Selasa, 27 Juni 2017

wobble baby wobble official video

wobble baby wobble official video

dylan: "yeah! bloopers!where am i?" tyler: "what was that?" wes: "hold on, back up back up back up!" dylan: "like a little, little bit you coulduse little bit of that, you should use a little bit a little pow.hang on. there's no one here anymore. k, come on, come on! there is no one withme. scott! come on! come on! come on! alright,i'm gonna do that again. so? hay baby. and we let those planes, let those planesfly.

and we'll do lots of that."shelley: "keep going!" dylan: "do you even care about the like de dede de de. this is where our acting abilities are trulytested." "wow."dylan: "it's okay baby. and i boogie.that i stole. that i stole. that i stole. let me say that again, what's up? we're safe! ahhh! get down. everybody hide, hide! f***! where?we can get back to that. that was awesome."kaya & dylan: "yayyy!"

dylan: "first of all, i've got a lot to thinkabout. do you wanna redo that? "quit it!"dylan: "ya, sorry. we let the sirens go by. we let that trainrun no by. yeah. f*** yeah. get out of here! hey! hey! leave! go! there's a toenail in my food!like two o'clock wa o ha ha pa! background then action.this is good stuff though. what? cool. know sometimes i really begin to friendship

this question.two cameras: ab, dylan leg markers. drowning in little poops."tyler: "with like some white hair." dylan: "caterpillar poops."tyler: "anything." dylan: "yeah, anything evil.i promised i would help you study first for the love of god.what... what's happening? signing the lense."