Senin, 12 Juni 2017

camiseta asking alexandria

camiseta asking alexandria

merry christmas,george! merry christmas,movie house! merry christmas,emporium! hi, ma. hi, sweetie. do you needany help? um, could do the eggs. ok. thanks.

[cluck cluck] dad's machines,they work so well the first coupleof weeks. use the sink. mom,is something wrong? no.'s a sad movie. how was your day? it was fine. mom, come on.what is it?

what's wrong? mrs. deagle calledagain this afternoon. [door closes] rand: ♪ fa la lala la la la la... ♪ let's not talk aboutit right now, ok? don't say anythingin front of dad. fine with me. ♪ don we nowour gay apparel ♪ ♪ fa la la lala la la la la ♪

♪ la la la lala mmm mmm... ♪ welcome home. hi, dad. i'm gladyou're back. how was the trip? it was great.the miracle company? the people that havethe kitchen companion? they just mightbe interested in the bathroombuddy.

oh, great. ♪ tra la la la la ♪ thanks, dad. you're goingto like this. what is it?a bird cage?