Selasa, 06 Juni 2017

asking alexandria ボーカル

asking alexandria ボーカル

oh my god if only he knew if only he knew about the world without the bullshit and the lies we could've saved him they could've saved me but instead i'm here drowning in my own ******* mind and i'll be damned if you're death of me blood and ink stain the walls silently with bloodied knuckles

i carry on hoping it's not too wrong you said the nights were far too long (backing vocals) honey it's just the start of it if he only knew just stand up and scream the tainted clock is counting down you gave in to me would you say the nights are far too long now

nights are far too long oh my ******* god the tears that stain my cheek much, make me look weak i wear them proudly i wear them proud the clock is counting down (backing vocals) faster and fast! you gave into me

would you say the nights are far too long your knife, my back my gun, your head you need a doctor, baby? you scared? you scared?! you need a doctor, baby?! you scared?!

you scared !!!!!