Selasa, 13 Juni 2017

crew love drake

crew love drake

- you know,i try to provide my guests with a comfortable environment when they're on the show, except for when i'm scaring themhalf to death, and here are some ofmy favorite reactions so far. start talking as sofia, ready?- okay, go. (thick latina accent)- yes, watch "modern family"on wednesdays-- - [yells]- oh, my god! [audience laughter]- mother--

then you carry--you have to carry-- - [yells]- oh, you mother! [laughter and applause] [cheers and applause] - what's happening?- these are my two best friends, here to have my back today,ellen. [audience laughter] go backstage,create a perimeter. - yeah.- we need a code word.

we need a code word!if you see anything, say "eric, somebody's aboutto scare you." - that's a good code. - i was in u--utah.- uh huh. - doing one at a college,and these two girls got up in the middle of my q&a, and left, and i havea microphone-- -[yells]- oh, you-- [kelly clarkson's "stronger"]- what doesn't kill you

makes you stronger stand a little taller doesn't mean i'm lonelywhen i'm alone - i'm never coming back. - "pink, you're awful know, what do you think?" i'm like, "it tastes great. it's really good, i like this."and then-- - [yells]- [screams] [music continues][cheers and applause]

[bleep] - you know how much i love you.i have a gift for you. - oh, my god.- it's just a little surprise. [screams] oh, my god! [whimpers] - what is it aboutthe dark movies that you do? - i like those characters 'causethey're kind of fun to play, but i also think there'san opportunity for, you know,

i think--- [yells] - oh, my god,what the [bleep]? [music continues][laughter and applause] where's that guy?bring him back. - there was a huge raccoon,eating in our kitchen. - they're cute.- so what i did, i grabbed a broom.- right. i uh--i got between the-- - [yells]- aah! ohh!

[laughter and applause][music continues] not cool.[laughter and applause] - you're getting roastedon comedy central. - yes.- you have to be nervous. you have to be scared,i mean, right? [laughter and applause]oh, my god. oh, my god.[laughter and applause] don't do that to me! - do you believe in ghosts?- yeah, sure.

- it doesn't sound like you do.- no, but--[laughs] i mean, there's different kinds,i guess. - well, sure, i mean,there are different kinds. - [yells]- [screams], oh, my god. [music continues]- what doesn't kill you