is happening now, and all that is to happen in the future.4 living as caretaker of the garden of eden (earth).as it progressed,you saw the first primitive man form the first original thought with the use of the giftof intellect when he squatted in the dust, and picked up a bone,and flopped the bone over, and saw it hit a rib, and the rib flew up into the airand he looked at it. then he flopped it to the other side and hit another piece of ribbone that flew up into the air, and you could see the wheels turning in the mind ofthis primitive individual, as he lifted the

thigh bone and then struck down in frontof him and watched bones fly. and then he struck again and again, and then he crushedthe skull of the dead animal that was lying in front of him. and you notice thatthe portrayal of this was absolutely accurate, because the next thing that happenedwas that this new gift, this intellect and this original thought, led to the murder ofanother primitive human being. in this case, of the tribe that had not been giventhe gift of intellect, did not have the ability to use a bone as a weapon because theyhad not made the connection. and you watched, in the symbology of that movie, the murderof abel by his brother cain. and you watched as he threw the bone up into theair, and the progression of the use of the

gift of intellect led you to a spacestation spinning around the earth. and then the story began of man's journey toward illumination.and everything in that movie was a symbol for something else. now, the audience sittingwho are what the adepts, or the initiates, call "profane" did not understandwhat they saw. they thought that it was really about a journey into space by anastronaut, or a group of astronauts, and the bad things that happened to some of them andone survived. and none of them understood the significance of the obelisks,the monoliths: one on the moon, one in orbit around jupiter, and the ultimatetransformation of the astronaut into a giant fetus floating in space.and to tell you the truth when i first saw

the movie i didn't really understand it either,but i knew that there was something of such import there that i neededto know. and i never stopped studying until i found out. and of course, onediscovery leads to another. and every time i answered a question, a hundred more poppedup until i reached a point, dear listeners, where i realized that if i studiedfor the entire rest of my life, there is not enough time in my life to learn what it isthat i need to know. but i have learned enough along the way to impart some of my knowledgeto you, and maybe you can help me find the ultimate truth that all ofus, all of us, ultimately learn to look for, although not all of us ever realized thatwe

are looking, and most of us never even understandwhat it is that we are looking for, but some of us do understand that we arelooking. the adepts, or the initiates, the priesthood of the mystery school, believethat they have found it and that they know all of these things. and i'm not really surethat they do. because in my search in my ultimate illumination -- (laughs) and yes, ihave become, to a degree, illumined, illuminated -- i have discovered that i am more illuminatedthen most of those who have gone through the process of initiation inthe mystery schools and believe that they know more than i do and it's not true. ihave surpassed them by so far, and they believe that they are so far ahead. that it has becomedifficult for me to place myself

in any kind of logical progression along apath that i am following, and i know not where it will ultimately lead. but i knowthat many have been misled along this path, and are worshiping the fallen angel that weknow as lucifer. many believe that lucifer and satan are the same; many peoplebelieve that they are totally different entities, and that satan is evil and lucifer isnot. but lucifer rebelled against god, according to the bible, and was expelled from heavenand flung to the earth to be the master of the material world, the master ofthe earth. now, if lucifer is indeed satan, how thistransformation took place, i am not wise enough to know. if they are different,then i have not yet discovered where satan

came from, if lucifer is not satan. now, thereare people who have professed to know the answers to these questions, and havesat down and we have talked for hours, and i still am not sure that they areright or that they are wrong. and i'm still looking for the answer to that question. buti do know this: ancient man witnessed something that he described in his oral historyand in his writings. and it could probably be called the firstufo sighting in the history of the world."how art thou fallen from heaven, olucifer, son of the morning [star]!"5 now notice, lucifer was called the "son ofthe morning star". he was also called the "morning star", and there is a great mysteryhere, because christ also called himself the

"morning star".now, how all that fits together, i do not know, but i have been told by those who havebeen initiated in the mystery 5isaiah 14:12.schools that christ and lucifer are one and the same being. however, i cannotbring myself to believe that. what you believe, of course, is your own business, and it isnot my intention to make you believe anything, but rather to impart to you what ihave learned over many, many years of study into the secrets of those who worship theancient mystery religions in secret for thousands of years.for you see, that monkey who sat there squatting on his haunches in the desert, striking theearth and the pile of bones

with this great thigh bone, was the firstpriest of the mystery schools. and it was this first priest who then began to initiateothers into the secrets. and they are the ones who have been responsible, accordingto my research, for most of the scientific developments and the forward movement, asfar as material progress goes, of the human race, for they were the learners.they were the ones who developed science. they were the ones who hid their developments,and used their science and their knowledge and their secrets to govern others-- usually not as kings, but as advisors and as priests, and in all actuality thepowers behind the thrones in ancient times and even today. they have ruled from the shadows,you see. and they have call

themselves the guardians of the secrets ofthe ages. and their first, their first, religion was called astro-theology, or theworship of the heavens, and their first object of worship was the sun. the second objectof worship was the moon. and everywhere you see this mystery schools, orthe mystery religion, you will see the symbols of the sun and the moon, alsoknown as osiris and isis, and the child horus, which i will explain the meaning of later.right now, folks, we must take a break. don't go away, i'll be right back after this veryshort pause. (interlude music: continuing also sprach zarathustra)6 man's new found intellect set him upon a questthat, according to those who say that they

know, has never ended, evenunto this day. and the modern-day equivalent of this ancient mystery religion calls itselfthe order of the quest. and you will see it reflected in many of their outward,exoteric branches, where they disseminate information to the public, ormanipulate the public, or deceive the public, as the profane to them are nothing more thancattle to be herded, and occasionally to be led to the slaughter. inthe movie 2001, the quest led them ultimately into space and to the moon, wherethey were further imparted knowledge, by lucifer again, in the form of the obelisk, the monolith,the stone, the penis. and you will understand what that means laterwhen we get into the osirian cycle, or the

legend of isis, osiris and the child,horus. when they were imparted knowledge again onthe moon, it set them off on a further quest to the planet jupiter, wherethey found a huge tremendous, again, another obelisk, monolith, stone, the generative force,the penis, floating in space, orbiting the planet jupiter. now, the journeyfrom the moon to jupiter is significant, for the astronauts on board thisspaceship represented the entirety of the human race, and it represented that some willevolve, and those who cannot- will not be allowed into the future. you see, thiswas a message from those who rule to all of the initiates of the world. it was amessage that the new age is now dawning.

and you see that, at one point during thisjourney from the moon to jupiter, man, represented on a microcosm by theastronauts making this voyage, came in conflict with their own technology. the technologyof the human race was represented by the computer called hal, andfor those who were intelligent enough to experiment with the name hal, andprogressed the letters one forward in the alphabet from what they were in the movie,h became i, a became b, and l became m, and they were able to see that the symbolwas of the largest at that time when the movie was made and the corporationthat was on the cutting edge of computer technology, ibm [sic]. it was significant that man hadbuilt this technology, this

computer, which had an artificial intelligenceand was capable of communicating with the astronauts, and yet they hadforgotten to put a switch in the machine which could be turned off at, you have to understand that this is all symbology. hal represented many things. herepresented the atomic bomb, the hydrogen bomb, chemical warfare, bacteriologicalwarfare. represented the state of the art of technology, where it6 checkbecame so complicated that no one mancould be an expert in it, and thus might unknowingly participate in the building of atechnology which could destroy him, yet he only worked on a part or portion of it.7the knowledge of which did not indicate to

him that the end product could be a danger,and we see that happening now, don't we? where everybody has to specializein one small portion of technology, because the overall picture is so complicatedand so far beyond our understanding, that we see the prediction made in the movie 2001actually becoming true before our very eyes. just in my lifetime, i've seenautomobiles that i can take apart and put together blindfolded myself as a teenager,to driving automobiles that i can lift the hoodand not even recognize most of what i'm looking at, except that i know that it's anengine in there, and i know that it's got a fuel delivery system, and some kind of systemthat ignites the fuel, but the

technology has surpassed my ability to takeit apart and put it back together again without many months or years ofspecialized training. and this has occurred across the board in our technology, and asi told you before, i will tell you again tonight, dear listeners: in secret, whateveryou perceive as the state of technology in the public eye, the very cutting edge, insecret, they are a minimum a 50 to 100 years ahead, to the point where science fictionis no longer fiction, and hasn't been for quite some time, but is, in all actuality,science fact. you saw this battle play itself out on boardthis space ship, where ultimately there was only one astronaut left fighting thebattle against hal. and he was able to make

this jump in his evolutionary consciousness,and he was able to fool hal and turn off the computer. but when he did sohe knew that he had relegated himself to permanent separation from his fellowhuman beings back on earth. and, folks, the message was not that he went into space toaffect this separation. space was just the vehicle through which it was conveyedin the movie. the message was that the new man will go intothe future and the rest of us will perish. we will not be allowed into thefuture. if we are, it will be as slave labor until we were no longer useful, and then wewill simply be exterminated.the message to the vast army of initiates, in the mysteryschool, was we are on the threshold of the

new age, and into this new age willmarch only one, one, man. it is the new man, it is the illumined man, it is the man thatis able to make the evolutionary jump to no more war, to no more rape, no more pillage,to the level in the mystery school known as 666. it is the number of a is the illumined man to the mystery schools. to those of us who are christians, it is thesymbol, mark of the beast, the indication that the antichrist has arrived,and the beginning of the time predicted in the book of revelation known as thetribulation. now, all of this that i thought i knew sowell and understood has become even more mysterious to me now, as i knowthat i am battling against something that

is almost incomprehensible and i have hadto do it alone, by myself, not trusting anyone else, not letting them in, for fearthat they would corrupt my mind and i would be led down the wrong path. and i stilldo not know the answers, but i have an awful lot of clues, and a lot of facts, and i havelearned an awful lot, and maybe i am more confused than i ever was in my entirelife. but after you hear the results of what i have learned, and after i am, for thefirst time since i've learned all of this, communicated to other human beings to letyou know how really confused i am, maybe all of us being confused together can putthe pieces in the places, and patch this mystery together, and come up what we needas answers to formulate a future that we can

all, all enjoy, without fear, without wars,without lies and deception and manipulation, without elitists and terrorists,and crooks and liars. for i am going to impart to you during all of this that thepriests of the ancient mystery religion are the ones who have caused most of the miseryin the history of man. and if they have not learned this knowledge, the secretsof the ages that they keep from the rest of us and use to manipulate us, maybe,maybe we would have reached peace in this world hundreds of years ago. i don't reallyknow the answer to that, but i don't 7historian john michell notes: ". . . it is their immediate concern, having eaten of thetree of knowledge, to apply all their

newly acquired arts to constructing a facsimileof the garden of eden, a model paradise . . ." but there already was anarchitecture prior to man's imposition of his structures and intervention, this wasthe architecture of the natural landscape asshaped by god to claim that have left it as it was would have been backward is symptomaticof the diseased occult mind and its gigantic egotistical pathology. as longas it (earth) was left as god created it, it was paradise. due to our blindness wefeverishly cooperate with the imposition upon the earth of own version of "eden" which alwaysends in the creation of babylon, of hell on earth. michael a. hoffmanii, secret societies and psychological warfare,

1995think much of what has happened in thehistory of the world that was miserable, terrible, would have happened without thesepeople. but i may be wrong, and as always when you listen to this show, don't believea word you hear unless you can substantiate it in your own at the end of the movie, what you saw as the astronaut became older and aged, andthis was the symbol of gaining knowledge and wisdom, and he looked at himselfand he saw himself younger, and he looked back and saw himself older, andhe looked back and he was older still, and he looked back and he was young again, andthen old, and then he saw this unbelievably overpowering, stunning visionof a fetus, a human fetus, floating in the

great vastness of the universe, signifyingthe birth of the new age, and the new man, that will go into the in the sequel to 2001, you saw that this astronaut, who had made the jump, came backand talked to some select few, signifying that he had then become a teacherto the rest of us, and when he was asked what happened to him, he said, and iquote, "something wonderful."8 now, that was supposed to tell the rest ofthe initiates of the world, who really understood thesymbology of the movie, that if they were able to make this transition, the future wouldbe a utopia. now, i don't know whether it will be or not, but i can tellyou this: the priests of the ancient mystery

religions are in charge right now, and wehad better damn well find out, and we had better do it very quickly, for the new ageis the age of aquarius, and the exact date of the dawning of the age of aquarius canbe determined astrologically and i'm not going to tell you what that date isalthough i have it right here on a piece of paper in front of me. i want you all to helpin this search. god knows i need help. i can't save us all alone, and there is alwaysthe possibility, because i am human, that i can make the wrong decision, or makethe wrong interpretation, and that's why i formed caji, because many of us working togetherand digging and searching for information are much more likely not to makethe mistakes then one man working alone.

let's go back now to the beginning, when manwas in his infancy on the evolutionary scale of development. man wasalone, alone in the sense that he did not have all of the help and the knowledge thatwe have today that enables us to survive. you see, man was then subject to the cold,to the wild beasts of prey. he didn't have a home, he didn't have air conditioning inthe summer, didn't have heating in the winter, didn't have medical doctors. if he becameill or injured, he was most likely to die. so, it did not take ancient man verylong to decide that, in this world, the single greatest enemy to be feared was thedarkness of night, and all the unknown dangers that came with it. and simply stated, man'sfirst enemy was darkness.

now, understanding this one fact alone, onecan readily see why the greatest and most trustworthy friend the human racecould ever have at that time was, by far, heaven's greatest gift to the world: thatglorious rising orb of day that we call the sun.and that was the beginning of the battle between light and darkness, and it was man's firstunderstanding of the birth, the death, and the rebirth of a deity. for thesun rose (was born in the morning), traveled across the heavens, where it reached itsmost powerful point, the zenith (and that will explain why so many things occur at noon,or near noon), and then, signifying old age and the end of its life, sank intothe west and then died. and man was subjected

to the rigors, the dangers, and thecold of night until his god again was reborn the next, folks, i'm not making any of this up, and it took me many, many, years of studyto figure this out. man noticed that the moon also rose, liveda different life than the sun, and then set and died, and was reborn again. thesun, because of its brilliance, became the master, or the greatest deity, and the moontook on the feminine aspect, because the moon reflected the light of her master.and all of this will begin to make sense to you, eventually, as we go through this, becausefrom now on, every program that i do is going to be devoted to this,to the explanation of the esoteric religion,

the ancient mystery religion. and it'simportant that we all understand it, because these are the people in charge, and don'task me to tell you the truth of religion, for i really believe in the constitution,and that we all have a right to worship our own god in our own way, and no one has theright to tell anyone, unless asked, what they should believe. you all know by know thati am a christian, but i'm not a 8arthur c. clarke, 2010: odyssey two (novel), 1984christian in the sense that i follow thedogma of any church, or the preachings of any preacher, or necessarily, word for word,the bible. i stick strictly and only to those words that are directly attributed to jesuschrist, and i attempt to follow those

words in my daily life. and it doesn't matterto me whether anyone proves that he never lived, or that he lived or not. i havefound that those are the most profound teachings amongst all of the books and teachings thati have ever heard or read in my entire life. and until someone can prove tome that there is something better, that is what i will always adhere to.i do not advise you what you should believe or not believe. but i do advise you that weall need to learn as much as we can about everything that we can, because onething i have learned in my life is that most of what he have ever been taught hasbeen a lie. and that whoever these people are -- and i know who they are, and i willimpart that knowledge to you -- who are

the priests, the adepts and the initiatesof the mystery schools, they are in control and they are shaping the future, and thatfuture will affect all of us. so we had better learn as much about them as much as we cannot identify an enemy unless you know the enemy, and you cannotfight a battle if you know nothing about the battle tactics of your opponent. andwhen you understand that lucifer is the son of the morning star, or the morning star itselfthen the creations of the members of the mystery school begin to make much moresense. good night and god bless you all.(outro music: when you wish upon a star) 99

ned washington and leigh harline, the songwasintroduced in the 1940 walt disney movie pinocchio.hour 2: the sun of god (aired february15th, 1993) you're listening to the hour of the time.i'myour host, william cooper. tonight, ladies and gentleman, we begin theorigin, the history, the dogma, and the identity of the ancient mysteryreligions, which are now known as the mystery schools, the order of the quest, freemasonry,the ancient order of the rose and cross, the knights templar, the sovereignand military order of the knights of malta, the order of saint john ofjerusalem, the prieurã© de sion,the thule society, or sometimes known as the thuleysociety, the order, the skull and bones,

the russell trust, the jason society, thescroll and key, the illuminati, and i could go on, and on, and on, and on.but the most important thing to realize is that they all have been collectively knownthroughout the ages as the mystery schools. the illuminati, which literally means,"illumined ones". international socialism, communism, they are all one andthe same as you will come to know, and you will understand perfectly how they've beenable to infiltrate all of our society. what you hear tonight does not necessarilyreflect my views, or beliefs, or religion nor those of wwcr.(intro music: i can see clearly now) 10that song will have a clearer meaning to you

as we progress in your education into themystery religion. but we have to begin in the beginning, with every story andevery history. and we have to begin at the beginning of mankind. and thebeginning is the beginning according to the mystery religion. and they believe, wholeheartedly,that man is a product of evolution, not of an extraterrestrial race,and not of the creation of some benevolent god.[reading from the future of man]:11 [they believe that] the tree-dwelling ancestorsof man were among the most intelligent beings of their distant age.[and] when these creatures finally abandoned the trees and walked fully upright, freeingtheir hands to serve as

implements of their minds as well as theirbodies, there began the most successful evolutionary drive toward higherintelligence ever witnessed in nature. as ground dwellers, these creatures were easyvictims of the great predators, who hunted them down by day andsurprised them at night as they huddled in clearings or in caves. they could not competein strength, ferocity or speed with their attackers. armed with little excepttheir hands and what their complex brains enabled them to do with those hands, theyhad to think or die. for untold thousands of years most of them met early, violent deaths.only a few in each generation had the good fortune and the ability to outwittheir enemies. [and] these favored ones survived

long enough to have and rearoffspring. the unwary, maladroit or stupid died early. [and folks, i'm afraid that thestupid, who live today, are going to die early also. but back to the beginning.] theiroffspring, if they had any, were left to starve or be eaten by predators.natural selection was operating on the earliest types of man with grimmest intensity. perhapsno other extant creature has undergone so severe and protracted a periodof selective elimination. yet here and there small groups managed to survivebecause they had the intelligence to use sticks, stones and clubs to defend themselves. crudeand puny as these implements were, they were weapons and their possessorswere the first creatures who could kill without

having to come in direct contactwith their antagonists. 10 john lester nash jr., i can see clearlynow (album), 1972. cover performed by liza minnelli.11 robert klark graham,the future of man, 1970"as the great beasts grew larger and eitherfaster or more formidable, man became ever more watchful, ever moresuccessful in pitting his wits against mass and power, more and more adept at slippingout of trouble, and as the challenge grew greater, so did his brain, for the laggardson both sides got left behind in the race for the future."12 [and we are still engaged in that race for the future.]the steps in the development, of man's brain

are revealed by the progressively larger braincaseswhich appeared with the passage of centuries. basing our judgmenton the improvements in tools and weapons which took place as the intelligence oftheir inventors increased, we can construct some of the ways in which natural selectionmay have worked to bring about a doubling in size of the human brain.many edible nuts are too hard for even a caveman to crack between his teeth. accordingly, theywere useless to early man, until some genius of his day discoveredthat any nut could be opened if it were just placed up on one stone and stuckhard with another. better fed, the family of this innovator proliferated while the othersdied off.

perhaps centuries later, while a man sat crackingnuts between two stones, one stone broke and the broken edge cut hishand. previously, men in the same situation had thrown the broken stone away and nursedtheir cuts. but this man, [this man] started thinking. [he possessed an originalthought.]since the edge had cut through his skin and drawn blood, it might alsocut through the skin of the small animals he caught, making it easier to get at themeat. the first knife was invented! he and those close to him, and those intelligentenough to imitate him, increased in number [and the rest died off]. they had acutting tool which made it possible forthem to skin and eat meat in less time, so theyhad more time for hunting. many of the

descendants of this exceptional man becameincreasingly skillful at breaking and chipping hard stones into sharper tools andweapons.[and if you've been to a museum of natural history, and you've seen these fine,beautiful flint arrowheads and spearheads, then you know that it took patienceand great skill, and this means a further development of the human mind.]natural selection, favoring better knife makers, went on for hundreds of thousands of years[according to those who guard the secrets of the ages, and even accordingto modern science]. a great many centuries later a young fatherforaging for his brood, may have come upon a long straight stick, splintered atone end. [well] he pulled and chewed at the

splinters until only one stout point was left[or at least that's how we can imagine that it was done]. it seemed to him a veryuseful stick, for it was sharper than the digging sticks, which the women used. hemay have remembered a night during his boyhood, when a great cat had charged his family'scampsite and dragged away a younger sister. now that he had small childrenof his own, the memory of that attack was ever present. lately, he had seenfresh panther tracks. another family, not far away, had been attacked and the motherhad been killed. his dawning intelligence told him his pointed stick mightbe a better weapon against big cats than the clubs which he and the other mencarried. [so] for many days he keptthe long

stick near him, even when he was laughed atfor having what was regarded as a woman's tool.[not only did he possess a greaterintellect than his fellow man, but he possessed more courage to resist theirlaughter.] then one night, he heard a faint rustling.he whispered a quick warning to his family. suddenly, a dim shape charged athim in the darkness. kneeling, he raised the point of his long stick toward the sprang, clawed at him savagely, then fled! the creature had struck the pointsohard that the blunt end of the stick was shoved deep, deep into the morning, following a trail of blood, the man found a panther dead from a puncturedchest. the long, sharp stick had

saved his life and the lives of his familymembers. in the same situation less perceptive men, armed only with clubs, wouldhave been killed. 12 norman j. bernill, man's emerging mind,new york, dodd, mead, 1955, p. 109.from that time he, his sons and their sons, carriedimpaling sticks whenever big predators were near. foresight,genetically transmitted to their descendants, had given them a new weapon, which they usedwith devastating effect against their natural enemies.perhaps many generations later a bright descendant of the inventor of the impaling stick matedwith the daughter of a man who had thought of throwing a club atfruits, nuts and small animals on the lower

branches of trees. now and then, thisbrought down an extra meal. the man who knew how to defend his familyfrom feline prowlers soon learned from his woman the new way to collectadditional food. [and] their young family thrived and some of the children, with goodmental inheritance from both sides of the family, showed an even higher order ofintelligence than either of their parents. with impaling sticks added to their clubsand cutting stones, men no longer had to be such furtive food gatherers. thehunted gradually evolved into hunters. and in times of famine when battles over foodwere fierce, those with impaling sticks threw them with deadly accuracy at membersof other hunting bands. sharper stone knives

and spears gave a double survivaladvantage during times of crisis, but the most telling gains were the increasing sharpnessof minds. "however incomplete our knowledge of humanancestry, there [was] scarcely any doubt that the development of brainpower, of intelligence, was the decisive force in the evolutionary process which culminatedin the appearance of the species to which we belong. natural selection [they believe]has brought about the evolutionary trends towards increasing brain powerbecause brain power confers enormous adaptive advantages on its possessors. it is obviouslybrain power, not body power, which makes man, by far, the most successful,biological species which living matter has

produced."13 [reading from that old-time religion]:14[even with man's new weapons and tools] it did not take him very long to decide thatin this world the single greatest enemy to be feared was the darkness of night,and all the unknown dangers that came with it. simply stated,"man'sfirstenemy was darkness." understanding this one fact alone, one canreadily see why the greatest and most trustworthy friend the human racecould ever have was, by far, heaven's greatest gift to the world . . .that glorious risingorb of day [the sun].[and] with this simple truth understood, we can now beginto unravel [the most] ancient, [and still

the most successful, religion upon the faceof this earth. its success lies in its ability to remain hidden from the rest of the people.][but]first, [let me assure you, folks, that] no people of the ancient world believedthat the sun to be god. in point of fact, every ancient culture and nation onearth have all used the sun as the most logically appropriate symbol to represent the gloryof the unseen creator of the heavens. in the old testament, it says, "theheavens are declaring the glory of god." that's in psalms 19, verse 1. in the oldtestament, "the sun of righteousness will arise." malachi, chapter 4, verse 2.the ancient peoples reasoned that no one on earth could ever lay claim of ownership tothe great orb of day. it must

belong to the unseen creator of the became, figuratively speaking, not man's, but "god' sun". truly, "god's sunwas. . . "the light of the world." 1513 theodosius g. dobzhansky, evolution, genetics and man, new york, wiley, 1955, p. 334.14 the text has been published under jordan maxwell, paul tice and alan snow in that old-timereligion: the story of religious foundations, 2000. (the source isprobably from caji and written by someone of the lodge then published underjordan maxwell.) note: jordan maxwell is a theosophist.15 the mystery schools propagate the lie that the sun is i stated before, [folks]in the dark cold of night man realized his

utter vulnerability to the elements. eachnight, mankind was forced to wait for the [risingof the sun] to chase away the physical and mental insecurity brought on by thedarkness. therefore, the morning sun focused man's attention on heavenly dependence forhis frail, short existence on earth, and in doing so, it became the appropriatesymbol of divine benevolence from heaven. [for without the sun, there was nolight, there was no warmth, and nothing could grow or live upon the face of this earth.]so, just as a small fire brought limited light into man's own little world of darkness, likewise,the great fire of day served the whole earth with its heavenly presence.for this reason, it was said that the god

of the bible was a consuming fire inheaven, and so he was.16 it was accepted by all that man was boundto a life on earth, but the sky was the abode of god's sun. he resided "upthere", in "heaven". ancient man saw in his male offspring his own image and likeness,and his own existence as a father was proved by the person of his son.17 it wasassumed that "god's sun" was but a visible representative of the unseen creator inheaven. so it was said, "when you have seen the sun, you have seen the father." said anotherway,"the father is glorified in his sun." ancient man [even with his limitedintelligence at that time] had no problem understanding that all life on earthdepended directly on life-giving energy from

the sun. consequently, all life was lost withoutthe followed that "god's sun" was nothing less than [man's]savior.since energy from the sun gave life, and we sustained our very existence by takingenergy in from our food—which came directly from god's sun—the sun must give up itslife-supporting energy so that we may continue to live. "god's sun must givehis life for us to live." [i know that if you are intelligent out therelistening, you are making some connections here. you see, the mysteryschools believe that christianity is a perversion of the mysteries.]18 while it was plainly true that our life camefrom and was sustained each day by "our savior.

. . god's sun,"it was andwould be true only as long as the sun would return each morning. [and] our hope of salvationwould be secure only in a "risen savior." for if he did not rise fromhis grave of darkness, all would be lost. all the world waited for his "imminentreturn". . . each morning. the . . . father would never leave us at the mercy of thisworld of darkness. the heavenly promise . . . was surely that. . ."he would come again".. .to light our path, and save those lost in the darkness. logically, even if manhimself died, as long as the sun comes up each day, life on earth will continue forever.therefore, it was said in the ancient texts that everlasting life was "the gift".. .the father gives through his sun. for.

. . "god so loved the world that he gave hisonly begotten sun that we may have life everlasting". . . on earth.[and the ancient text did notmean] for you personally— but on earth . . . everlasting life.[thatis the interpretation of the mystery schools.] since evil and harm lurked at every turn inthe fearful dark of night, all evil or harmful deeds were naturally, the . . ."works of darkness."[and] with the return of the sun each morning, man felt more securein his world and therefore, was at peace. therefore, "god's sun" was with hiswarm rays of hope . . .the great "prince of peace." and of course the reverse wasequally true. the evil of night was ruled over by none other than . . . "the princeof darkness" hence, evil is of the dark or:the

devil. it was only a short step to see [that]"the light of god's sun" equated with righteousness and truth—and evil withdarkness. from then on, it was simple to understand . . . light was good—dark was bad.[and thepriests of the ancient mystery religion always followed the light.they always looked toward the east. they considered themselves to be illumined.]that being true, then the great orb of day (god's sun) could rightly say of itself that,"i am the light and the truth."we 16 deut 4:24 and heb 12:29 (note: the mysteryschools have a skill for twisting the bible) 17 the concept of reincarnation. it is espousedin the 1972 film superman: the movie,"you will make my strength your own,and see my life through your own eyes, as

your life will be seen through mine. the sonbecomes the father, and the father, the son."18 "woe unto them that call evil good, and goodevil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter forsweet, and sweet for bitter!"isaiah 5:20should all [in their words, not mine] "give thanks"tothe father for sending us his "sun."[spelled: s-u-n, in case some of youare getting confused. in every instance where i have mentioned the word sun, it has beenin reference to the sun, s-u-n.] for the peace and tranquility he brings to ourlife is even called "solace"[solace is]from [the word]"solar,"[which means] sun.[are you beginning to see the light? (laughs)]

we now have before us two cosmic brothers—onevery good, and one very bad. one brings the "truth to light" with the"light of truth."the other is the opposite, or in opposition to the light--"the opposer".. . [the] prince of theworld of is at this point we come to egypt.more than 3,000 years before christianity began, the early morning sun,[the]savior was pictured in egypt as the "new born babe."the infant savior's name was "horus."theearly morning sun, or "new born babe," was pictured in two ways: thedove—[known as the] bringer of peace. the hawk—[the] god of war (whopunishes the enemies of god).today, in government, we still use these terms, doves and hawks.[and that's how powerful this

hidden religion is; is that we use the termsof this religion even today and know it not.] at daybreak, this wonderful newborn childis of course "born again"(hallelujah). horus is risen. [that is what hallelujahmeans.] even today, when the sun comes up, we see it on the "horus-risen," or "horizon".his life was also divided into 12 parts or 12 "horus = hours"[the twelve signsof the zodiac]. but now, what about the evil brother of god's sun, that old"prince of darkness" himself? in the egyptian belief system he was called "set"[or sometimestyphon]. we are told in the bible that when god's sun died, the worldwas left in the hands ofthe prince of darkness at. . . sun-set.[sun-set, do youunderstand? god's sun was killed by the prince

of darkness, "set," at sun-set.]it was generally observed that "god's sun" could be depended upon to return in the samemanner that he left—namely, "on a cloud". . . and "every eye will seehim". . .(unless, of course, you're blind or dead).keeping in mind that "god's sun"not only represented the light of truth, but was put to death by his enemies who couldnot endure the light of truth in their life, it was taught by the ancients that thevery act of opposing or denying the light of truth to the point of killing it, happenedin one's own mind.when we are confronted with harsh realities of life [the truth], the lightof truth, which we do not wish to face, and which runs counter to our views,such truth is put to death by your mind, and

in your head.therefore, "god's sun"--the truth and the light— is put to death at the "place of the skull," or "skull place,"locatedsomewhere between your ears. this putting to death of the light of hopein your mind is always accompanied by the two thieves: regret for the past and fearof the future. [don't go away folks, we have to take a shortbreak. i'll be back right after this pause.] (interlude music: the four seasons: winterii) 19and of course "god's sun" goes to his death wearing a "corona"—[which in] latin [means]"crown of thorns". remember the statue of liberty? [it was given to usby masonic france.] to this day, kings still

wear a round crown of thorns, symbolizingthe [rays of the sun]. [now] as far back as we can go into the ancientworld [in our research], we find that all known cultures had a "three-inone"[or] triunegod. the very first trinity was simply the three stages of life of the sun: new bornat dawn; mature or full grown [in its full power] at 12 noon; andold and dying, at the end of day (going back to the father. all three were of courseone divinity.the trinity in no mystery [in the mystery schools].the egyptians knew thatthe sun was at its highest point in the sky (or high noon) when no shadow wascast by the pyramid. at that point, all egypt offered prayers to the "most high"god. as stated before, to the ancients, the

sky was the abode, or heavenly temple of the"most high."therefore, "god's sun" was doing his heavenly father's work in thetemple at noon. 19 antonio vivaldi, concerto no. 4 in f minor,op. 8, rv 297, "l'inverno" (winter) largo, composed in 1723.the world of ancient man kept track of times and seasons by the movement of the sun—daily,monthly and yearly. for this, the sundial was devised. not only wasthe daily movement of the sun tracked on the round dial, but the whole year wascharted on a round calendar dial. examples [are]: ancient mexican, mayan, inca, aztec,sumerian, babylonian, assyrian, egyptian, celtic [or celtic as some pronounceit], aryan, etc. [and] with this method, certain

new concepts emerged in themind of ancient man. since the earth experienced four different seasons, all the same and equal(in time) each year, the round calendar was divided into four equal parts.this represented the complete story of the life of "god's sun."this is also why wehave, in the bible, only four gospels. of this point there can be no doubt. [for] tertullian20and many early church fathers stated this [exact fact]themselves [in theirown writings].[and] this [the mystery school claims] is why the famous paintingof the "last supper" pictures the 12 followers [or houses] of the sun in four groups (of3). . .the seasons [with the sun in the center alone].on the round surface of the yearly calendar,

you draw a straight line directly across themiddle, cutting the circle in half - one end being the point of the winter solstice,the other end being the point of the summer solstice.then draw anotherstraight line (crossing the first one). one end of the new line being the spring equinox,the other end being the autumn equinox. you now have the starting pointsfor each of the four seasons.this is referred to by all major encyclopedias andreference works, both ancient and modern, as "the cross of the zodiac."thus, the lifeof god's "sun"is on "the cross."this is why we see the round circle of the sun onthe crosses of christian churches. the next time you pass a christian church, lookfor the circle (sun) on the cross. on december

22nd, the sun, going south, reaches its lowestpoint in the sky (our winter solstice). at that lowest point, the sun stopsmoving on the sundial for three days, dec 22nd, dec 23rd, and dec 24th in thesouthern constellation known as the southern cross. hence our savior (dead for three days)died on the cross. the "southern cross constellation,"that is.thisis the only time of the year [folks] that the sun actually stops its movement in oursky [according to the mystery schools]. on the morning of dec. 25th, the sun begins itsannual journey back to us in the northern hemisphere, bringing, of course,our spring. therefore, on dec 25th, the sun is born again. and to this day, hisworshipers celebrate his birthday.

it is at this point that we should look atthe significance of the recurring number 12 in the bible. first, 13 is said to beunlucky for humans. it is a heavenly number and represents. . .the sun + "the 12" = 13.[or christ plus the 12 disciples equals 13. it's unlucky for a different reason,folks, and i will explain that on another program. but it has to do with thepersecution of the mystery school, the mystery religion.]21 it would be well to get a bible concordance and look to see howmany times the number 12 is used in the entire bible.[remember, the mystery religion is a religion of the heavens. also, in the bible you willfind many combinations of the

number seven. in the mystery religion, thatrepresents the seven stars of the pleiades.22 and you can see the emergence ofthe mystery religion in the ufo movement, when the pleiadians23 come to talk to billymyers in switzerland.24 (laughs) oh my, how we are deceived by these people!][here are a]few examples [of the use of the number 12 in the bible]: the 12 months ofthe year, the 12 apostles of the sun, the 12 tribes of israel, the 12 brothersof joseph, the 12 judges of israel, the 12 great patriarchs, the 12 old testamentprophets, the 12 kings of israel, the 12 princes of israel, god's sun in temple at 12 [andthere are many more.] all of these 20 quintus septimius florenstertullianus,anglicised as tertullian, (ca.160 -- ca.220

ad) was a prolific and controversial earlychristian berber author, and the first to write christian latin literature. he alsowas a notable early christian apologist and apolemicist against heresy. 21 the knights templar were arrested on octoberthe 13th 1307. 22 the pleiades in greek mythology are theseven daughters of atlas. 23 said to be a group of nordic alien extraterrestrialsand "multidimensional spirit beings" from the pleiades star cluster. lsospelled pleiadian or plejaran. 24 billy eduard albert meier, february 3,1937, is a citizen of switzerland who claims to be a ufo contactee.examples and countlessmore derived directly from the ancient world's

fascination with the 12 signs of the zodiac.[now remember, folks, what i'm given you is the teachings of the mystery schools. thisdoes not necessarily reflect any of my own beliefs, or my own religious beliefs,or those of wwcr. we cannot fight against these manipulators unless weknow who they are and what they believe. now, what you want to believe is your own business.]as we noted before [folks], the year was divided into 12 equal parts, or months. and to eachmonth was appointed a heavenly symbol or astrological "sign."[eachof these signs made up one season in the world of the heavens, thus divided intofour separate seasons.] each of the 12 monthly signs were called "houses" of the heavenlyzodiac. the astronomers of

babylon divided the sky into twelve "houses."[theydid this to account for the fact that the planets were not always exactly inthe ecliptic, but appeared to wander a certain number of degrees either side of it.] they[therefore had to assume that] each sign of the zodiac extended its influencethrough a fixed [portion] of the sky, which they thought of as a house [to which aplanet could return when it completed one of itsjourneys about the sun]. the great godof the day had its house in leo [leo, the lion of judah], where he ruled at thehead of his splendor; the moon ruled in cancer, at the right hand of the sun. theother planets were given two houses. one for day and one for night. and since the zodiacdivided the sky into twelve equal

[portions], each of these houses was alsoequal, comprising 30â°, [or] one-twelfth of the 360â° circle.[and] the houses/signs of the zodiac were as follows: aries was the ram or lamb of god;taurus the bull/[the] golden calf; gemini the twins[which represented]cain-abel, jacob-esau [or] jesus-satan [for in mystery babylon, jesus and satanare brothers, and in some sects of the mystery religion, they are the same entity]; cancerthe crab, leo the lion/of the tribe of judah [that can be found in revelations5, verse 5]; virgo the virgin/spring birth of god's sun [or mary].[mary or] mariemeans pure, [thus] mary the virgin, the mother of god, when god is reborn or born in thespring. [and that is where the

mother holding the child, isis with the child,horus, and all through the history of the world you will find a virgin holding achild in every culture, every language, in every continent, of this earth.] libra thescales; scorpio the scorpion, the backbiting traitor. . .judas; sagittarius the archer;capricorn the sea-goat[or the goat of mendes]; aquarius, man with thewater pitcher; pisces the two fishes. [the age that we are leaving at this pointin time, is the age of pisces. and, according to the mystery religion, we areentering into the age of aquarius very soon in our future. and to them this has greatmeaning, for it means the dawn of the new age, the age of the illumined man. thenumber of the man is 666 in the mystery religion.]

25today we have expressions when someone dies. we say things like, "they passed" or "theypassed on" or "they passed away."the ancients said "they passed over"(fromone life to another). [over what? over the river.] and so it was with thecoming of spring, as god's sun is "resurrected"from the death of winter to his new life (in spring).this is why christians celebrate "the resurrection" with a sun-riseservice at. . ."easter". . . and the jews, who knew [this ancient religion fromtheir time in captivity in babylon] celebrate the same with their. . . "passover."with this knowledge, we now add the fact that the first decan of the astrological sign ofvirgo is "coma"—or the "desired

one"—of the nations. this was pictured bythe ancient astrologers as a virgin girl holding a new born babe. hence, our"madonna and child" motif, so in the spring, or virgo, god's sun is "born of a virgin."incidentally,the astrological symbol for virgo is the letter 'm' [or] "marie"[which]means "pure," hence "m"-ary . . .the pure virgin."[and all through everyculture, you will sign . . . find other representations by other names of the virgin mother with thechild. isis with the child horus, born of a magical intercourse, whenisis changes into a bird and flutters over the dead osiris. osiris representing thesun, isis representing the moon. i will tell you the meaning of the child horus, otherthan the sun in the morning, probably on

25 666: (3 degreesin 6 acts). "and that noman might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or thenumber of his name. here is wisdom. let him that hath understanding count the number ofthe beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescoreand six." revelation 13:17-18 another episode of the hour of the time.][now,] we belong to one another, [according to the mystery school.]we are part of god'screation. we are part of a great fraternity of man,[according to them.]we arecreations voiced to sing praises to god as we gather in the morning, [(laughs)the morning, folks,]to pray. the very time of day recalls our creation and our new creationin christ during the gathering

time reflect on this mystery. using the silence,the sounds of morning, the psalms and other scriptures, be aware that therising sun is the image of christ, our sun and source of life, [and that is taken rightout of a protestant church's leaflet calling for the congregation to gather for the eastersunrise service.] next, we read at i peter [chapter 5 verse4] that god's sun is the "chief"shepherd. this word "chief"is very important.for at i peter [chapter 2 verse 6] and again at [ephesians chapter 2 verse 20] god's sunis called the "chief cornerstone."[now in our research in the mystery schools wefind that]the word in greek for "chief cornerstone"simply meant the "peak of apyramid". [the peak of a pyramid.] [the] corner

foundation (stone) or, peak of the pyramid.theprefix akro- 26 ([or] topmost)was added by the jews to the already existing greek adjective, goniaios27 ([or] at the corner).in that way the translators of isaiah rendered the hebrew word for 'corner'(pinna isaiah 28:14), describing the stone which was a 'sure foundation' andwhich probably had reference to the future messiah . . . well understood by the christianwriters, was that of an important stone which was both akro-(a peak) and a goniaios(a cornerstone). but there are four or more corners to a building, and astone and a corner cannot be uniquely significant. [although you will find in freemasonry theceremony of laying a cornerstone for every

building that is built, and you lookat all the buildings in washington, dc. you will see a cornerstone with the masonic symbolsand masonic date of the mystery schools of the calendar of six thousand years.]28 [well, we found that we don't believe thatit can be] significant unless the stone be at the apex [apex] of a pyramid whereall corners meet and bond together.[and that is the secret of the truncated pyramid missingthe cap stone, on the reverse of the great seal of the united states. for wehave found in our research, that in the mystery religion the master mason is thecornerstone, or the peak, of the pyramid. the illumined man who functions as the eyeof horus, or the spy for the mystery

schools, wherever he is at.]29 just as the great pyramid near mexico cityis called . . .the "pyramid of the sun,"so also the great pyramid of egypt was[actually] dedicated to horus, "the sun." a picture of this you may see on the backof any one-dollar bill. above the pyramid [folks] is the eye, the sun—the eye of horus,the sun (of god). the new testament tells us three different times that god'ssun was taught by and learned all things from the father. he wasthe pupil.we are told at matthew [chapter 14 versus 17 and 19] that god's sun tends to his people'sneeds with "two fishes."the two fishes being the astrological sign allastrologers know as pisces. thus, we have

had for almost 2000 years god's sun rulingin his "kingdom" or sign of pisces/two fishes. as stated before, these signs are called houses.therefore, pisces is the "lord's house" at this time. truly, the greatest "fish"story ever told. according to astrology, sometime after theyear 2010 . . . [catch that date, folks: the year 2010 and remember when i toldyou about 2001. arthur c. clark30 26 ancient greek ἄîºïî¿ï‚ (akros, "edge,extremity") is obviously a member of the mystery schools,and stanley kubrick, who's responsible for 27 ancient greek î³ï‰î½î¯î± (gonã­a, "corner,angle") 28 0 c.e. + 4000 = year a.l. (anno lucious,"in the year of the light")

29"jesus saith unto them, did ye never read in the scriptures, the stone which the buildersrejected, the same is become the head of the corner: this is the lord's doing,and it is marvellous in our eyes?" matthew 21:4230 clark wrote among others 2061: odyssey three (novel), 1987. 3001: the final odyssey(novel), 1997making the movie, is obviously a member also.] according to astrology, sometimeafter the year 2010 the sun will enter into his new sign, or his new kingdom, as it wascalled by the ancients. this next coming sign [or] kingdom, soon to be upon us,will be, according to the zodiac, the house or sign of aquarius. so when we read at luke[chapter 22 verse 10], we now

understand why god's sun states that he andhis followers, at the last passover, are to go into "the house of the man with thewater pitcher." so we see in the coming millennium, god's sun will bring us into his new kingdomor house of aquarius (the man with the water pitcher).once we realize that in astrology, each month is assigned one of the so-called "houses"of the zodiac and in heaven are 12 houses [or] (12 monthly signs), then thewords we read of god's sun saying "in my father's house are many mansions,"makes sense (when translated correctly). the proper translation is as follows: father'shouse = heavenly abode, mansions = houses. so, correctly read in the originaltext, we read: "in my father's heavenly abode

are many houses." yes, 12 to be exact[according to the mystery religion of ancient babylon].[by careful intention and]study [of]the houses, you will be enable to interpret horoscopes.[it is well to] remember [that] just as the influence of one planet in onesign may be affected for good or ill by another planet in another sign, so theinfluence of planets in signs in general may be [strengthened, weakened, enhanced, afflictedor otherwise altered] by the influence of planets and houses [accordingto their beliefs].[a rule of thumb to remember is that] signs measure yourinherent qualities, the planets influence those qualities, and the houses indicate directionsfor them. in other words, the

houses indicate certain things, and a planetin a house influences or activates the things indicated.[now, this is all according to their religion. if you want more explanation, please ask nancyreagan.] 31anyone familiar with modern-day christianity must surely know we are said to be livingin the "last days."this teaching is, in part, based on the idea expressed inmatthew [chapter 28, verse 20] of the king james bible. where god's sun says, "iwill be with you even to the end of the world." end of the world??!! [in] another simple mistranslationto clarify [and there are many in the bible] with a proper understandingof the actual words used. this "end ofthe

world"is translated differently inthe various bibles. some say "end of time,"[some say] "end of the days," and still others say"conclusion of this system of things." so what does all this talk of the"end times[or last] days"really mean? [well] here is the simple answer [folks, accordingto the mystery schools]. when the scripture speaks of "the end of theworld,"the actual word used is not, i repeat, is not end of the world. the actual word ingreek is "aeon," which, when correctly translated, means "age,"that's spelled[folks] a-g-e. any library will have bible concordances. strong's bibleconcordance is a good reference work to use here. look up the word "age"in any seculardictionary or bible concordance.

there you will find the word for "age"is fromthe greek "aeon"[or a-e-o-n]. remembering that in astrology each of the 12houses (or signs) of the zodiac corresponds to a 2000 year period of time, called an "age,"we now know we are 1992 years into the house or age of pisces. now, correctlyunderstood, it can rightly be said that we today, in fact, are living in the "last days."yes, [according to the mystery schools] we are in the last days of the old "age of pisces."soon, god's sun will come again into his new kingdom or "new age",[and thatis where all this newage movement and new age comes from] "new age" ofaquarius (man with the water pitcher—luke [chapter 22 verse 10]).[that's right, folks, the new aeon or the

new age. this, according to the mystery schools,is the perversion of christianity. this is the theme of the bible,god's sun in his coming kingdom age, the new age of aquarius. now, what youchoose to believe is your business. remember, don't get mad at me. i am teaching you themystery religion of ancient babylon, and i am telling you right now manypeople practice this mystery religion in secret, and they hate christians. theyhate christians because they believe that christianity is a perversion of their religion,and thus is their enemy.] 31 time magazine published an edition withnancy regan on the front cover entitled:"astrology in the white house".when viewing the shimmeringrays of sunlight on a body of water at dawn

or sunset, [according to the mystery schools]one can still see today, how god's sun "walks on water."[no longer reading] good night, and god bless you all.(outro music: walk on the water) 3232 creedence clearwater revival, creedence clearwater revival (album), 1968hour 3: antiquities (aired february 16th, 1993)good evening, folks, and welcome once again to the hour of the time. i'm your host, williamcooper. we continue where we left off last fridaynight, february the 12th, and i want to quickly reiterate that what you're goingto hear does not necessarily reflect my beliefs

or my religion or the beliefs of the staffor management of wwcr, worldwide christian radio. what you are hearing, folks,is for the first time in history the public revelation of the origin, the history, thedogma and the identity of those who operate in secret to bring about a worldwide totalitariansocialist government. they are known to christians as mystery babylon. itis an ancient religion. now, get a pencil and paper ready becauseif you did nottape last friday night's broadcast, or if you did not hear it, youmust order it. you must order it. you have to have this information and if you have anypossible way to tape tonight's broadcast, either tape it or order this can order studio quality tapes from us,

and i will give you that informationlater in this broadcast. make sure, as always, that you have pencil and paper or pen andpaper by your side at all times. you will want to write down important portionsof this broadcast and you certainly will want to get our address and phonenumber and the price of the tapes. those of you who are smart enough to know what is transpiringhere know that these are historic broadcasts and by making these broadcastsi have sealed my fate. (intro music: unknown orchestral piece)33 [reading from that old-time religion]:the sun enters each heavenly sign or house of the zodiac in what is called the 30th degreeand leaves at the 33rd degree.

thus, god's sun is said by the ancients tobegin his ministry at 30 and dies at 33. [a freemason is not told the truth of theobject of his worship until he attains the 30th degree, and] this is why the highestdegree in freemasonry is the 33rd [degree]—for no one can rise higher thanthe sun. 34 when viewing the shimmering rays of sunlighton a body of water at dawn or sunset, one can still see today howgod's sun "walks on water." it was well understood by ancient man thatour weather was caused and controlled by the sun. it was a simple fact thatgod's sun had the power to control storms at will. the ancient egyptians taught thathe did this as he rested in his heavenly

boat while crossing the sky. thus, we readthat god's sun quieted the tempest, or great storm on the sea, while in his boat.[which boat? the boat of isis.] ra, the sun-god, [also known as osiris,] in the barque of millionsof years in which he transversed the heavens. he wears on his head,and accompanies, a vast sun-disk symbolizing his powers as lord of theheavens. the boat, formed of a serpent, bears his eye; and the god is seated on a pedestalrepresenting mayet, the divine order.[folks,] when we stop to realize thatevery single king, prince, lord, governor, dictator, despotic ruler, civil and socialinstitution, national flag, coat of arms, educational institution, military medal, award,organizational insignia, medallion,

badge, emblem, citation, trophy, banner, pendant,political standard or ensign, agency of government or religion, uses the sunas a primary symbol, then it can truly be said [in the mystery school] that god's sunis. . ."king of kings, and lord of lords." here we note another cleverly disguised partof the whole, [according to the mystery school] misunderstood [andplagiarized] story.[for they believe that christianity is a perversion of the mysteriesand that's why they hate christians.] in the ancient world, months were counted accordingto the phases of the moon. they were called the "lunar months" on the"lunar calendar."[now,] since scorpio/the scorpion is the astrological sign startingin late october, the first month of autumn,

it follows that october/the scorpion, withhis deadly, back-biting "tale", betrays the sun in autumn, leading directly to hisdeath in winter.[and is known as judas, and that's where the octobersurprise comes from,and i'm telling you right now that barbara honegger was a plant.]35 33and the 30 pieces of silver were, as the north american indians would say, 30 moons of34 there are 32 paths on the kabbalist's tree of life35 barbara honegger is apparently a conspiracy researcher.25silver needed for the month to "betray"the sun and cause his unhappy relationto this, another interesting point:

factually speaking, when a person is bittenby a deadly scorpion the wound appears to be, or looks like, two human lips. theancients called this "the kiss of death."this is why we read that judas ([or] october) givesgod's sun "the kiss"—leading to his death in winter. [and that is the originaloctober surprise. there was an october surprise in france on friday, octoberthe 13th in the year 1307. look it up, but in case you don't, i will cover it extensivelylater.] the next point to be made requires first,a little background. christians have always referred to god as "the father." butviewing god as a father didn't start here—it goes back far into the ancient world. thereason is [according to the mystery

religion]: our planet was always viewed asour "mother earth or mother nature."[and that's where all of this mother earthand earth goddess comes from in the new age movement.]36 and since rain (the life-bringing fluid [or the semen]), fallingfrom heaven, impregnated and brought life to mother earth, it was therefore believedthat our father was in heaven. all this life-bringing intercourse between god thefather and mother earth would be after a proper marriage ceremony at a springwedding. in the area today called israel, anciently called "the land of canaan,"the(sexual/fertility) rites of spring were celebrated each year in what was called. . . "themarriage feast of canaan." and so the new

testament story was...motherearth asked god's sun to draw water (from the sea) for the grapes to make fine winefor the wedding feast. [and] this marriage feast story is over 5000 years old—3000years before the new testament story . . .[and the mystery schools believeit is] just one more case of pious plagiarism. [now] it is at this point we need to go backto the ancient egyptians to further understand [this story]. though all of theessential pieces of the christian story were long in existence before egypt, [the onlything different, folks, is the names were changed to protect the innocent] it was withthe coming of the pharaohs that the story was finally codified and becamereligious dogma. though the story varied in

some details from place to place in egypt,the essence was always the same: god's sun [spelled s-u-n]/our risen savior was the"light of the world," who gave his life for us.[now remember, this is according to the belief of the mystery religion of babylon.]from the egyptian records we learn that the new born sun, horus, was given the title "thelogos," which means "the word." egyptians further said "the word" wasmade flesh and dwelt among us. and since we enjoy only one sun in heaven,he was said to be "the only begotten" (of the father).[the word was lost and that storyis told in the osirian cycle of isis, osiris and the child horus, and you will learnthat the symbol of the word today is the obelisk,

the monolith, the stone. it isalso called the lost word of freemasonry, and i will explain the meaning of all of thosethings later.] another interesting point not to be missed concerning horus: laterin egyptian history he was given a second name—iesos, or iesus, meaning"holder of the light." still later, in roman latin, "i" became interchangeable with "j."so from iesus, we get jesus. all of this can be read by anyone in a public library.[ifyou so desire.] in ancient egypt it was said that if you wantedto follow the life of god's sun and thereby "live in the light of god's word"([or] logos), one would first have to leave his old ways of life to "follow the sun [faceto the east]." but before beginning this

new life in "the word," one must die to theold way of life and be "born again."[george bush, when asked at a pressconference by a reporter if he was a christian, mr. bush said this: "if you're asking if ihave been born again, the answer is yes."] your first birth was "out of the water" yourmother formed you in. because her water broke and your new life began, rebirth issymbolized by coming out of total immersion in water—[or] baptism—or being born again.these points here mentioned are just some of hundreds, if not thousands, ofdirect connections that can be made between the judaic-christian bible story andthe far more ancient, original story. [the] purpose for drawing your attention to thisliterary plagiarism [according to the

mystery school; this is what they believe]is best stated by alfred north whitehead who said, "no lie can live forever."[they hate christians; they hate christianity, and the first object is to destroy thechristianchurch and christians, to wipe them off the face of the earth. if youare a christian, you are in the greatest danger that you can even imagine at thismoment as the new world order takes shape around you.] egyptologist gerald massey [said],"they must find it difficult, 36 indoctrination of this sort can be foundin the film avatar (2009)26 those who have taken authority as the truth,rather than truth as the authority."[and now] for a few thoughts on the "oldtestament"word of god. [according again to

the mystery religion. remember, i am revealingthe secrets of the mystery religion of babylon during this broadcast.]at malachi 4:2 the god of heaven is described as the "sun of righteousness withhealing in his wings [and it is spelled s-u-n]. the sun with healing in his wings?? [thenin] the new testament at matthew 23:37 and luke 13:34 we see god's sun wantingto gather all under "his wings."this is most appropriate for, in egypt, the sunwas always pictured with his wings. [and you see a disk with wings. now, all thesepitiful little twits running around calling themselves ufologists andzecharia sitchin, who has perverted the interpretation of the ancient writings, claims that thismeans that the egyptians --

whenever they drew these, or put these hieroglyphicsin their writings—were indicating that ufos came from other planets,and nothing could be farther from the truth. but this is part of the mystery babylon deceptiontrying to convince the people of the earth that we are threatened by someother species from some other planet so that they can more quickly bring abouttheir new world order, their one-world totalitarian socialist government. don't fall for it, folks.i have found that most of these people involved with the so-called "uforesearch," who are trying to convince you of this, are freemasons. most ofthem, 32nd degree of the scottish rite. and evidently they are attempting to do theirbest toward the furtherance of the great

work in order to attain the 33rd degree, whichcan only be attained by meritorious work to bring about the completion of thegreat work, which is the destruction of the church, the state and the enslavement of themob, which is all of us. i hope you hear me out there.]in the most ancient egyptian understanding of things, mankind was called "the sheep ofgod." and the great orb of day, god's sun, was the overseer or, in the exactwords from the ancient egyptian manuscript, "the good shepherd"—and we arehis flock. all ancient kings thought of their people as sheep to be pastured, with themselvesas "the shepherd." sheep are ideal followers, you see, for they do not thinkfor themselves but will blindly follow anyone

without question [and that is why i callmost people 'sheeple']. [it's truly] admirable behavior for animals, but [it is very, very]unwise for humans. sheep were born to be fleeced, and have "'the wool pulled overtheir eyes."[and are eventually always led to the slaughter.] lastly, they end up asa tasty meal, eaten by their masters [and theirskin, or their hide or their wool, is worn as an apron around a freemason's waist.(laughs) how about that?] [keep] all of the foregoing in mind [folks],we read again from the old testament book of psalms. at psalms 23:4 we readthat old, dog-eared, tired exhausted and equally misunderstood chestnut [according to the mysteryschools], used by every

"'man of the cloth"to put the sheep to sleep,we quote it here: "yea, though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, iwill fear no evil, for thou art with me. thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.""thy rodand thy staff"!!?? here in the book of psalms the old testament god is picturedwith his. . . rod and staff. the rod here mentioned is the king's "rod ofdiscipline." and the staff is the "shepherd's staff," or crook. now for the correct understandingof this old verse. any good library book on the egyptian religion willtell you that the ancient pharaohs were said to be ruling for god's sun [spelled s-un]on earth. he was called "king of the kingdom" and "the great shepherd of his sheep."in thehands of the pharaoh/god

(who's arms form the "sign of the cross" onhis chest), were placed the royal symbols of heavenly power. . .the rod [whichwas a flail] and [the] staff.[the rod was used to beat those who were disobedient andthe staff, with the crook, was used to herd the sheep.]incidentally, jesus is picturednot only with his shepherd's staff but, at revelation 12:5 & revelation 19:15, isalso said to . . ."rule with a rod of iron."[and i have pictures here of all of this. you can'tsee it, but you can go to the library and find this stuff. our research has beenthorough and we have managed to place members of caji within the masoniclodges and we have verified everything that we are telling you now. we have infiltratedthe lodge.]

in jeremiah 18:2-6 and isaiah 64:8 we seethe god of the old testament portrayed in a different way. here he is said to bethe "great potter" who fashions man on a potter's wheel. all mighty god . . .the great potter??[injeremiah 18, let me read to you what it says:]the word which came tojeremiah from the "lord,"saying, arise, and go down to the potter's house, andthere i will cause thee to hear my words.then i went down to the potter's house, and, behold,he wrought a work on the wheels. and the vessel that he made of theclay was marred in the hand of the potter: so he made it again another vessel, asseemed good to the potter to make it. then the word of the "lord" came to me, saying,o house of israel, cannot i do with

you as this potter? saith the lord. behold,as the clay is in the potter's hand, so are ye in mine hand, o house of israel.[inisaiah 64:] but now, o lord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter;and we all are the work of thy hand. [the potter story was egyptian, 1000 yearsbefore it was written by the writers of the bible, and i have a picture here takenfrom egyptian hieroglyphics, and you can find this in a book called, the african beliefin god. 37 it shows the hieroglyphicstaken right of the egyptian temples and it shows]the god khnemu fashioning the body ofone of ptolemies on his "potter's wheel."[and here is another picture:]the godkhnemu fashioning a man upon a "potter's table,"[and]

behind him standsthoth marking his span of life [on a staff]. in egypt, god's risen sun was horus. at 12noon he became the "most high."in this exalted position, he became themediator between god and man. his name was amen-ra. ra = ray (of the sun). his shepherdson earth were called "priests of amen."they would direct their prayers tothe invisible god—the father—through his mediator, amen-ra. [and] god'ssun was "the great amen" with his rays. in the new testament he—the sun—is stillcalled (at 2 corinthians 1:20 & revelation 1:7 & revelations 3:14) "the amen."at the end of prayers in the temples of egypt they would say "amen."[howdoes that grab you? now look at the word israel.

i-s (isis), r-a (ra), el (god).38 it is theandrogynous god, and it's been in front of your eyes all the time . . . allthe time, folks. anyone who goes to any library and does the research that we have donecan reveal that the religion of mystery babylon is exactly as i have stated it last fridaynight and during this broadcast, and will continue to state it because there isa lot more, folks. we have, in fact, not even yet begun, for this is only the ancientportion, the beginning of the ancient worship of baal. or bael as some pronounce it. bawas the sun, el means god.] [no longer reading]and that was the beginning of the end of our civilization as we know it if we do not wakeup now. i firmly believe and i

live my life according to this: that i owemy first allegiance to my god and jesus christ, my second allegiance i owe to theconstitution of the united states of america and my third allegiance to my family. andthe reason my allegiance is in that order is because god endowed man with unalienablerights. the constitution protects those rights, and the family is thusable to survive and be protected and thrive. and the family is the basic unit of civilization,period. and i further believe that any man or woman without principles that theyare ready and willing to die for at any given moment that they are called uponto do it, are already dead and are of no use or consequence to anyone—not even themselves.understand what i just said. i

have to take a short break, folks. don't goaway. i'll be right back after this short pause.(interlude music: the raiders march) 39[reading from freemasonry of the ancient egyptians]:40 isis was the patroness of the magical artsamong the egyptians. the use to which magic should be put is revealed in theosirian cycle where isis applies the most potent of her charms and invocations to accomplishthe resurrection of osiris. in other words, the redemption of the human soul.that the gods of egypt were elements of a profound magical system andpossessed a significance far different from that advanced by modern egyptologists is certain.the various deities of the nile

valley were elements of an elaborate magicalmetaphysical system, a kind of ceremonial cabbala. this cannot be denied. buteven when impressed with the reality of this fact, the modern egyptologist still balks."supposing," he asks, "that the egyptians did possess an elaborate metaphysicaldoctrine? of what value is its rediscovery in an age when the natural hasbeen demonstrated to be mediocre and the supernatural non-existent? even if these extinct personswhose mummies clutter up our museums were the custodians of somemysterious lore, we have simply out grown it. let the dead pass bury its dead[they say]. we prefer to live in an era of enlightenment, an enlightenment which youwould blight by asking us to espouse the

superstitions of our remote ancestors.these so-called superstitions, however, it is interesting to note, die hard. in factthey do not die at all, but insinuate 37 ernest alfred thompson wallis budge, osirisand the egyptian resurrection vol. 1, p. l. warner, 1911, p. 355.38 check 39 john williams, the raiders march a.k.a.indiana jones theme, raiders of the lost ark (soundtrack), 198140 manly p. hall, freemasonry of the ancient egyptians, 193728themselves as a discordant note in our matter-of-fact existences. mccall's magazine published sometime ago an article by edgar wallace entitled the curse of amen-ra,dealing with the phenomena attendant upon

the opening of the tomb of thepharaoh tutankhamen. after vividly describing the curse of amen-ra the author sums up theeffect of this curse upon those who came in contact with the tomb or its contents.his statements are in substance as follows: at the time the tomb wasopened the party present at the excavations included the earl of carnarvon, howard carterand his secretary, dick bethel, m. benedite the french archaeologist, and m.pasanova. of these, only one, howard carter, remains alive. [now,that was at thetime of the article.] colonel aubrey herbert, carnarvon's half-brother, and evelyn-whitewho also entered the tomb were both dead within a year, one by suicide. sirarchibald douglas reed, the radiologist who

took an x-ray of the mummy, wasalso dead within twelve months; and professor laffleur of mcgill university, the first americanscientist to examine the death chamber, did not leave luxor alive. woolfjoel visited the tomb and was dead within a year. jay gould was taken ill within thetomb and died. attendants whose duty it was to look after the exhibit from the tomb incairo museum also sickened and died. seven french authors and journalistsvisited the tomb and six were dead within two years. when they unveiledtutankhamen they found a mark upon his face, and by a strange coincidence (?) the markleft upon the face of lord carnarvon, which presumably caused his death,was in exactly the same spot and of similar

appearance. nor does this listinclude the numerous native workmen who perished from the curse. only recently another namewas added to the long list associated with the tragedy. arthur weigall,after a long and mysterious illness similar to that defined in the curse, is the mostrecent victim. the eminent authority on antiquities, dr. mardus, said, "the egyptians for seventhousand years possessed the secret of surrounding their mummies with somedynamic force of which we have only the faintest idea."over the entrance to the tomb of tutankhamen was a magical tablet inscribed with strangehieroglyphics. dr. mardus named this tablet the "stela of malediction,"forit pronounced a fearful curse upon any sacrilegious

person who might violatethe sanctuary of the deified head [and it was called the stele].41 the words upon thestela were as follows: "oh ye beings from above, oh ye beings from below! phantoms ridingthe breasts of men, ye of the crossroads and of the great highways,wanderers beneath the shade of night! and ye from the abysses of the west, on the fringesof the twilight, dwellers in the caverns of obscurity, who rouse terrors andshuddering: and ye, walkers by night whom i will not name, friends of the moon;and ye intangible inhabitants of the world of night, oh people, oh denizens of the tombs,all of you approach and be my witnesses and my respondents! let the handraised against my form be withered! let them

be destroyed who attack my name,my foundation, my effigies, the images like unto me."can modern egyptologists and scientists and all branches and departments view likely theculture of the egyptians if their researches into the forces of naturegave them such strange power and enabled them to master natural laws of whichmodern learning has no knowledge or conception? [did you know that lars hansen was rearedin the stelle group? did you know that a very famous talk show host whocovers for the masons all the time was a member? also was heavily involved with the communistparty? did you know these things? do you ever bother to check, you wholisten to these people and believe them blindly,

you, the sheeple of the world?]circumstances so extraordinary is the curse of king tutankhamen simply overtax the theoryof mere coincidence [folks]. nor is this an isolated case as those willremember who read the accounts of the cleopatra mummy curse many years ago. itwill also be noted that in this age of moral certitudes the story of the tutankhamen cursehad no sooner been broadcast than several of our large museums were delugedby gifts of egyptian antiquities from private individuals who no longer desired toown them. and these, persons most of them well educated (as modern education goes),were not superstitious—they were just careful.the following article appeared in an english

newspaper in 1923: "the death of lord carnarvonhas been followed by a panic among collectors of egyptian antiquities.all over the country people are sending their treasures to the british museum,41 a stele is a stone or wooden slab, generally taller than it is wide, erected for funeralsor commemorative purposes, most usually decorated with the names and titlesof the deceased or living—inscribed, carved in relief (bas-relief, sunken-relief,high-relief, and so forth), or painted onto the slab.29anxious to get rid of them because of the superstition that lord carnarvon was killedby the 'ka' or double of the soul of tutankhamen. these fears are, it is hardlynecessary to state, absolutely groundless."

it's also hardly necessary [folks] to addthat the journalist fails to give his authority for the last sentence. the newspaperarticle continues: "an avalanche of parcels containing mummies'shriveled hands and feet, porcelain and wooden statuettes and other relicsof the ancient tombs descended this week on the british museum. fear inspires these gifts,brought by every post. the belief that a dead king's curse is potent for evilafter thousands of years won thousands of adherents on the day when lordcarnarvon became ill. *** few of the parcels received at the museum bear the sender's name.the owners, in their eagerness to wash their hands of the accursed things,have tried to keep their identity secret.

*** the british museum is a godsend to thesuperstitious. it offers a means of shifting the liability to expert shoulders. the museumauthorities are used to such liabilities, having harbored the coffin lid of the powerfulpriestess of amen-ra for years, but they are not at all grateful for the presentflood of gifts. the museum weathered a similar storm some years ago when the story of thecurse of the priestess of amen-ra became public. sufficient scare gifts werereceived to fill a large showcase. a long chain of fatalities has been attributed tothe curse of the priestess. men who have madefun of the superstitious have died within the year. another story is that aphotographer took pictures of the priestess

and placed the plates in his safe. when hewent to look at them some weeks later, the glass had become a thin brown powder."[now,] let us consider the "rational" explanations, so-called, adduced by science in disposingof the superstition of the king's curse. dr. frederick h. cowles, f.r.g.s.,famous british scientist, declared in an interview . . . years ago that lordcarnarvon and a number of workmen engaged in excavation met their deaths as the resultof a poisonous and almost invisible dust placed there purposely by the wily prieststo bring destruction upon the violators of the dead. "this poisonous dust,"saysdoctor cowles, "analysis of which has baffled scientists, was scattered about the tomb.*** lord carnarvon was not the only

to note its fatal property, as a number ofworkmen engaged in the excavation were likewise stricken. most of these died alingering death, but others, greatly impaired in health have recovered."there is nothingin the learned doctor's explanation, however, to account for the fact that howardcarter did not chance to breathe any of the noxious vapors, although he wasmore steadily engaged in the work of excavation then even lord carnarvon. [it's] also [questioned]how much science actually knows about this mysterious dust which defiesanalysis, for if it cannot be analyzed how can it be either identified withcertainty or even proved poisonous. the term "poisonous dust"is evidently the charitableterm that covers a multitude of

scientific shortcomings.[several years laterthere was another revelation: that they were stricken with some virus thatinhabits ancient tombs, and who knows what the real story is.]though sorcery has been accorded no official recognition by modern science, there is, nevertheless,a certain quasiofficial acceptance of the reality of occult phenomena throughout thecivilized world. in a newspaper interview sir arthurconan-doyle illustrates the wide-spread recognition of the idea that the egyptians knew how tosurround their dead with mysterious guardian agencies which throughoutthe centuries visited their vengeance upon grave-robbers, scientific orotherwise. in discussing with the correspondent

of the daily expressthe death of a certainmr. fletcher who had felt the wrath of egypt's dead, conan-doyle declaredthat the tragedy was caused by egyptian "elementals" guarding a female mummybecause another student of egyptology, a mr. robinson, had begun an investigation of thestories of the mummy's malevolence. "i warned mr. robinson," he says,"against concerning himself with the mummy at the british museum, hepersisted, and his death followed." [you may wonder where all this is going, butit becomes clear when you understand that the egyptians inherited thereligion of babylon.] [so] are we to presume . . .that the singlephase of ceremonial magic constituted the

entire repertoire of egyptianthaumaturgists. [you see,] if they could manifest such surprising power, is it not probablethat they possessed a knowledge of natural hidden forces—forces as yet unknownto the modern public world which is possibly of inestimable value?[which maystill be contained within what is called the secrets of the ages? which is guarded by themodern mystery school? which is still the ancient mystery school brought forwardthrough the ages?]we are assured in the "authorized version"[and note, i say "authorized version"]of holy writ that the magicians of egypt changed their staves or rods into serpents in thepresence of pharaoh. the modern scientist does notlive who can duplicate that phenomenon, yet

if he happens to be a good christianhe is in somewhat of a dilemma. we [can] pass over all the desperate effortsto disprove the magical powers of the egyptians as arising, not from a matureknowledge, but from a desperate prejudice. [you see,] magic is too ancient and too universalto be explained away by mirrors, wires and hinges. in egypt we are dealingunquestionably with true manifestations of occult power. the learned author of artmagic presents what may be accepted as a reasonable accurate estimation of the priest-magiciansof the old egyptian mysteries. "they were highly educated, scientificmen. they understood the nature of the lodestone, the virtues of mineraland animal magnetism, which, together with

the force of psychological impression, constituteda large portion of their theurgic practices. they perfectly understoodthe art of reading the inner most secrets of the soul, of impressing thesusceptible imagination by enchantment and fascination, of sending their own spiritsforth from their body [which many modern metaphysical teachers claim that theycan do], as clairvoyance, under the action of powerful will—in fact, they weremasters of the art now known as mesmerism, clairvoyance, electro-biology, etc. they alsorealized the virtues of magnets, gums, herbs, drugs and fumigations, and employedmusic to admirable effect." 42 [and no one since has been able to perfectand even come close to their art of embalming

the dead.]the highly gifted egyptologist lenormant acknowledges egyptian magic as an essential part of theirreligious philosophy. james bonwick, f.r.g.s., thus summarizes thepowers possessed by egyptian adepts: "egyptian mystics could levitate, walkthe air, handle fire, live under water, sustain great pressure, harmlessly suffer mutilation,read the past, foretell the future, make themselves invisible and cure disease."[now, i have no idea whether to believe that or not, but that is what this expert, if you doubt the power of magic wielded by the priests of mystery babylonlisten to this,]for we can compare [james bonwick's] account with some[other] news from tibet, [another land long

famous for magic.] dr. alexander cannon, adistinguished scientist, a doctor of medicine, a celebrated psychiatrist, a masterof arts, and a fellow of the royal geographic society, brought back a strangerecord from the land of the lamas. he [claimed he] saw a tree withered by a pointed finger,a dead man raised to life, the grand lama surrounded by a blue aura threeinches thick, and a human being lifted into the air by pure mental effort. thelondon county council called upon dr. cannon to resign his post, as the head of a notedinstitution, for his remarks, but later, strangely enough, after further enquiry,withdrew the demand. it would seem [folks] that the age of miracles or at leastmagic is not dead.

[you know, plato—i wrote this in my book—wasan initiate of mystery babylon and was actually initiated in the greatpyramid in egypt where he lay in the sarcophagus for three days and three nights. he enteredas a mortal man and, according to his writings, emerged as a god given, orimparted, knowledge which with he was to guard and keep. remember, they calledthemselves the "guardians of the secrets of the ages."]43 from the writings of proclus and iamblichuswe can gain a considerable insight into the principles of egyptian magic. tothe old philosophers, even pythagoras and plato, magic was no mystery. according toproclus the initiated priests so fully

understood the mutual sympathy between thevisible and invisible worlds that they were able to change the course of actionand focus divine virtues upon inferior natures. and according to plato the highest form ofmagic consisted in the divine worship of the gods [plural], and accordingto iamblichus the priests, through sacerdotal theurgy, were able to ascend from amaterial state of [unconsciousness (*note: book says, 'consciousness')] to a realizationof the universal essence, thus coming to an understanding of universal purpose by whichthe performance of high feats of magic became possible.[thousands of yearslater aleister crowley claimed the same thing. now this is significant.][it's] proper at this point to establish a

clear line of demarcation of magic and sorcery.[you see,] the term magic was not 42 see egyptian belief and modern thought43 magic is simply the art of illusion (deception).31 associated with occult jugglery by the egyptiansbut arose from a profound understanding of natural law."magic,"[said]general albert pike, [and you will be hearing an awful lot of general albert pike duringthis series of shows,] "magic,"says general albert pike, "is the exact and absolutescience of nature and its laws." from the knowledge of this absolute sciencearises occult science. [occult merely means "hidden", folks.] from experience in occultscience in turn arises the theurgic art, for as surely as man has adapted his physicaluniverse to his purposes so surely the adept

of the mystery school adapts themetaphysical universe to his purposes. to acknowledge that the egyptians possessed thepower of adapting mystical forces to physical ends is to bestow upon them proficiencyin the most perfect and difficult of the arts [according to the mysteryreligion of babylon]. yet to deny this ability on the part of the egyptian priests is todeny the evident, and we must resign ourselves to the undeniable fact that theypossessed a form of learning which has not been conferred upon this present race.[at least publicly. men like aleister crowley have proven that it has been passed down throughthe ages and is kept and practiced secretly by those who call themselvesthe "guardians of the secrets of the ages."]

[no longer reading][william cooper asks for donations and advertises caji memberships]good night, folks, and god bless you, and remember this is what can happen if you justwake up. (outro music: make it big)44 44 the beach boys, still cruisin' (album),198932 hour 4:osiris and iris, part i(aired february17th, 1993) you're listening to the hour of the time.i'm your host, william cooper. (intro music: fur elise)45 [reading from freemasonry of the ancient egyptians]:the fable of isis and osiris, as it has descended

to us in the account given by plutarch hasnot been greatly amplified by any modern research. the egyptian fragmentswhich have been translated in recent years offer no complete account of thebirth, life, death and resurrection of osiris, nor has any new key been found to unlock thisgreat drama which may well be termed "the passion play of egypt."it is notour intention to perpetuate plutarch's account merely for its outward appearancebut rather, from the same motive that inspired synesius, platonic philosopher and christianbishop, to compile his account of the same fabulous history. synesius in histreatise on providence [and you hear that word a lot in the secret societies, andespecially in freemasonry] thus introduces

the osirian myth:"this fable is egyptian. the egyptians transcend in wisdom. perhaps therefore this also beena fable, obscurely signifies something more than a fable, because it isegyptian. if, however, it is not a fable, but a sacred discourse, it will deserve ina still greater degree to be told, and committed towriting." in presenting a summary of plutarch's account[i am omitting] nothing which could in anyway be regarded as relevant. [iam taking] the liberty, however, of somewhat expanding the fable by incorporating thereinsome small fragments derived from other greek writers and occasionallya few words bearing upon the account from

fragments from egyptian religiousliterature. the story then is in substance as follows:the goddess nut, whom plutarch identifies with rhea, was the daughter of shu and tefnut.she is the wife of seb [also known as saturn] and the mother of ra [orhelios, also known as the sun]. [now] if we are to trust plutarch, she afterwardsbecomes the wife of ra, or the sun. nut is unfaithful to ra who, discovering that sheis with child by seb, pronounces a curse upon her that she should not be deliveredof her progeny in any month or year. thoth ([which is] hermes or mercury), who isalso in love with nut, comes to her assistance with a stratagem. he plays at tables withthe moon-goddess (selene) and wins

from her the seventieth part of each of herilluminations, and joining these parts together he forms of them five days which headds to the calendar; previous to that time the egyptian year consisted of three hundredand sixty days [the exact number of degrees in a circle]. [now] these five days,being not part of any month or year, ra was outwitted. [you see, because] uponthese days nut brought forth her five children at different times and different places. uponthe first of these days she brought forth osiris and the place of his birth, accordingto diodorus was mount nissa, in arabia the happy. (mount nissa is nowmount sinai [folks].) at the moment of the birth ofosiris a voice sounded throughoutthe world saying,"the lord of all the

earth is born." on the second day nut gavebirth to aroueris, the elder horus; on the third day, typhon or set; on the fourthday, isis; and on the fifth and last day, nephthys. the egyptians, therefore, regardthe five days which they termed the epact or super-added, as the birthdays of the gods,especially venerating the fourth of them, upon which the benevolent goddess isiscame into being. plutarch further on announces that the fivechildren of nut were not all of the same father, thus contradicting his earlierstatement. [for] he says that osiris and the elder horus were the children of ra, thatisis was the daughter of thoth, and only typhon and nephthys were actually the offspringof seb. there is another and even more recondite

legend regarding theelder horus which denies him the fathership of ra, declaring him to be the offspring ofosiris and isis while they were still in the womb of nut. [now] these accounts we shallconsider later. osiris was given to pamyles to be educated,and having come to the years of majority, became the king of egypt. in thishigh capacity osiris applied himself to the civilizing of his nation, turning the egyptiansfrom their previously indigent and 45 composed by ludwig van beethoven, 1810.performed in techno.33 barbarous course of life to a happy and communityexistence. he taught them agriculture, compiled for them a body of lawsfor the regulation of conduct, instructed

them in the reverencing in worship of thegods, thus establishing egypt in all the essentials of truth [according to the legend].[now]having brought his own nation to prosperity and enlightenment, osiristraveled over the rest of the world, converting peoples to his discipline, not by force butthrough persuasion of reason. osiris was accompanied on this journey by a processionof nymphs and other superphysical beings who filled the air with music andsong. in the meantime typhon, brother or half-brotherof osiris, had ambition to usurp the throne, but the vigilant isis, sisterwife of osiris,was too watchful. typhon, however, having persuaded seventy-two other persons to joinhim in his conspiracy,

with the aid of a certain queen in ethiopianamed aso, perfected a plot against osiris. he fashioned a chest exactly to the[measurement] of the body of osiris which chest he caused to be brought into the banquethall where the princes of egypt were feasting their king's return. typhon,simulating jest, promised this elaborately ornamented box to the one whose body,upon trial, most nearly fitted it. [now] each of the princes in turn lay down in the box,but each was too short or too tall, until last of all osiris himself lay down in it.immediately the seventy-two conspirators rushed to the box, clamped the cover up onit, fastened it with nails and poured melted lead over all the cracks and crevices. afterthis they carried the chest to the bank

of the nile and cast it into the river whereit joins the sea. [now] this evil deed was executed upon the seventeenth day of theegyptian month of athyr when the sun was in scorpio. according to some it was in the twenty-eighthyear of the reign of osiris, and to others in the twenty-eightyear of his life.[now, try to remember these numbers if you can. jot them down, butthese numbers will prop up again and again and again. scorpio crops up, seventeen cropsup, twenty-eight crops up and many other numbers. and they all have significancein the mystery religion of babylon, the secret societies and to the guardians ofthe secrets of the ages.] as soon as isis received word of this crimeshe cut off one of the locks of her hair and

put on the mourning apparel ofwidowhood, for which reason the spot, where she did this, was afterwards called coptos[that's coptos] or the city of mourning. after donning the widow's weeds,isis set forth in search of her husband's body and wandered about all [europe . . .(laughs). . . europe . . . wandered about all] egypt, asking all with whom she camein contact.[you see, i may be back here in the united states but a lot of my thoughts,folks, are still in europe.] finally some children, who had been play, told [isis] thatthey've seen the accomplices of typhon carrying the chest to the nile; for that reason egyptiansregard the words of children as oracular and pay great attention to them.while isis was searching for her husband's

body she learned that nephthys, hersister, had by magic insinuated herself into the presence of osiris before his death andin the guise of isis had conceived a son from him. [now] isis sought out the childwhich nephthys had deserted for fear of typhon's anger, and adopting it, attached itto her person as a constant guard and attendant. this was anubis, the dog-headed god who appearsin the book of the dead46 [and in many of the egyptian hieroglyphics].[after some time] isis learned that the chest had been carried by the sea to the coast ofbyblos[now, byblos is also the name for book or bible], where it had lodgedin the branches of a bush of tamarisk which had grown up miraculously aboutthe sacred receptacle and concealed it within

its trunk.[now remember this tamarisk, andremember that it is a tree.]the king of byblos, amazed at the miracle, causedthe tree to be cut down and from the trunk, containing the box, he made a pillarto support the roof of his palace. [now] by magic isis discovered this and, travelingimmediately to byblos, attached herselfto the suite of the queen as a nurse to her night, when all the palace was asleep, isis transformed herself into aswallow and fluttered around the column, bemoaning her fate in strange, sad notes.4746 the book of coming forth by day in due time isis revealed her divine47 jesus expressed himself only in parables; can we deny the truth which the parables teach?in present day conversation isit

not the ambiguities, the approximation, thepuns or the assonances which characterize spirited people, who are glad to escapethe tyranny of the letter and thereby—unwittingly—show themselves cabalist in their own right. [also]argot(cant) is one of the forms derived from the language of thebirds, parent and doyen of all other knowledge of this language which jesusrevealed to his apostles, by sending them his spirit, the holy ghost. this is the languagewhich teaches the mystery of things and unveilsthe most hidden truths. the ancientincas called it the court language, because it was used by diplomats. tothem it was the key to the double science, sacred and profane. in the middle ages itwas called the gay science and gay nature

and asked that the pillar be cut down; takingtherefrom the chest,she departed with it into a desert place where sheperformed certain magical rites by which the body of osiris was temporarily animated andby this animation she received from osiris a son who was called the youngerhorus, the child who was conceived of the dead.[now] there is some confusion in the account at this point. plutarch says that isis leftthe body of osiris temporarily to visit her son horus, just mentioned, but thecontext of the fable would rather call for her departure to a secluded place wherethe child could be born without the knowledge of typhon who certainly would have destroyedhim. isis hid the chest in a

remote and unfrequented place but typhon,hunting one night by the light of the moon, chanced upon it. knowing itscontents and realizing isis to be proficient in magic, he resolved to thwart her purposes,and tearing the body into fourteen parts, he scattered them over egypt.[now,remember "fourteen parts,"folks, don't forget that.]from the inscriptions on the metternich stele it seems that set must have imprisoned isisand her son horus. the goddess is made to say, "i am isis, and icame forth from the house wherein my brother set has placed me."thoth, the "princeof law," again came to her assistance, and aided isis to escape from the house ([wasit really a] prison?) [or was it really the

house of set?]thoth, also, at this time, prophesiedthat horus would set upon the throne of his father and rule the doubleempire of egypt. upon the advice of thoth, isis hides the child in a papyrus swamp, thussaving him from the wrath of set. isis, returning, having left her son at butos,and fashioning a magical boat out of papyrus, traversed the whole of theempire. as she met with the scattered parts of her husband, she buried each one separately,first, however, encasing it in a magical mummy composed of wax, incense, andgrain seed. she finally recovered all of the parts of osiris except the phallus[or the penis] which had been thrown into the river and devoured by three fishes. thisorgan isis reproduced in gold

[rememberthis also;remember the three fishes,for they represent ignorance, superstition, and fear. they also represent thechurch, the state, and the mob, and remember that isis reproduced this member, this organin gold] and having performed all of the ceremonies necessary to insure thelife of osiris in the underworld, she returned to her son horus and by the theurgicarts, of she was mistress, saved him from death from the stings of scorpions.horus, having grown to man's estate, and having received from his mother the tradition ofhis father's murder, longed to avenge the evil deed. osiris appeared to hisson in a vision, instructing him in the means by which he could overcome thehosts of typhon. [now] we are lead to infer

that horus gathered about him an army which,meeting the hosts of typhon, battled with them for many days, achievingvictory. typhon [according to the legend] was taken prisoner and turned over tothe custody of isis. [now, isis,] being his sister, could not [bring herself] to put himto death but set him at liberty which so incensed horus that he laid hands upon hismother and removed from her head the insignia of royalty; thereupon thoth gaveher a new helmet made in the shape of an ox's head. typhon next accused horus of illegitimacy,but thoth proves his royal descent. typhon again goes into battle againsthorus, in fact, two battles are mentioned in both of which typhon is worsted,and horus regains the kingdom of his father

and is regarded, to at least a certain degree,as the actual reincarnation of osiris. [so, here you have a death and a resurrection.]after its resurrection in the underworld, the shade of osiris visits isis and in consequencethereof she gives birth to another son, as it were, by a holy ghost,for she knew no living man. this child is called harpocrates and plutarch says of himthat he "came into the world before his time, and lame in his lower limbs." harpocratesis usually depicted as a nude figure, his head adorned with a single curling lock ofhair on the right side, this being with the egyptians a symbol of youth oradolescence. he is sometimes depicted with an elaborate plumed headdress or wearing thedouble crown of the northern and

southern empires. his finger is placed tohis lips which plutarch interprets as a gesture symbolic of his childish and helplessstate. the greeks and romans, however, considered this gesture to be a symbol for silence [orsecrecy] and from this has arisen the custom of placing the finger tothe lips as a motion for quietness and secrecy [and we do it today]. statues of theknowledge, the language ofthe gods, the dive-bouteille. tradition assures us that men spoke it beforethe building of the tower of babel, which event caused this sacredlanguage to be perverted and to be totally forgotten by the greater part ofhumanity. today, apart from cant, we find its character in a few local dialects, suchas picard, provenã§al, etc. and in the

language of the gypsies. ~fulcanelli, le mystã¨redes cathã©drales(the mystery of the cathedrals), 192635god harpocrates were placed at the entrances to temples and sacred retreats where the dramasof the mysteries were performed as a sign that silence and secrecyshould be observed in the holy places and that all initiates were bound by vows ofdiscretion. harpocrates is [also] sometimes shown standing, and another times he is depictedseated on a blossom of a lotus [(laughs) just like buddha]. although he isusually figured with childish immaturity of body, the imperfection of his lowerlimbs, as described by plutarch, is not apparent in any of the egyptian drawings. it, therefore,seems that the statements

concerning this deformity should be more carefullyexamined. samuel squire, whose translation of plutarch's isis and osiris,made in 1744, is still the most often quoted by egyptologists, [well it] states definitely,"lame in his lower limbs." g.r.s. mead translated the same essay much later and givesa slightly different rendering of plutarch's words. mr. mead says: "weak in hislimbs from below upwards."this difference in wording, though slight, may have an unexpectedsignificance. [you see,] there is some general informationcontained in synesius's treatise on providence that should be included inthis osirian epic. synesius is of the opinion that osiris should be regarded as an historicalking whose father transcending in

wisdom, instructed his benevolent son in allthe secrets of the divine science of government. synesius is moved to thisconclusion by a desire to keep all speculation within the sphere of the reasonable. the platonistbishop seems to have derived much of his account from origins foreign toplutarch's treatise, or possibly he interpreted differently the restrictions imposedby his vows. synesius a prudent and conscientious author, wary of myths and fables, and exhibitinga truly platonic conservativeness in his handling of subjectmatter, yet synesius was beyond question a deeply religious philosopher and aninitiate of pagan mysteries prior to his conversion to the christian faith [and therefore mayhave hidden the true meaning of

the fable]. thomas taylor is of the mind thatthe treatise on providence was written while synesius was still a votary of paganmysteries. [now] if so, the writing is unbiased and trustworthy and presents a fair pictureon the mystical traditions of the egyptians interpreted in terms of platonicmetaphysics.[but only the exoteric would be allowed to be seen by the profane.]synesius inserts into his narrative a considerable description of the various [*note: book saysvirtuous] character of osiris which he sharply contrasts with the vice-riddennature of typhon. he also explains in detail the process of election by whichosiris came to the throne of egypt. the electional ceremony, as described by synesius, is evidentlyitself a fragment from

some secret ritual relating to the installationof a hierophant of the mysteries. next osiris receives from his father anelaborate dissertation in the platonic temper concerning the relative power of good andevil in which he is fully warned against the machinations of typhon. possiblythe most important sentence in synesius's treatise occurs during thisdissertation. the father of osiris is made to say to his son: "you also have been initiatedin those mysteries in which there are two pair of eyes, and it is requisite thatthe pair which are beneath should be closed when the pair that are above themperceive, and when the pair above are closed, those which are beneath should be opened."[now,] these words unquestionably have an

arcane meaning and are incorporated into thenarrative that the true significance of the whole osirian cycle mightnot be entirely obscured.[and i can tell you that the meaning, folks, is that theeyes above are the exoteric meant for the outer world, for the profane, and the eyesbelow are the esoteric, meant for the initiate, the adept, the priests of the mysteryschools only.] synesius does not describe the death of osiris, but merely reportshis banishment and final restoration to the throne. in the latter part of the story thereis also introduced "a certain philosopher, who was a stranger in egypt."thisphilosopher predicts the fall of typhon and is an eyewitness to therecrowning of osiris. synesius says of this

philosopher: "he, likewise, then learned someparticulars about osiris which would shortly happen, and others which would takeplace at some greater distance of time viz., when the boy horus would choose asis his associate in battle a wolf instead of a lion. but who the wolf is, is a sacrednarration, which it is not holy to divulge, evenin a form of a fable."[well the lion, we know, has always been of the tribe of judah.]such is the amazing tradition of the good king osiris, the first victim, the first mummy,and the first resurrection. he dies and is born again in three forms. first, asgod of the underworld where he rules the justified dead; second, as the youngerhorus in whose form he battlesfor his own

honor; and third, as harpocrates, the silentchild. the latter two forms are regarded as incarnations or embodiments ofhis very self, yet he exists independent of them as the judge of shades and thelord of the resurrection.[now, we know that osiris was also known as the sun, and horuswas known as the child or the young osiris, the young horus, the baby, after the sun set in the west, when it rose the next morning it had rose asthe young horus, and, as it went across the sky, it became osiris, and then the elder.but in the legends, it's differently, at different times, osiris or horus: horus theyounger, horus at his peak strength at noon and horus the elder. it is also osiris. 36so you see that these figures intermingle

in the legend, but it all has meaning andit will all be clear to you in a later time.] [now, just because you don't understand someof this and you may be a little lost. . . don't worry, it will come together.don't, don't miss one single word of this series of episodes of the hour of the time.if you do i can guarantee you, you will regret it for the rest of your life.we'regoing to stop right now, folks. we have to take a break. i will be back right after thisvery short pause.] (interlude music: dark, forbidding instrumentalmusic) 48nearly all writers attempting an interpretation on the osirian cycle have recourse to has seemingly never

occurred to egyptologists that this imminentpriest of delphi might have purposely confused or distorted the fable, or, if notthat, might certainly have misdirected the attention of the reader from relevant to irrelevantexplanations. two factors must certainly be taken into consideration whenreading plutarch. first, he was an initiated priest of the mysteries; of this there canbe no doubt for he himself says, "for the mystic symbols are well known to us who belongto the brotherhood."[in those days it was known as the "brotherhood of the snake,"and those who possessed the knowledge of the secrets of the ages wore thesymbol of the snake on their headdress. and in the egyptian hieroglyphics, you can seethe members of the mystery religion

of babylon in the hieroglyphics as they worethe snake from the front of their forehead.] it should be evident [to everybody] that,as an initiate, plutarch would not have unveiled the secret meaning of theosirian myth [and i found that to be absolutely true]. no man of his priestly station or philosophicmind, who so greatly venerated the gods as to attach himself totheir service, would have been guilty of the impiety of profaning their mysteries[and he would not have violated his oath of secrecy]. furthermore, had his treatise actuallyexposed any of the secrets of the rites, he would most probably have perishedmiserably or at least have been publicly disgraced. these evils, not descendingupon him, we must suppose that his book was

regarded as harmless and for our purpose,therefore, at least not directly informative.the second factor, which gravitates against the likelihood of plutarch's interpretationsbeing correct, is the condition of egyptian metaphysics in the first centuryafter christ. if, as budge maintains, the egyptians were unaware of the meaning ofthe word "osiris"long prior to the christian era, into what decay had the old rites falleneven prior to the ptolemaic period? [now] plutarch based his accounts upon populartraditions, they were most certainly inaccurate and it is not impossible thateven the priests themselves were for the most part ignorant ofthe origins of their should not be inferred [folks]

from the general literature available concerning[this osirian cycle and] the mysteries that all of the priests were themselvesinitiates of a high order. only a small part of them ever actually received the greatersecrets of their order; for the rest, rite andritual suffered [*note: book say sufficed] [and it's the same today].democritus spent a great part of his life in egypt and from the priests of that nationhe secured the foundation for his celebrated doctrine of atoms [that's right,folks, atoms, a-t-o-m-s], a doctrine which has survived as a scientific fact to thisday. from all these different philosophers who visited egypt we shall secure a betterestimation of the profoundity of egyptian

learning than from even the egyptian writingsthemselves.[plato went to egypt and was initiated into the mysteries in thegreat pyramid, where he lay for three days and three nights in the sarcophagus duringwhich he was imparted knowledge which he was to guard, protect. he describeshis initiation in his writings. i suggest that you read it.]if we may assume thepragmatic viewpoint that the substance of matter is to be determined from its consequences,[then] we must indeed highly reverence the wisdom of the egyptians forit seems that first among the consequences of that wisdom is civilization itself [thatcannot be doubted]. civilization is no fable, nor is it a progeny of myths, but that whichis real and substantial in it bears

witness to a profound and superior wisdomwhich must have existed over a great period of time and have then communicatedto at least a privileged few, since the very beginning of man's cultural impulse.[now,] we can also take the example of pythagoras. this great philosopher while a youth, if wemay credit iamblichus, 4837associated himself with thales of miletus from whom he gained a considerable knowledgeof the mysteries. thales, being at that time of great age and infirm body, apologizedfor his incomplete understanding of the sacred doctrines and urgedpythagoras to visit egypt the mother land of wisdom [as it was called in those days].iamblichus wrote that thales confessed

that his own reputation for wisdom was derivedfrom the instruction of these priests; but that he was neither naturally, nor byexercise, induced with those excellent prerogatives which were so visibly displayed in the personof pythagoras. thales, therefore, gladly announced to pythagoras,from all these circumstances, that he would become the wisest and the mostdivine of all men, if he associated with these egyptian priests. iamblichus then describesthe journey which pythagoras made to egypt, how en route he was initiated intothe mysteries of several nations and at last arriving at his destination, wasreceived by the egyptian priests with respect and affection. he associated with the egyptianphilosophers for some time and

after demonstrating by his sincerity and consecrationthat he was worthy to associate with the initiated, he was at lastadmitted into the secrets of their orders. "he spent, therefore," observes iamblichus,"two and twenty years in egypt and, in the adyta of temples, astronomizingand geometrizing, and was initiated, not in a superficial or casual manner, in all themysteries of the gods." pythagoras must be acknowledged among thefirst of those divine men to whom the race is indebted for the principles ofscience, art and philosophy; and are we to presume that so noble an intellect could havetwenty-two years pursuing fabulous shadows in egyptian crypts? if, as some haveasserted, osiris signified merely the nile,

and isis, the black earth renderedfertile by its inundation, could such a fable have so greatly stimulated the admirationof pythagoras that he would have spent a score of years in the assimilation of theidea? [i don't think so.] or, again, would he have spent this great length of time,thevery best years of his life, in memorizing the myth-encrusted history of an ancient kingwho at some remote period have reigned in egypt and whose memory seems sufficientto inspire a vast civilization for some 6,000 years?[by the way, that's theexact number of years in the calendar of the mystery school and of the freemasons.] or,to approach the matter from another of these "explanations" would pythagoras havepounded himself for a score of years against

the walls of memphis and findhimself fully rewarded by being informed with bated breath by some archi-magus that isisis the dog-star? [i think not.]49 it is not impossible that in the course ofitslong and illustrious history [folks] egypt devised many opinions relative to hersacred myths; but no such explanation has involved egypt alone, her histories, her heroes,or her agricultural problems, could have caused illustrious men from all partsof the world to have visited her in quest of essential wisdom [the central core ofwhich is the myth of osiris, isis and horus, known as the osirian cycle].the nile meant nothing to the greeks who cared little whether it rose or fell. [the sneezingyou hear in the background

is my dog, sugarbear, who always accompaniesme into the studio to do these programs.] not egypt but the umbos of delphiwas the center of their universe [in greece], and local fables derived from egypt's forty-twonomes could never have won for the double empire its illustrious reputationas patron of all learning, human and divine. so, we must look deeper[and lookdeeper we did, folks, and what we found is amazing. for we found that osiris and isisand horus were not ever have meant to be, nor were they ever, real people, or realgods, or spacemen who came from some other world. not at all. as we have foundin our research, and as i have found in my over twenty some odd years of research intothe mystery schools, they're like all

the other symbols of the mystery religionfor the public, for the profane. they are the exoteric, and you may make of themwhat you wish. the adepts, the initiates, the priests—they don't care what interpretationyou give the exoteric meaning. and the esoteric is so entirely different fromwhat you may suspect that the answer will surprise you.][you see,] we [cannot] bedeceived by the obvious[and you can never be deceived by the obvious or even considerthe obvious when looking at any of the mystery religions or the secret doctrine.][andwe cannot] allow ourselves to be misdirected by the evident subterfuges49 in the hermetic-masonic tradition the secret identity of satan is the cosmic force representin occult lore as emanating

from the star sirius, the so called dog star,alpha canis majoris. in the secret tradition of the freemasons, sirius isoverwhelmingly identified with a single primary attribute, the bringing of civilization toearth. sirius is personified as the goddess isis in ancient egypt. orion is personifiedas her consort, and sometime rival, osiris. the annals emphasize isis'"great skill"in working magic with twilight (esoteric) language. according to the fable,isis resurrected osiris from the dead using "the words of power." ~michael a. hoffmanii, secret societies and psychological warfare, 199538[the deceptions] of these ancient priests who so carefully concealed their arcana fromthe uninitiated world that we at thislate

time may even doubt its existence. [yet now,today, it is thriving to the point that it controls all levels of our society, militaryand government.]the ignorant[the sheeple], even among the egyptians, might derive theirinspirations from the processionals and rituals of the state religion,but [that's just for the sheeple.][for]those great philosophers who came fromafar were in search of the highest form of human knowledge [the ancient arts, the secretsof the ages], and could not be satisfied by such outer show. had these fablesbeen but hollow and unsubstantial forms, egypt would have been the ridicule ofthe wise, who would speedily have exposed her sham and reduced her vain pretense toa humble state. but this did not occur.

[you see,]the initiates of her mysteries returningto their own countries not only felt themselves more than repaid for theirhazardous journeys and long vigils, but furthermore, they became founders of distinguished systemsof thinking, disseminators of useful knowledge and in allcases bore witness to a broad and deep learning.[and they always took withthem a plan, a plan for the unfoldment of a world utopian government, which plan existsstill today, and is still being carried out in secret as the completion of the greatwork.] diodorus describes two famous columns erectednear nysa in arabia, one to isis and the other to osiris. [now,remember, osiris and isis never lived. they

were not real people and they were never gods.they are symbols for something much deeper. so, when you listen to the interpretationsof the inscriptions on the columns, remember that.]the column toisis bears this inscription: "i am isis, queen of this country. i was instructed by one can destroy the laws which i have established. i am the eldest daughterof saturn, the most ancient of gods. i am the wife and sister of osiris the king. ifirst made known to mortals the use of wheat. iam the mother of horus the king. in my honor was the city of bubastis built.rejoice, o egypt, rejoice, land that gave me birth."the column to osiris bore these words: "i

am osiris the king, who led my armies intoall parts of the world, to the most thickly inhabited countries of india, thenorth, the danube, and the ocean. i am the eldest son of saturn; i was born of abrilliant and magnificent egg, and my substance is of the same nature as that which composeslight. there is no place in the universe where i have not appeared, to bestowmy benefit and make known my discoveries."[and]the rest of the inscription[of course] was destroyed.[now, while the inscription on the pillar, or the obelisk,in honor of isis may be veiled, the inscription on the obelisk dedicated to osirisis certainly not. he "was born of a brilliant and magnificent egg and itssubstance is of the same nature of that which

composes light. there is no place in the universewhere i have not appeared." osiris, of course, was the sun.]50 in examining plutarch's treatise, the introductoryremarks appear of special significance, yet[folks] these remarks arewholly ignored by egyptologists who are contempt to confine themselves entirely to the fablewhich constitutes the larger part of the writing. if plutarch, by any word orsymbol, revealed even a small part of the sacred mystery, it is to be found in thefollowing words: "for isis, according to the greek interpretation of the word, signifiesknowledge; as does the name of her professed adversary typhon, [signify] insolenceand pride, a name therefore extremely well

adapted to one, who, full ofignorance and error, tears in pieces and conceals that holy doctrine, which the goddess collects,compiles and delivers to those, who aspire after the most perfect participationof the divine nature."[now, if you have a keen intellect, you can alldecipher everything else that i'm going tell you on this program and probably the nextone in that short paragraph, and i let you ponder that as i continue.]osiris, the black god of the nile, must be regarded as the personification of an orderof learning, for plutarch identifies him beyond question with the holy doctrine,or the mystery tradition.[now, remember, i told you osiris is the symbol of thesun, but the sun was the symbol of the power

of the all-encompassing god of the universe.and later you're going to learn that the light, or the sun, represents somethingeven deeper. it represents, dear listeners, primordial knowing, the gift of intellect.and where people can read these myths and think that these people really worshiped thesun or some god somewhere, they are mistaken. for the true object of theirworship is the intellect, and through the use of that intellect they believe that man50 the official office of the president of the united statesis called: the oval the chinese creation myth heaven and earth were jumbled together in a cosmic egg fromwhich pan gu is said to emerge and separate the two.39will become god.] as thoth personifies the

whole sphere of knowledge and it was throughhis assistance that osiris came into being, so osiris embodies the secret and sacredwisdom reserved for those who were proficients in the ancient rites.unquestionably osiris was later confused with other members of that vast pantheon of divinitieswhich developed in the decadent period of egyptian religious culture,but to the elect, [the initiate, the adept, the priest] he represented to the endprimordial knowing, that utter realization of truth undefiled by intellection, unlimitedby any mortal procedure, uncircumscribed by the limitation of thinking.[you see,] he signified not only that divine at-one-ment with the absolutewhich is the end of all illumination, but

by his life, death and resurrection, revealedthe means by which mortal consciousness could achieve that end. [now remember, 'at-one-ment.']thus osiris becomes a dual symbol, being in first place the esotericwisdom, [esoteric folks means 'hidden', so he represented in the first place the esotericwisdom] itself, and in the second place, the composite order of initiates through whomthat tradition was perpetuated [and now we begin to strip the veil from themysteries]. the personality of osiris thus typifies the institution erected by the ancientsto perpetuate the deathless truths of the soul. the living head was crowned withthe plumes of wisdom and power, the hands bore the scepters of the three worlds,but the body was bound with the mummy wrappings

of the dead. here we find spirit, the livinghead bound incongruously to matter, the mummified body. the soul was imprisonedin the narrow bounds of flesh. one thing [in my research] is certain:osiris represented the secret doctrine prior to that time when the omnific word [or thelost word of freemasonry] was lost. osiris is the first of the five children ofnut[and here you begin to part some more veils behind which the mysteryresides]; he therefore corresponds with the first of the five divine kings of china andthe five exoterically known dhyanabuddhas of lamaism. the five children of nut are thefive continents which have appeared upon the earth and the five raceswhich have populated these continents. osiris

is the primitive revelation of the first race,but as isis was born upon the fourth day, we find that this tradition coming intoegypt through the atlantean mystery school of which isis is the symbol. [and youwill find at the base of all these things: atlantis. francis bacon wrote about atlantis.hitler believed in atlantis. in this country the freemasons established the city of atlantaas the new atlantis. and all of this will come together for you. it took me many,many, many years of study deep into the night and trying to discuss this with other peoplewho had no idea whati was talking about. so most of it was put together in lonelinesslate at night, and then when i established my organization known as thecitizens agency for joint intelligence (caji),

many others began to help and furnish bitsand pieces of information. and we have succeeded folks in infiltrating the lodge.we have members in the lodge who feed us information constantly; memberswhom we taught how to take an oath so that the oath of freemasonry would not be bindingupon them. you have to play sometimes by the rules of the enemy in orderto beat the enemy and we are beating the enemy now.]from the reign of osiris we glean the following philosophical history. [they believe that]there was a time, the golden age, when truth and wisdom ruled the earth,and this aristocracy of wisdom was a benevolent despotism [and that's whatthey want to reestablish. benevolent to who?

(laughs) that's the question.] in which menwere lad to a nobler state of being by the firm kindly hand of the enlightened sage.this was the divine dynasty of the mythological priest-kings who were qualifiedto govern humanity by virtue not only temporal but by divine attributes. through his priests,osiris, representative of the hidden tradition, ruled the entire world byvirtue of the perfection resident in that tradition.[no longer reading] don't miss tomorrow night, folks. you havenot even begun your journey. good night, and god bless each and every oneof you. (outro music: unknown instrumental music)51

hour 5:osiris and isis, part ii(aired february18th, 1993) welcome once again, folks, to the hour ofthe time. i'm your host, william cooper, and tonight we continue on our series onthe origins, the history, the dogma and the identity of mystery babylon, the secret organizationthat has infiltrated every level of our society, military and government, andare bringing about a totalitarian world socialist government that they call thenew world order.tonight, part four. (intro music: also sprach zarathustra)52 [william cooper does commercial for the pilot connection]well, folks, we left off with a great revelation,

for those of you who were listening last night.for those of you who weren't, you need to order the tapes, beginning withthe tape of february the 11th, thursday night, february the 11th. this was—thename of the tape was, "the dawn of man." and this series actually starts on friday night,february the 12th, but you need the tape, "the dawn of man." order all the tapesin this series, because if you really want to know what's going on, how it hasbeen kept alive for thousands of years, and what the ultimate goal is: their origins,their histories, their dogma and their absolute identity, then you need this wholeseries. [william cooper gives contact informationto order tapes]

well, let me continue. and i think tonightis really going to open your eyes, and remember, we're nowhere near evenbegun. we've got a lot of shows to do on this, folks, and it's going to blow your mind ifit hasn't already. i think some of you out there already know that.[reading from freemasonry of the ancient egyptians]: [now,] if we concede that osiris is the positivepole of the universal life agent [as the mystery school does],then isisbecomes the receptive pole of that activity. he is the doctrine, she is the church. asin christianity it is customary to refer the church as the bride of christ, so in egyptthe institution of the mysteries was the great mother, the consort of heaven itself.from this interpretation we gain a deeper

insight into the symbolism of the whole ofosirian cycle. isis [you see] becomes the temporal order of the priesthood, the accumulativebody of initiates. she is personified as the temple; she is the mother of allgood, the protectress of all right, and the patron of all improvement. [now, remember,this is the belief of the mystery schools. i'm not telling you what i believe.what you're learning on this program is what the mystery religion really is: itsorigin, its history, its dogma, and its identity. so don't get confused, here—don't get confused.][accordingto the mystery schools] she insures nobility, inspires virtueand awakens the nobler passions of the soul. as diana of ephesus she is themultimammia who feeds all creatures from herself.[and

many of you may have seen illustrations andbooks, or little statues or portraits or pictures on someone's wallof isis in the role of the multimammia where she has many breasts all over hertorso, and on her legs and her arms, all over her body. well, that's whatthis represents.]as diana of ephesus she is the multimammia who feeds all creatures from the moon she shines only with the light of her sovereign sun [spelleds-u-n] even as the temple can only be illumined by its indwelling truth.[so, isis is the moon.osiris is the sun. and remember, remember what this means folks.he is the doctrine. she is the church. you see, the osirian legend, the osiriancycle, was never about real people, was never

about gods or goddesses, but it is the methodby which the real object of worship and the real mystery of the mysteryreligion of babylon has been concealed. and it is only one of the ways, as youwill see.] typhon [according to the mystery schools]is the embodiment of every perversity. he is the negative creation, theahriman of zoroasterism. [and remember, we talked last thursday about the movie 2001,and in the beginning of the movie, the musical score that you hear, the nameof it is also sprach zarathustra, which is a tribute to zoroaster, which is theandrogynous god. the combination in one of the positive and negative; good, evil; male,female, etc., etc., etc. it is the concept

52 performed in techno.41that christ is also lucifer, or that they are twins, and that's what they teach in themormon church.] typhon [according to mystery schools] is black magic and sorcery—the black brotherhood [also known as the jesuit order]. nephthys, his wife, isthe institution through which it manifests. he is neither a single evil nor even a sequenceof ills, but an infinite diversity of them, indescribably insidious, empowered toinfect the fabric of church and state.[the enemy of the mystery schools arethree: the church, the state and the mob, and, of course, the mob is us.] typhon luredosiris in to the ark of destruction at the time when the sun enters the house of thescorpion, hence, we know him to be the eternal

betrayer [or judas],that agelessjudas, who undoes all good things and inevitably presages ruin. he is the power of the physicaluniverse which is constantly seeking to destroy the spiritual values lockedwithin its substances. [you will see thatthey have a talent for turning thingsaround.] he strikes in the eighth month, and now it is supposed that a child deliveredin the eighth month of the prenatal epoch cannot live because of the curse oftyphon. osiris was born in the seventh month and therefore it may be said of himthat he was delivered priorto the rule of typhon.[and that's why our forefathers, allfreemasons, established this country by the signing of the declaration of independencein the month of july. and this will all become

clearer to you as we go along.]of all good things typhon is the opposer [according to the mystery schools], occupying the positionof the eternal negative. this evil monster made well be generalizedunder the appellation of the adversary. in the initiation rites he also the tester orthe tryer, "the lord who is against us."[according to the mystery religion,] he is the personificationof ambition, and ambition is the patron of ruin. it was ambition thatset typhon plotting for the throne of egypt, designing how he should destroy thepower of his brother. a learned jesuit father sees in typhon, cain, and his brother osiris,abel. if such a parallel actually exists, then the biblical allegory is susceptibleof the same interpretation.[but, you see,

they have twisted everything around.][adam weishaupt, the founder of the illuminati, was a jesuit priest and a professor at ingolstadtuniversity, which is a jesuit university. the jesuit order was foundedby ignatius loyola. he was the head of the alumbrados in spain, which is theorder of illuminati long before adam weishaupt even came along. he was arrested by the dominicanmonks under the inquisition and used his power of association,of those who had influence and power, to beg an audience with the pope. now,nobody knows what occurred during this audience. but he emerged as the head of a new ordercalled the jesuits. now, the jesuits was just another name for the alumbrado,for he took his organization that he already

controlled and made it into thebrotherhood of the jesuits. the jesuits went on to foment rebellion everywhere that theywent and the pope gave them incredible power and made ignatius loyolaimmune to any prosecution from any source. and it was they who trained adamweishaupt, and it was adam weishaupt who formed the branch of what we all know as the illuminedones, known as the illuminati in bavaria. for he sent out agentsto infiltrate the lodges of the secret societies throughout europe.][now, you will begin to understand this even more, folks, as we go along. right now i understandhow shocking some of this may be to some of you out there. butjust hang on, continue to listen because we

have many, many more hours of this togo before it will all come together for you. but i would suggest that you begin study onyour own. doesn't matter if you get ahead of us, because you'll always need someof the information that i'm putting out here no matter how ahead you may getor what you already may know simply because i've done well over 23 years of research intothis and i must know something that you don't know. and if you know somethingthat i don't please send it to me immediately and if we can substantiate it, wewill incorporate into this series. now let me continue:][typhus]lured osiris into the ark of destruction at the time when the sun enters the houseof the scorpion. hence, we

know him to be the eternal betrayer or judas,that ageless judas who undoes all good things and inevitably presages ruin.[now, this may sound to you that we're talking about satan or the devil, but you see, inthe mystery schools, they consider their god lucifer to be the true good god,and they consider the god of christianity to be the evil god.][now if you listened on the night of the 10th (you—er, excuse me, the 11th of february,thursday), you already understand this concept. because the mysteryreligion of babylon believes that man was held prison, in the bonds ofignorance in the garden of eden by an unjust, vindictive god. lucifer through his agentsatan, and many believe them to be

the same entity and that's okay, lucifer throughhis agent satan released man from the bonds of ignorance with the gift ofintellect and through use of that intellect, man himself will become god. and that's theheart and soul of the dogma of the mystery religion of babylon.][now, since i am taking the content of all these episodes directly from their own teachingsin their own writings so that's 42 you'll know that this is exactly what theybelieve. sometimes it may sound you like these are the good guys. but remember,they are the ultimate perfection of deception, and they have intentionally made it this wayso that they can get people to join them and stay with them until they are sodeeply involved and committed that it's too

late. and that is why the degrees ofinitiation. so stick it out and you'll find out with these guys are the greatest liars,deceivers, manipulators and scum that exist upon the face of the earth.]typhon [in their teachings] is the desire of the few pitted against the good of themany. [now if you understand what i just said, you understand that these are communists,socialists.] [they believe typhon] is the spirit of dissension and discordthat breaks up unity of purpose by setting factions against each otherso that great issueslose the name of action. the desire for riches, pomp, power, and [listen to this,folks] sovereignty by which this evil genius was obsessed, reveals the temptationby which humanity is deflected from its ultimate

goal and led into the byways of sorrow anddespair. typhon, the queen of ethiopia, and the seventy-two conspiratorsrepresent the three destructive powers, preserved to modern freemasonry as themurderers of the master builder[hiram abiff. you will see hiram abiff was never fact, in the bible you will see that, when the temple of solomon was completed,he went back home to tyre, but in the freemason legend, hiram abiff,the master builder, was killed and the temple was never completed. so everybody is blamingall of this upon the jews. it is not the jews, folks, because all of this is afront. it's symbology for what they really, really mean. hiram abiff was really, folks,jacques de molay of the knights templar. and

all of this will make much more sense to youseveral shows down the road because we have lots and lots of informationto go through before you put it all together.][now these]three destructivepowers preserved to the modern [mystery school known as] freemasonry as the murderers ofthe master builder[hiram abiff, who was really jacques de molay] areignorance, superstition, and fear, [what they call] the destroyers of all good things.[when you get even deeper into their teachings, you find out that ignorance, superstitionand fear stand for the state, the church and the mob. and those are the thingsthat they have sworn to destroy and substitute themselves as the ruler of theworld in a benevolent despotism. a totalitarian

socialist state because from the very beginning,these people have been pure, true communists, socialists. they are theheart and soul and core of international socialism.] 53[they believe] the advent of greed and perversion marked the end of the golden age—the osirianage [which the osirian cycle is just a symbology of thisand the golden age, of course, golden (oro), always has stood for the sun. osiris isrepresentative of the sun and outwardly these people worship the sun, but the sun is justanother symbol for their god lucifer, the light, the intellect.]—and when thegood prince osiris, the deeper truth, returned to his own land, he became the victimof a hideous plot. [so,] what is this mysterious

chest, so beautiful in its outer appearancebut so fatal in its application?[well, folks,] plato, [who was] wise in the wisdomof the egyptians [and who was an initiate of the mystery school] would haveanswered that it was the body that lures the soul into the sorrows of generation. [now]if this interpretation be projected into the social sphere, the chest becomes symbolicof material organization. witness the application of this thought to christianitywhere the pomp and glory of the outer show of a vast ecclesiastical mechanism has allbut destroyed the simplicity and dignity of the primitive revelation [of themysteries]. [that is their exact words. see, i didn'tmake that up. those aren't my words. those

are the words of the mystery schooland it is an indication, if you didn't think so yet, that christianity is their enemy.they intend to destroy christianity and all christians. the blood will flow when the newworld order takes power in the world and if you sit back and say, "well, i'mnot worried because i'm going to be raptured,"i feel sorry for you because you are going tosuffer tremendously. because in my research i have found that most of thetheologians in the protestant religion of all denominations who were responsiblefor this doctrine of the rapture are freemasons and they are in control of the world councilof churches. they are responsible for the bringing together ofthedifferent religions in the world council of

churches to attempt to merge them allinto one and then change the doctrine to the new world religion.][now, if you don't believe that, you get off your little butts and go out there and startlooking instead of just listening and accepting. for it is true, and their doctrine,folks, is zionism. i can tell you right now, jerry falwell has admitted publicly thathe is a zionist, and we know that he is also a member of the mystery schools and many othersthat you follow blindly instead 53 revenge on the mob because they were complicitand stood by during the persecution of the knights templar.43reading the words of jesus christ. you're all split up. you know the original teachingsof christ have been so perverted, that

there are thousands of different sects ofthe protestant religion and the vatican is the original perversion of the mysteries,established by a pagan roman emperor, a worshiper of the sun.][i hope you're all beginning to open your mind. now i know i'm going to get a lot ofletters from a lot of fanatics who don't believe this and those are the peoplewho will be hurt the most when they find out that it is all true. when they find outthat it is alltrue.] [back to their doctrine:]the murderers rushedfrom the palace with the lead-sealed casket and cast it and its kinglycontents into the dark waters of the nile. thus are the ideals, which lead men into thepaths of truth and righteousness,

obscured, and with truth no longer evident,[according to them] error [which is the christian church] can rule supreme.typhon [by now you should know that typhon is their designation for christianity. typhon]ascended the throne as regent of the world, swinishly gloating over a dejectedhumanity he had led into dark and devious byways. by the nile may we notunderstand the river of generation, in the current of which souls, imprisoned in mortalnature, move helplessly on the never ceasing current?54[now, they believe that truth is dead and according to their belief] with truth dead,or at least exiled to the invisible world, material facts were superseded by opinions;opinions bred hatreds, and men finally fought

and died over notions bothsenseless and soulless.[and that is another deception and another lie, for in my researchi found that in every instance of the most terrible things in wars that have everhappened on the face of the earth, these men are the ones who have brought itabout—have brought it about.] greed became the dominating impulse, [they say] gain theall-absorbing end, and ruthlessness the all-sufficient means. in the dark agesof uncertainty when reality hid its face and no man dared to know, the leeringtyphon ruled his ill-gotten world, binding men to himself by breeding a thousand uncertaintiesto sap courage and weaken conviction. men asked, "why seek to know?knowledge does not exist and life is a cruel

jest, purposeless and of shortduration." because the human mind demanded intellectual expression, typhon sowed theseeds of intellectual confusion so that numerous orders of learning appearedwhich were convincingly plausible but untrue. these various order of thoughtsurvived by catering to the weaknesses and limitations of the flesh. today our greatindustrial civilization is feeling the heavy hand of an outraged destiny; the evil geniusof our ambitions has again undone us and made our follies crumbled about us.typhon rules the world, for earth today is the arena of the ambitious.[remember, typhoonis their symbol for christianity.] [don't go away, folks. i've got to take ashort break. i'll be right back after this

short pause. i want you to have a pencil andpaper with you. i'm going to give you some information. i shall return.](interlude music: none) [well, that didn't take long, did it?][william cooper does commercial for the pilot connection and caji memberships][well let's get back to where we left off, folks.]what then of isis, the mother of themysteries? she who was so defiled and desecrated by the profane that her sages andprophets were forced to flee into the wilderness to escape the machinations ofthe evil one? is she not the "woman clothed with the sun" of revelation who flees withher man-child into the wilderness to escape the evil purposes of the great dragon?[well, folks, that's what the mystery school

believes, but i can tell you that's not see, the mystery school was the original college run by nimrod in thecity of babylon, and the college was a college of priests who practice the religion ofthe sun. the college, the adepts, the initiates, the priests were scattered all over the worldwhen seth,55 54 this passage is pronounced in the songthe rose. the son of noah, came55 should be shem; however, seth and shem are synonymous, both alike signifying "theappointed one."44 with an army and defeated nimrod, and thisis where the legend really comes from because seth chopped nimrod up intolittle pieces and scattered him all over the

land. in the legend of the osirian cycle,osiris was chopped into fourteen pieces. isis came to put him back together again andbring him to life. she could find all the pieces save one, the phallus, or thegenerative force. it is now known as the lost word freemasonry, and the phallus is representedby the obelisk, the monolith. it is the penis of osiris, the generativeforce. it represents lost word of freemasonry. itrepresents the luciferian represents the light, the sun, lucifer the intellect.][in dealey plaza,56 you will find an obelisk. in washington d.c., you will find obelisk,known as the washington monument. in the courtyard of the vatican,you

will find an obelisk. should i continue? thefamily in england, whose estates are called syon house, has an obelisk on theirlawns. should i go on? i will. i will go on and on and on and on until you eitherwake up or i am dead, one or the other. and if you don't wake up, i would rather be deadthan live in slavery in the new world order with our constitution destroyed,the family broken, the children taken from the homes to be raised by the state,christians and patriots locked in prison camps, labor camps, until they are no longer useful,and then they will be executed. and the blood will run in the new world order.if you don't believe me, look back at every single nation where internationalsocialism has triumphed over christianity.

and you will see that tens of millions perishedor destroyed. socialism, folks, sucks, and i will not live under such a systemand i hope you agree with me. if you don't like my language, that's tough. i'mfighting a battle against people with no morals, no decency, no heart, no soul—no soul. theydo not even believe in god. they do not even believe in god.]the glory of egypt [according to these people] ceased with the death of osiris. the mightytemples still stood but the god who illuminated them had gone. the priestsbowed helplessly before the dead embers of their altars. [and] one by one thesanctuaries crumbled into ruin in the custodians of these ancient truths hid themselves inobscure corners of the earth lest

they be hunted down and slain for the sinof dreaming and hoping for a better day. isis, then, as the scattered but stillconsecrated body of initiates, began the great search for the secret that was lost. [andthis is all in reference to seth's army scattering the college of priests in the ancientcity of babylon. and later, it refers to the knights templar who brought themysteries from the middle east to europe. in the beginning, folks, they were never apart of the catholic church, as you will learn. and they still exist today irregardless[sic] of what you've ever been taught, for they are the mystery school today.] in allparts of the world [according to their teachings] the virtuous raised their hands to the heavens,pleading for the restoration of

the reign of truth. this congregation of thosewho prayed who labored and who waited, the great congregation of a world inanguish—this is isis in sackcloth and ashes, searching for the body of her lord.searching in all parts of the earth and throughout innumerable ages, inspired men and women,the congregation of the just, at last rediscovered the lost arcanaand brought it back with rejoicing to the world over which it once ruled. isis, bymagic—for the initiated priests were all magicians[and they are magicians today]—resurrectedthe dead god and through union with him brought forth an order of priestsunder the collective title of horus, the hawk, the all-seeing bird [whose eyeis on the reverse of the great seal of the

united states of america]. these were theherj seshta or the companions of horus, and the chief of these, called by lewis spence"the chief of the mysteries par excellence," 57 appears to have worn the dogheaded maskof anubis. anubis was the son of osiris by nephthys, the material world, therefore representsthe divine man or the mortal being who rose to enlightenment.[and those who rose to enlightenment were considered illumined. collectivelythey are known as the illuminati, and of all of you who have fallen in for the scam thatilluminati does not exist, they do, for the term illuminati merely refers to the collectivebody of those who are illumined or enlightened. and they are theilluminati.]

ambition, however, personified by typhon,knowing that temporal power must die if divine power, in the form of truth,be reestablished, put forth all its power again to scatter the doctrine, this time sothoroughly that it should never be rediscovered. if typhon, as plutarch has suggested,in one of his manifestations represents the sea, then it appears that thissecond destruction of osiris may refer to the atlantean deluge [there's atlanta again.atlantis, atlanta, the same. go to 56 where jfk was assassinated.57 james lewis thomas chalmbers spence, the mysteries of egypt, or, the secret rites andtraditions of the nile, 1929 atlanta, georgia, folks. drive around in thatcity. you will see pyramids everywhere. you

will see 666 everywhere. you will seethe symbols, the all-seeing eye.] osiris may refer to the atlantean deluge by which thedoctrine was swallowed or lost and its fragments scattered among all of the existingcivilizations of that time. [and] the story continues. the body of osiris, thesecret doctrine, is divided into fourteen parts. [and remember, osiris was chopped intofourteen parts. they found all, save one: the phallus or the penis of osiris. well,the body of osiris represents the secret doctrine.][it's] divided into fourteenparts and divided among the parts of the world. [and the lost word of freemasonry is the generativeforce, the lost part of osiris, the lost part, the secret of the secretdoctrine.][so,] we must therefore understand

that it was scattered through theseven divine and seven infernal spheres, the lokas and talas of india, or by differentsymbolism, through the seven worlds which are without and the seven worlds whichare within [the cabbala of the jews]. bacchus was torn into seven pieces by thetitans and osiris into fourteen pieces. to use the words of faber, "both these storiesare in substance the same, for the second number is merely the reduplicate of the a variation of much the same nature, the ancient mythologists added seventitanides and seven cabiri to the seven titans." 58the parts of osiris were now scattered so hopelessly that ambitious typhon ([or]thetitans)felt his authority to be

secure at last. but wisdom is not thus easilyto be cheated. [listen to this carefully, folks. this is their own words.] in the darkretreats of islam, the sufi explored the depths of nature; among the jews the learned rabbinsunravelled the intricate skein of cabbalism; among the greeks, initiates roseto life through the nocturnal rituals of eleusis; in indian neophytes were broughtto the contemplation of the triple-headed brahma at elphanta and ellora. through themiddle ages the alchemist in their retreats explored the infinite chemistry ofexistence, the illuminatisought the pearl of great price, and rosicrucian adeptssought to recast the molten sea.59 all these together were but isis, still searching forthe members of her lord. at last,

according to the tradition, all these partswere restored again but one; but this one could not be returned.[now you understand why i tell you it's not the jews, folks. if you're persecuting thejews, you're making a big mistake. it is some of the jews, it is some of the catholics,it is some of the atheists, it is some of all the people of all of the nations andraces and religions of the world. and outwardly, if they attend a church in your neighborhoodand profess to believe in that religion, it is a lie. it is how they gaininfluence and power in that community, for they worship one god and one god only inthe temple without windows. the headquarters of which, in this country, is exactly thirteenblocks from the white house.]

the egyptian allegory tells us that the phallusof osiris was swallowed by a fish. [now, folks,] this is most significant andwe may even infer mankind itself is the fish.[but it even goes any further [sic], for this agehas been known as the age of pisces, the fish. the significant force andthe power in the age pisces was christianity, and the fish actually referrers tochristianity.]the phallus being the symbol of the vital power of the mystery school andso used in egyptian hieroglyphics. the phallus, then, is the lost word [of freemasonry]which is not discovered but for which a golden replica is substituted. inthe egyptian hieroglyphics the physical body, after the death of the soul or its departuretherefrom, is called the khat [or k-ha-t],

and the hieroglyphic for this is a fish. thusthe physical body of man is definitely tied up in symbolism with the creaturewhich conceived son, horus, a term concealing the collective body of the perfected adeptswho were born again out of the womb swallowed the triple phallus of osiris—thethreefold generative power. this golden phallus is the three-lettered wordof freemasonry concealed under the letters a-u-m.[and all of those of you in the newage movement, or all of those of you who fell for all these gurus who came overhere and taught you to sit and meditate, and while you were meditating, hum this:aummmm. a-u-m. (laughs) the golden phallus is the three-lettered word of freemasonryconcealed under the letters a-um. how do you

feel sheeple? and why to do these things?because somebody tells you to.] 58 see george stanley faber,a dissertationon the mysteries of the cabiri, 180359 in alchemy the "molten sea"represents the combining of the "philosophers of fire" withthe "waters of faith" or union of state and church in a theocracy assymbolizedin the disney movie beauty and the beast(1991).the king (philip iv) of france at the turn of the fourteenth century was knownas an uncommonly handsome man. he was called philip le bel, the beautiful . . . popeboniface viii was a fat and dissolute pontiff. one contemporary described him as"nothing but eyes and tongue in a wholly putrefying

body . . . a devil."the beautiful himselfopenly referred to him as, "your fatuity." ~jack hitt, off the road: a modern-daywalk down the pilgrim's route into spain, 1994