Jumat, 23 Juni 2017

the black asking

the black asking

welcome back. now, there's beenan odd phenomena happening in the trump campaign, and i'm not talking aboutthe trump campaign. uh, it's aboutsome of his followers. and you have a lot ofblack people supporting trump. um, black peoplesupporting trump? (exclaiming) so, where arethese black people? well, i had some of themin my studio the other day,

uh, where i asked themthe simple question: what the (bleep)are you thinking? i just want to aska very straight question from the beginning. um,why do you support donald trump? i'm a registered democrat,let me start first, and i lost faith and belief in the current stateof our party right now with our two candidates. i'm open to donald trumpbecause i feel like,

um, he's a gangster. -he's a gangster?-he's a gangster. is he a gangster or gangsta? -he's a gangsta.-okay. he's going out hereand he's kind of gangstering the whole situation.he's like, "if you come up to my mic,you know, i'm taking you out." -right. -coming fromthe hip-hop community, i understand his language.

right, becausehe is kind of like a rapper. -i mean, he's into gold.-that's what i'm saying. -right? he has his own vodka.-absolutely. -uh, he's got a private jet.-that's right. -and he really likeswhite women. -exactly. -and his wife was a model.-correct. would that sway anybody else--those qualities? the way you express it--i-i never thought of it that way, you know,but he's pretty cool.

have you told other black peopleyou're voting for donald trump? -be honest. -yeah, absolutely.-absolutely. kevin, be honest.have you told family members? -i've told family members, i'vetold... -you've told your mama -that you're voting for...-i told my wife... -that i'm... we fightevery morning about it. -mm-hmm. but i stand on my own, too. this is america.america is greedy. america is going to tryto cut corners,

so we have to make a placefor ourselves. so, donald trumpis the president who can get black peoplethose low-paying jobs again. no, we don't wantthe low paying jobs. lower-paying jobs arethe first rung on the ladder so you can't-you can'tclimb up the ladder -till you start someplace.-donald trump will get black people back on thatfirst rung of the ladder. if you're on the ladder here,you're gonna climb up more.

should the mexicansbe allowed to use that ladder -to climb the wall?-yes. -most definitely. not the wall... do you have a messagefor other black people out there telling them why they mightwant to vote for donald trump? i'll just...i would say just know that donald trump is not gonnamake you a slave. -he's not gonna make youa slave? -he's not gonna make you a slave,you're not gonna be

-back in the cotton fields. -andyou're sure about that, gary? -i'm pretty sure about that.-okay. -everybody's tryingto enslave you. -mm-hmm. but the main important thingis how much i'm gonna get paid -while i'm enslavement,you know? -mm-hmm. so, you're pro-slaverybut with pay. -that's right, that's right.-you're anti-slavery. yeah, anti-slavery. -okay,anyone else pro-slavery here? donald trump says he has a greatrelationship with the blacks.

okay, as one of the blacks, how would you describethat relationship? -the fact that he says "theblacks"... -"the blacks", right. ...means that his relationshipis a little skewed, because he wouldn'tcall us "the blacks" if he really understoodwhere we were coming from. does it feel like he'sin an abusive relationship with the blacks?are you guys secretly tryingto get out of this relationship?

-not at all. -okay, so how didyou guys feel when trump said he wants to ban muslimsfrom coming into the country? -we don't have any muslimshere, right? -i'm muslim. -you're kidding me.-no, i'm not kidding you. -and you're gonna votefor trump? -most certainly. -really?-yes. would you be opposed, uh,to having trump waterboard you just to get more informationabout islam? -um... -if trump came in hereand he had to pick one person

to waterboard,who do you think he would pick? rhymes with schmuslim? um... let's pretend likei'm your father, okay? you guys are all my kids and you have to convince me -that i should vote fordonald trump, okay? -absolutely. hey, kids, how's it going?why do you guys... why are you guys all here?what's going on?

dad, we're about to vote fordonald trump, and we need you... jenay, you're so funny. jenay is always the funniestmember of this family. all right, you guys want to goto the movies tonight? -what do you want to do? i'msorry? -no, we need you to... we need you to castyour vote as well. -what are you talking about?-because we can't just -be democrats becausewe're black. -that's right. wait, hold on.winston, you believe this, too?

i believe her 100%. (bleep), please. come on,what's going on in here? are you voting for trumpbecause, as an orange-american, he's the only remainingcandidate of color? i'm tired of the jokes.stop the jokes on donald trump. you guys knowi'm a fake journalist, right? absolutely. what kind of disturbs mein some of these rallies is you guys have seen this,where trump gets everybody

to make a pledge?have you seen that? where he has thempledge to vote for him? i just want you guysto raise your hand and we'll justtake a pledge right now. okay. and, um, just say, i will nevertell black people... i will never tellblack people... ...that i am votingfor donald trump... ...that i amvoting for donald trump...

...until after the election. ...until afterthe election. i love the fact that, uh, you spoke so freelyand passionately about this. and, uh, thanks for coming. -pleasure having us. -thank you.-thank you very much.