Jumat, 16 Juni 2017

gone asking alexandria

gone asking alexandria

your voice is calling my name again and again the web you wove around me was only the beginning and every star i've counted as cold as your embrace i've listened - i’ve questioned every word you choked on the secret, the answer i'm just a slave to all your sins

if i've been so stupid so blind, so void, so empty i hope you forgive me i'm just an echo in your head you made my life a fucking misery remember when you tied me down? yeah, i sank in the uncertainty i prayed for you to blindfold me fuck

i'm just so scared of what i'll see my soul is caught up in flames i feel i'm losing control i'm here, i'm yours to atone oh no god mesmerized by your motion but my memories of you are forever standing still i'm here, i'm yours to atone

i'll spill the ink on the empty page i feel this fever taking over me help me, ‘cause i can't live this way tell me why the memories won't fade away but we'll be okay we'll be just fine i never took the time to say sorry but all i ever needed was you