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new asking alexandria

new asking alexandria

sup i'm stas davidov. happy 1st of may guys! first vid was sent by mexikanec. you know those days when you're happy as if you've eaten a rainbow. you want to sing and dance. but there's always crap around the corner. well, not crap but a traffic light. hulk, control yourself, really. [yr not a kid anymore] too bad vid has no sound.

can only imagine the hyening over there. [rofling] this son of chuck norris is demonstrating how to lay a three-eyed hottie. i say, that traffic light is nicely fixed there. taped to the pavement? [thereifixedit] just the way i do it! guys! where do you want that cupboard fixed? so i guess the guy saved some granny from the certain weird death.

[my hero!] also, everything's fine. traffic light still works and everyone pretends that nothing happened. [everything went as expected] when i brought down a road sign once, i was very humiliated. and this is horosho! this vid is a mix of nice and catfish. and who cares if it was sent by goshqagey and it's named "pet catfish gosha" [oh, there's your gay]

come to zenya, gosha! oh you cute little thing, gosha pet catfish gosha. how cute <3 wait, he's not just a pet. he's more of a "pond" pet. and yes, be ready to hear these cute remarks with apedophile voice for some more time. swimmy-swimmy. want a swimmy?

wants me to hold it by the tail~ yeah, that's right~ oh my little ~ how did the guy came up with the thought that catfish wants him to hold his tail? wait, this video is about all nice! love! peace! catfish gosha! but judging by the way it moves, gosha is more of a swimming feces. [piece of catfish] he opened his little mouth~ eat, eat up~

eat gosha, eat [your_grandma style] it also says in the description that it all happens near chernobyl nuclear powerplant. that explains a lot. there's spring now, grass is blue, birds are barking... [your typical chernobyl day] looks like chernobyl mutants are intelligent. not like these it's a beaver~! so a fish soup from gosha will also be done with love [and passion] just listen to it! [love can be different]

[keep your imagination to yourselves] [don't let yourself go] [hey!] they're feeding the catfish. what did you think about? you disgusting people ruined by internet [tsk-tsk-tsk] gosha = good! third vid was sent by vadimtrololoev. some good people turned on post-hardcore to his father while he was eating.

no matter how many times i watch this, still get trololos! looks like the father is disappointed by the pop his son listens to. look at how many emotions this face holds at the same time! [like 20 stevens seagals] [wtf?!...] [my living room!] [did i brought this up?] [that's a nice muffin] i dont understand how one face can espress so many feelings!

as if his son came to him and said... dad, i burned your car, muffin you're eating is made of our cat, your loved is pregnant with my child. or something like... dad! i learned to crap upside down while juggling artichokes! or maybe something like... dad... i wanted you to know... i'm justin beeber. [as in "gay"] or like three sons came to him and said it at the same time. dad!

i don't even know what to compare this face with! and how did he manage to mix all this in himself? prolly parents really do feel sad when they hear burping coming from son's speakers. [who burped?] yeah, everyone has it with their parents. when i was young my mom couldn't understand if i listened to music or vacuumed [soo similar] sometimes she came in and said. what lovely song you have there, can you turn it down please? [stas looks like his mom...]

oh yeah, we got this new vid on "this is cho-to". it's not about tmnt so you can go check it out. and the question was sent to us by sabakuno gaaraable. sabakuno gaaraable, to get your t-shirt please check your youtube inbox. and how do you sharpen your pencils? how do you sharpen your pencils? no kinky stuff. leave your interesting comments here on youtube! that’s all folks, i’m stas davidov. subscribe, click “like” and send your videos here [] to the “ðð° ðžð±ð·ð¾ñ€â€ section. so, what's the fourth line of this chorus? fourth line holds diablo beta cd-key. there's no fourth line, it's a hokku.

don't know for sure but there's a happy end. there's no fourth line in the chorus, verse starts there. if he wants us to make him a song, he better pay i woke up in an ice bath missing a kidney. fourth line ends with a full stop. [t-shirts here:] cut. yeah, it was highly unpleasant.�