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asking alexandria википедия

asking alexandria википедия

hey what up peeps, it's ya boy ethan from h3h3. the sun finally came out, it's a beautiful nice warm day here in new york city and i wanted to show you all at home what i'm about. a little peep into the world of e.k. from h3. vape naysh, ya'll! ♪ chill synth backing track with vinyl scratch noises ♪ today i'm on a mission to rip the fattest vape. so i'm heading down to my favorite smoke shop in new york city to vape up. welcome to vape city.

home of the fattest cloud rippers in the world i'm here to kick it up a notch and become one of the best. let's check it out. hey, what's going on man. assistant: how you doin' buddy heard ya'll had vapes here. assistant: yeah, we do cool, dude

[awkward silence] s- sick! so i'm looking for like a fat... something i can rip like fat on. like the fattest rip you've got here. [weird moaning exhale] so we building the perfect vape for the perfect rip? (psh) far out dude, vape naysh. something natural like mountain dew flavour, or like...

i don't know, cheetos or something. churros! organic, churro flavor. pshhiiit, thats nat... i'll take that, that sounds good and natural. churros flavor, alright. now we here at the vape naysh are all about going green and staying natural, okay. so when i think about smoking churros, i'm thinking... you know what i mean? go green! [moans and exhales]

- hehehe [intense inhalation] [tiny choking noise x3] [coughing and choking sounds] (hoarse) hell yeah, dude. [more coughing] shit, hell yeah dude. that's just what i wanted. not so hard? you don't hold it inside?

maybe you don't. ♪ dank beat drops ♪ [more coughing and choking] just what... that's good, that's good. now how long does a full chamber last? really? probably last me a couple hours. [assistant laughs awkwardly] ♪ dank beat continues ♪

[car noises and ethan inhaling deeply] [choking sounds and dry heaving] i'm on my way back to my hood now to try out my sick new vape but first, i wanted to stop by the local news and say waddup. ♪ chill beats ♪ [police siren sound effect] [choking and coughing] vape nation on the neews! represent the nation, ya'll.

[deep inhale] four-twenty every day! every day! cures cancer! smoking cures cancer. nah it's good, trust. vape naysh. appreciate it. my day is never complete until i've done some missionary work to spread the good word about the vape naysh.

go green. peace. god bless. wassup guys, go green. people aren't ready for the nation but, eh, they'll come around [to man running] go green. and now, finally, it's time to put this sick new vape to the test. you all wanna know what i'm about? i'm about chasing the fattest clouds and ripping the fattest vapes.

welcome. to the vape nation! ♪ dankest beats of all time drop ♪ ♪ hila - "i'm ethan bradberry" ♪ ♪ dj khaled - "i'm grilling and i'm fucking at the same time" ♪ (repeatedly) [music interrupted by coughing] ♪ ethan - "this shit is bananaaaas" ♪ [even more coughing and choking] ♪ proud of you ♪ ♪ e-e-ethan bradberry ♪ x3

♪ dj khaled - baby u smaht ♪ x 8 vape naysh yaaaaaaaaaa'll! ♪ dank outro beats play, khaled sampled ♪