Rabu, 07 Juni 2017

ben bruce asking alexandria

ben bruce asking alexandria

den, thank you for visiting our... cellar. - of course. so, you were invited by group, english group, to be their vocalist? - yeah, exactly. - have you already recoreded some track, together with new group? - yes, yes, it released literally 27-th of may, at night. and so... and it get more then six hundred thousand views for the first day. - on the youtobe, yes? - yes now this track is #1 in the charts of itunes wordwide. so yeah, all are fine now. - super. - but why do they contact exactly with you?

- well, may be i'm exactly the man, that should be apply to. - how old are you now? - 23 - it means, that in twenty three, you were invited by the group, that have ten millions views on youtobe that plays great concerts in britain, weren't you? - yes. - and you'll be british super star? - well, seems like yes. - and you'll immediately begin a concerts, tour around the world, all? - literally 2-nd or 3-rd of june i'll get a schengen and immediately fly to the czech republic.0:01:27.240,0:01:29.760we'll have a concert on the festival there - 45000 people. and so. and this day i'll finally meet my group. well, i knew them before, but now i'll met them like real member of group.

we'll shake hands and try to feel, what is our set for today. and we'll play our first concert immediately. - and you'll play so confidently, without rehearsal, with them your first concert? what allows you to be so confident that all will be ok, that you'll play good? - we're good musicians. i know that we will do it. - well, it's immodesty enough) - well, it's rock&roll. - i know that before this, before playing with this group, you had two more groups. but you weren't so famous in ukraine with that two groups, like abroad. - yes. - what were these groups, can you tell their names?

- i had two groups before, the first called "make me famous" and second called - "down & dirty" - den, and how did you start all this? well... how did you get to this rock show-business? how did you become a star of metal-core and so on? - it started from the moment, when i started to shoot a little cover-videos with my old camera in my room, at home, in hartsizk. youtobe just appear in our lifes then. and i saw that people put their covers there, and it was interesting for me to see them. and then i thought, may be i should try to do the same, why not? i learned music too, played guitar,

tried to sing, learned, well, and i begin to gradually shoot this videos. and then, i didn't even notice how, i saw that number of views grows and number of subscribers grows too, and people like it, and they wanna more - so i just continue to do this. mainly, my viewers were from usa, from europe, england and so on, and it helps me to show my music - i just upload, for example, my first song to my youtobe-channel. well. and could show it to the people, who were there. ðnd then they did their trick - they just spread it and... simply started to write labels to manage a company. - for you? - yes,

who wanted to try to work with out group. and this way it happened. - nice. den, thank you for visit, i wish you luck with your new group. - no problem, thank you very much. - come visit ukraine with megaconcert in "palats sportu", or better... in the republic sta... ð¾h, in the stadion. how it called now? in the olympic stadion come, not only vakarchuk should gather it, and then.. - we'll hope. - thats all, super, thanks.