Jumat, 23 Juni 2017

the black lyrics asking alexandria

the black lyrics asking alexandria

no, i never said it was easy we're starting over again oh, you fucking gotta believe me we nearly fell off the edge circled by the wolves circled by the wolves, they want me dead look me in the eye, i'm no longer afraid i've come so far, i won't turn away let go of the past and live for today

i don't run fucker, i kill motherfucker and i'm here motherfuckeryou can try to beat me step inside fuckeryou're next motherfucker and you'll see motherfuckeryou can't fuck with me you're long dead to me fuck yeah! our fingers raised in the air so can you hear me now? say my name

no longer wasting my time your words don't bother me i don't care cheers! oh god.. i can't believe you thought we couldn't see you wanted closure - now it's here for you f u c k y o u we're all just running in circles

forever chasing a dream as if everything that we long for is not as far as it seems who the hell are you any way? who the fuck are you to say we're done for?