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logo asking alexandria

a bird-inspired drone developed by epfl usesartificial wings made of fiberglass covered in nylon which allow for easier maneuverabilityin high winds. and salto the leaping robot from uc berkeleyhas the highest robotic vertical jump and can even wall jump look at salto i love salto. vsauce! kevin here. this is mind blow! kissenger lets you send and receive kissesthrough your phone. the attachment features high precision forcesensors under a silicon lip to measure your

kiss and transmit it to the device on thekiss receiver’s phone. this actually isn’t a new idea in fact mindblow #16 back in 2011 and on vsauce1…and mind blow #46 in 2012 covered prototypes forrobot kissing devices. there’s even another device called kissengerby a company called lovotics. but it looks like this new kissenger frommixed reality lab is the most practical yet since it's significantly more compact andinterfaces directly with your phone. bae systems envisions a future where lensesare made with laser beams controlling hot air bubbles. the laser developed atmospheric lens systemcreates lenses by layering hot air bubbles

on colder air using laser pulses which thenrefract light. this concept is similar to how how current,solid lenses made of plastic or glass work but making one out of air would allow it tobe much larger and maneuverable. this technique could also be used to deflectlaser attacks by dispersing the beam. so basically like laser beam shields in scifi movies. but this is just a concept for now - no prototypes. yet. waveoptics is developing wearable augmentedreality technology to overlay computer graphics on the real world.

their headset, nicknamed “the ghost” isdesigned for developers and not as a consumer device, and they say their fully transparentdisplay creates sharp holograms with a wide field of view. their proof of concept videos show how thiscould be used in work and leisure scenarios - basically getting one step closer to turningthe world into a videogame. icaros is a fitness flying virtual realitygame controller machine. the active vr experience connects wirelesslyto a headset and demands your full body to control flying through the game. navigating inside the rings requires shiftingyour weight and is more like a futuristic

exercise device than a gaming peripheral. alright that's the last vr story for thisepisode...okay one more vr story. axonvr wants you to feel virtual reality. the haptx is a haptic textile that can providevibration, tactile and thermal feedback for feeling virtual shape, texture, weight andtemperature. they claim the range of touch varies fromthe brush of a butterfly’s wing to the impact of a punch and the goal is for their systemto be available in theme parks and arcades and not likely in your house. unfortunately.

a soft robotic sleeve can restore normal bloodflow after heart failure. traditionally, a failing heart has its bloodremoved and passed through tubes and pumps which increase the risk of blood clottingbut this new device works without contacting blood. there’s still more work to be done beforethis moves onto human trials but soft robot heart pumping is awesome and i just wantedto show you. so yeah. the sun and footsteps are all that’s neededto power these new streetlights. engoplanet installed kinetic tiles in lasvegas to help power streetlights, wifi hotspots,

video surveillance and usb ports for mobiledevice charging. the panels generate between 4 to 8 watts frompedestrian foot traffic and dependent upon the success of this four light trial, theplan is to roll out large-scale installations on the vegas strips and new york city parks. enchroma are glasses designed to alleviatered-green color blindness. the lenses feature a patent pending multinotchfilter which cut out sharp wavelength of light to enhance specific colors and separate thered and green cones. this helps to counter the overlap betweenred and green which affects those with that form of color blindness.

they allow people, for instance to easilyidentify the color difference between a green traffic light from a blue sky background. finally, researchers at intel labs createdan algorithm for mobile robots to navigate cluttered environments. the quadcopter is able to reach its goal throughthis maze and navigate two hundred interwoven strings and twenty poles. it's a fun drone obstacle course. i’m gonna leave you with large-scale programmabledisassembly of tiny robots. and as always - thanks for watching.

sound waves are picked up by this wonderfulmechanical ear, the microphone, which is really a glorified telephone transmitter. the power from the microphone is amplifiedabout ten million times by these vacuum tubes, making the voice current strong enough tooperate the machine that photographs the sound. do you follow me? and then this amplified current, is carriedby wires along through the theater and down to the screen on the stage to connect withthe loudspeakers. this is a typical layout of the stage setwith two horns behind the screen. the receivers connected to the horns convertthe electrical vibrations back into sound

waves exactly the way the telephone receiveroperates. so that while the picture is being shown thesound, which was recorded, is reproduced in step with the picture. the screen is full of small holes so thatthe horns may be placed behind the screen to let the sound through. this gives the illusion that the sound iscoming from the image of the speaker. simple, isn't it? huh?