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call alexandria

call alexandria

hi there. brad chandler from express homebuyers.let me tell you about a recent client we had who needed to sell a parent�s house in alexandria. paulina contacted us on august 1st after hearingan ad on the radio and further investigating the company online. she and her brother were interestedin selling their parents� house in alexandria and were calling on behalf of their elderlymother. their father had passed away two years ago and the 4-bedroom, 3-bath property on barryroad in the windsor estates neighborhood was too

big for just her.�they admitted the houseneeded some repairs and they did not have the funds to complete such updates.� when she called, paulina spoke with acquisitionmanager tom parmentier. he learned that this property was unique in that it was biggerthan most other properties of its age.�tom made an offer during their phone conversation. hethen visited pauline at the house on august 4t.h to verify the condition of the home. tom was ready tosign a purchase agreement, however the family

declined to accept his offer at that time.� over the next few weeks, the family spokewith other investors about selling their parents� house in alexandria, but none of them was interested.they also talked to a realtor who thought it would be too hard to sell.� tom stayed in touch. after paulina, her brotherand her mom failed to obtain a higher offer with similarly favorable terms to what we had proposed,they asked tom to email a contract to them.

it took them a few weeks to make up theirminds and ultimately we received a ratified purchase agreement on september 10th. we purchasedthe property on september 30th without any issues or delay. if you�re interested in selling a parent�shouse in alexandria or anywhere else in the dc metro area, call us today at the number below. you�llreceive a fair, no-obligation cash offer, even if

the property needs repairs.